Teresa Giudice Calls Out Jacqueline Laurita For Playing Games


Teresa Giudice is taking to her blog to reflect on this season of RHONJ. Giudice says she is real and doesn’t play games like certain Housewives. She gives examples throughout the season of where she has maintained relationships with Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania and hints that Jacqueline Laurita is not happy about that. Teresa also reveals she would love to have Danielle Staub back on the show.

“It’s hard to believe that Season 7 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is FINALLY over.
I can tell you that for me personally, this was a very emotional season, and I am happy to have it behind me.

Obviously, being reunited with my family in the first episode after being away for almost a year was AMAZING. I cry every time I re-watch it. If you listen closely as I am getting out of the car and walking from the garage into the house, you can hear my heart beating so loud, it sounds like it is going to jump through my chest!

While that was a happy episode for me, saying goodbye to Joe later in the season when he went away absolutely crushed me. I saw 30 seconds of that episode and could not continue watching, it hurt me so bad.

I am very happy that my brother and I were able to repair our relationship and that Melissa and I were able to leave the past in the past and start fresh. This is my family, and nothing or no one will ever break us apart, no matter how hard they try.

I am also very happy to have met Siggy Flicker. You won’t find a more genuine person with such a big heart. Siggy is also one of the funniest women I have ever met, and I am so happy to have gotten so close to her, especially AFTER the season finale at Rails.

Siggy and I have definitely bonded and shared A LOT with one another, and I am happy to call her my friend for life.

What can I say about Dolores that you don’t already know? Dolores and I go waaay back, and Dolores is someone who I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for.

I have enjoyed spending time with Siggy and Dolores in the months after the show wrapped, including a recent girls trip to Florida where we had a very deep and very honest conversation about certain people (you know who they are) who were obviously not to happy to see us smiling and laughing together.

Oh well.

You see, one of the things about being a Housewife, and a New Jersey Housewife in particular, is that most of the drama seems to happen behind the scenes when the cameras aren’t around.
Someone once described being a Housewife to me as being one big chess game, and in many ways, I guess it is for some people, but not for me.

First of all, I don’t play chess, and I don’t play games. Whether you like it or not, with me, what you see is what you get.

When I was angry with Danielle, and I flipped that table, that was real, that was what I was feeling at that moment.

When I shoved Andy at the Season 2 reunion, that was real, that was what I was feeling at the moment.

In one of the moments from this season when all of the girls went to Crystal Springs, you see Jacqueline getting upset thinking about her son Nicholas, and you see me trying to console her by playing with her and talking to her.

That was genuine — one mother trying to help another, one friend trying to be there for another.
I wish the show had more of that and less of the drama, but when some people are REAL and others play games, it’s always bound to end up like we did at this year’s reunion.

My relationship with Melissa is REAL. Trust me, after where we have been, neither one of us could or would fake it.

My relationship with Dolores is REAL and always has been. Dolores is one the realist women you will ever meet. I hope that as she gets more comfortable being a Housewife she speaks her mind a little more and doesn’t hold back as much. When she does, you will know what I’m talking about.

My relationship with Siggy is REAL. She told me that certain people wanted her on the show to bring me down and that instead she fell in love with me. Why? Because I’m REAL.

My relationship with Jacqueline? For me, at one point, it was very real. I considered Jacqueline one of my very best girlfriends. Anyone who has watched the show knows that Jacqueline and I had a lot of laughs together as Lucy and Ethel.

But when the relationship went from being REAL to being part of some Housewives game that she was playing, where she actually set out to hurt my family, that’s when and where it ended for me.
Think about this: Why was Chris talking to people that were trying to destroy my family? Why would he be involved with someone like that if he was friends with us? Why was Jacqueline so concerned about me not wanting a relationship with my cousins? That’s my family, not hers, so why does she care so much? Why try as hard as she did at the reunion to come between Melissa and I?

This is someone who cares waaaay too much about what’s going on, in and around my life and instead should focus more on what’s going on in her own.

Going back to the season finale at Rails, there was so much tension and toxic energy in that room, and when Jacqueline got up and left, it was like the dark clouds went away and the sun came out. You could almost hear the birds chirping.

Once she was gone, Melissa, Dolores, Siggy and I laughed and had a really nice time together. In many ways, it was the perfect ending to such a roller coaster of a season.

I felt the need to say one more thing. Call it food for thought:
There are a lot of times where I am made out to be the bad guy, the villain on the show. But think about it. If I am so bad, why are Siggy and Dolores going on vacation with me away when they don’t have to? Why am I spending time, and lots of it, with my brother and Melissa, and our children, even when no one is watching? Why is it that I have maintained my relationship with Dina Manzo, Audriana’s godmother, after all of these years. Just last week I had dinner with Rino, Teresa and Nicole from Season 6 in New York. I have reconnected with Danielle Staub and would love to see her back — same goes for Rino and the twins.

The rest of them, I am going to take the high road here, but many times it’s what you don’t see that speaks the loudest about who is who and what is what.”

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  • Anonymous

    Totally Team Teresa! I’ve known all along that Caroline and Jacko were setting Teresa up ever since Jacko was pressuring Teresa to talk about going to jail or not and all os a sudden Caroline showed up un-announced! Once again Caroline was pulling her classic knife behind your back and Jacko was right along with her! I have disliked Caroline and Jacko immensely ever since they teamed up against Teresas daughter Gia during the episode of the backyard family games! Gia was only a child being bullied by Caroline and Jacjo! Caroline doesn’t deserve a spin off! Jacko doesn’t deserve additional tv time! Teresas cousins Rosie, Kathy and her vile husband Richie should be forgotten already!

    Bravo, please follow up next season without Jack! Let’s add another “new” housewife to the 2 “new” additions of this season and vall it a day! Let’s start fresh next season!

    Team teresa!

  • Jane

    I have had enough of Teresa’s BS. If she and Melissa return to RHONJ next year, I will not watch. Same goes for Vicki and Kelley on RHOC, if they return. These women have turned an moderately entertaining show into the Jerry Springer Show.

    • For me, it is Jaqueline who makes it like Jerry Springer. For example, when she was speaking about the times Teresa went nuts, like at the country club, Jaq was also chasing Danielle yelling about everything she read in the book. She was the one who stood by the car like a soldier, not Tre. The time when Teresa flipped the table, 8 YEARS ago, Jaqueline was the one who went off on her own sister-in-law, about something she was uninformed and WRONG about. She didn’t give Dina the benefit of the doubt. And, at the reunion where Teresa pushed Andy away from her, Jaqueline was saying just as many vulgar things as anyone was. She also stood up and started to go backstage to where Danielle was.
      As much as Teresa has done wrong, one thing I haven’t heard her do unless she is really pushed, is spill secrets. Jaqueline is the one who the moment she isn’t bowed down to starts screaming. In Vermont, it was not Robyn who made the first move, IMO, it was Jaq. Robyn wasn’t screaming, or being hostile. Jaq asked Robyn what she thought of her. Robyn answered. So, as always, instead of recalling what she did say, she asks if she should have said something worse. Jaqueline could have squashed that entire thing, had she for once simply been kind and apologized. Legally, Jaqueline made the first physical contact, sitting her fat ass on Robyn. Like Tre said, why does Jaqueline care SO MUCH who Teresa has for a friend. Or who she accepts into her life. Richie Walkili is a vulgar perverted assw***. 3 times he said he wanted a foursome with Rosie and her partner, how disgusting. Really, he said it THREE times. Which means he really does want a foursome with his sister-in-law and her lover. Meaning also that he wants to see his WIFE WITH HER SISTER. I wouldn’t allow my kids around a pervert like him either.
      It’s true, Teresa has committed crimes. I personally don’t believe that should define her for her entire life. Just because I always paid my taxes, and never screwed anyone out of money, as most of us here can say, doesn’t mean I have never done anything I am ashamed of. If I had to be reminded of it every effing time I went out in public, or read a rag mag, I would clam up too. I would also never give all of the blood hounds what they wanted. What she feels is her own business. She went to prison, she paid the money back, when they find more money she owes, ( her and Joe owe, I should say ) she pays that back, too. What everyone wants is for her to say she did it on purpose. To tell the public she is sorry. She owes me NOTHING, including an apology. I’m sure she has told her kids she is sorry many times, and will continue to be sorry for a long, long time. It is between her and God, not her and the viewing public. I believe in forgiveness, that all folks.


    This is WAY off topic but a friend of ours son died last week. He was 21. Car accident. No drinking involved, just a horrible accident. And it took me back to how I felt when I was going through my dad’s cancer diagnosis and the months leading up to his death. As you know I had to take care of him, took him to every Dr. appt., tests, chemo, found him a girl to help during the days I couldn’t be there, had to deal with my mom who was in denial and so angry and mean to him, plus my sister who couldn’t deal with it just disappeared. And then one day when I was bitching to my other sister (she lives in Seattle) about how trying it was she told me to listen to this song. It’s called “Just Be Held” by Casting Crowns. I got it on You Tube and I cried like a baby but it helped me so much. I decided to listen to it again this morning and just had another good sob fest. The reason I write this is because a lot of us are going through hell on earth and this song just might help.

    Part Two: They have another song about marriage called “Broken Together” and I think all of us who have stayed married through thick and thin will totally get this.

    Don’t mean to be a bummer to anyone here, but sometimes we all just need a lifting up and realizing that a) we aren’t alone and b) God is always there. Ready to give us the lift we need. And no, this isn’t a religious sermon or anything but life gets tough sometimes and we feel like we are fighting it alone. We aren’t. The universe, our Higher Power, God or whoever you go to in times of trouble, is always there waiting for us.

    I just had to get this out.

    Carry on.

    • Daisy

      You have just made me cry Gigicat . God bless you. I have a feeling we went through a lot of the same things

      • GIGICAT

        Don’t cry. We’ve been through alot in our lives (89 years according to the troll a few years ago….). And whatever we can do to lift each other up is always a good thing!

        • Miss Moneypenny ☂️

          Omg I just died laughing reading your stories here Gigi you wrecked me! I am so happy you and 3D are going to meet up you two will have a ball I can tell! I just wanted to say that I responded earlier but forgot to sign in so it went to moderation. I loved the song Gigi, I will listen to the second one. I typically go for like Mississippi Mass choir something loud and gospel when I need uplifting and when my dad died it was Led Zeppelin my favorite band all through mourning. I needed that kind of energy to work it through. So there you go, music is the universal language of love and I posted a YouTube also esp. for Daisy. She’s been struggling a bit ♥️

    • Suze☕️

      Gigi, I am so very sorry about your friends son, how tragic to die so young. Xoxoxxo Like Daisy you have just made me cry as well which isn’t difficult these days! I will find the song tomorrow and listen to it. I have made a note of it in case I can’t remember which thread. I do think about you a lot with your Dad and also what you are going through with your husband. Lots of hugs from across the pond xoxoxoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      • GIGICAT

        No, it wasn’t meant for that. It’s just such a strengthening song. Next time I go off on some LONG rant, I’m going to make you laugh. Maybe I’ll tell you about the time I ate about 3 HEADS (not bulbs), but HEADS of garlic and then met my sister and niece at Hobby Lobby the next day and the after effects (use your imagination) from all that garlic was SO BAD they were running away from me in Hobby Lobby. Pushing their carts so fast down the aisles!! And when we got back out to the car, THE FIRE DEPARTMENT SHOWED UP! And that’s pretty much how my life is actually. The strangest things happen and to others it would be mortifying but to me it’s hilarious….
        Or maybe about the time I was driving on the Eisenhower, aka, the heroin highway, taking me from the lovely city of Chicago out to the suburbs and I was shoving M&M’s in my mouth and I choked! The gob of chocolate turned into a mass and stuck and I couldn’t breathe! DURING RUSH HOUR! IT WAS TERRIFYING!! But I had to pull over at the Austin (GANG CENTRAL!!) exit and hurl my back onto the side of my truck to un lodge the M&M’s. I thought I was going to die!!! AND NOBODY STOPPED! I’m thinking.. “I am NOT going to die at the Austin exit!! The thugs would rape my dead body!” Meanwhile, my niece is on bluetooth and all I hear her saying is “Jo? Jo? (my real name) are you okay? All I hear is rustling” while I am hurling myself backside into the truck. Finally I get it unlodged and I get back in the truck and once my heart stopped POUNDING, we laughed our heads off.

        Just things like that. These are everyday occurrences for me. I don’t know why. I seem to attract strange people and strange things happen to me. I’m glad I’m not one of those types who need “safe spaces” and “therapy dogs” to get through normal life!!!

        • Well, you attracted me, so that rings true!! When we meet, we will engage in a lot of hilarity.
          I believe that people who really go through a lot in life, have a deeper understanding of life, and other people. I know the tragedies I have lived through have made me a more accepting, and a more forgiving person. It’s a wonderful thing to come here and know that I can share some very deep experiences, and feel honored that others share with me.
          And…I got my new/old washer today. I hadn’t bought a used appliance since I was very young. But the new washers I have had over the last 10 years have lasted a few years each. So, I got an old Whirlpool, with rinse water as deep as the wash water, with a double rinse feature, and I am washing the first load now. No more laundrymats!!!!!!Yay. The man that installed it was great, & he took away my old microwave too. I tipped him lunch money, since I lived on tips my entire working life. It has a year guarantee, which is as long as for a new washer, for free. Now, a snow storm is on it’s way, so I will finish getting well, ( just had the flu ) during it. Love all of you.

        • Suze☕️

          Gigi you made me laugh two days running this week but this is something else!!! We all have good days and bad and you seem to have a few hilarious ones as well!( looking back they are re funny anyway!) Xoxoxoxox just stay as you are please xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          • Suze☕️

            Typo ‘re’ should be really! Xoxox

    • Real Sandy⛱

      Gigicat, I am so sorry about your friend’s son. He was so young.
      Sadly, I just read yesterday that Nico on Below Deck’s younger brother who was 21 just died suddenly, but they kept him on life support to harvest organs. They did not give a reason, but they did donate organs yesterday. Captain Lee, if you watch the show, had a birthday yesterday and did not want to Tweet at all after hearing the news about Nico’s brother.
      It is so sad to hear of anyone having an accident, and being so young it is even worse, and I am so sorry for your friend’s tragic loss and for you. You certainly had to deal with a lot with your family, and it is so hard. I am so sorry for your loss, my friend.
      I have to find that song. It is so nice of you to think of others and share that with us. Thank you, Gigicat. I am sending great big virtual hugs to you.
      ((((((((((((((((((((((((((H U GS))))))))))))))))))))))))) ❤️

      • GIGICAT

        I read that also. And he lives here in Chicago (which is where we are at now for the holidays) and I can’t find the obit anywhere. Just what Nico posted. HORRIBLE!!!! He was really young. Makes me feel bad for him now on the show…. don’t feel bad!!! We are ALL good, but like I said, it’s just good to lift each other up!!

        • Real Sandy⛱

          Take care, Gigicat. You and your friend are in my thoughts.
          Yes, they were Cubs fans too. I feel bad for Nico and his family too.


    • GIGICAT, I have had lot’s of pain in my life, like you. My Mom’s suicide, my Brother’s recent death, but nothing rips my guts out like losing my Daughter. If you do tell your friend about the people who love you from here, please tell her I am so, so sorry. There really are no words one can say. I just needed acceptance and love. People to listen and allow me to feel what I was feeling. It is such a shock when one day they are here, and gone the next. It took me a while to realize nothing I did would bring her back. My heart goes out to you and your friends, and everyone who loved him. ❤️I tried the blue heart too, but won’t know if it worked till I post. oxoxox

      • GIGICAT

        OMG, 3D’s, I had NO IDEA you had this much horror in your life. I don’t even know how you handled this. I’m sorry if this brought it all up again. Did you ever read that book by this Rabbi called “When Bad Things Happen to Good People?” That helped me alot. God bless 3D. Still looking forward to meeting you in person (which will be SO WEIRD) next time I am in Tahoe and over my altitude adjustment period!!!

        • No, you didn’t bring anything up. These things stay with us, don’t they my friend. I am glad you shared with us the loss of your friend. I am also looking forward to meeting, that will be weird, I agree Sometimes I get it pretty close to what someone looks like, and sometimes not. Take care and don’t worry about me, OK? Some things the loss is always there, and knowing how your friend feels makes me feel like somehow I could give her a small measure of comfort, as we all do for each other here. xoxoxoxoxo

          • GIGICAT

            My husband always says… nobody goes through life unscathed!!

            • GIGICAT

              and yes, it will be weird. we need to find a good place to meet. I LOVE Chili’s. Those salads are huge! I’m not a snob, so going to Chili’s is normal to me. I am SURE the RHOC wouldn’t be caught dead in a Chili’s!! I know where Jimmy Beans Wool is near the airport on Capital Way, I know where the airport is (of course), I know where The Summit mall is, I know where the Porsche dealer is (a somewhat strange place) and I know how to get lost on Old 395 versus the new expressway…… HA HA HA HA HA and I get anxiety when I get lost and things don’t look familiar so that didn’t help me much!! HA HA HA. I laugh about it now, at the time… not so funny.

              • I like Chili’s too. We could meet anywhere, I am not a food snob either. My daughters are, however. They are both much more the gourmet than I am, and cook that way too. But then, they don’t have kids, so they can take the time to get fancy. It’s nice when they bring a dish for family dinners, though. Just good food and service, and a nice shot of Stolichnaya over, or a really cold beer, with you and me meeting! ❤️❀❌⭕️☮

    • Anonymous

      Gigi I’m real sorry about your friends’ son♥️ Peace and healing to them. It is hard, life of late – for so many. Collectively, on a mass consciousness level (election, war, poverty, hate crimes, and so on and so on) and individually certainly. I know so many, too many who struggle and it’s hard to bear witness, but it’s a necessary requirement to being human on this spinning orb. We committed ourselves to the journey here I believe that. And there are wisdoms very deep wisdoms that we spirits all have about the anguish we endure but we’ve been made to forget them for reasons believe it it or not to help us grow truer in our love and understanding for each other. I trust that. And I trust The One as my compass to get through it.
      I listened to your first song, it is beautiful and inspiring, thankyou♥️ And music is my drug of choice lol it’s what gets me through my feelings always has. And when I’m needing a lifeline I either go to the gospel choirs tracks or my ultimate favs Led Z. Now I know this isn’t for everybody but I’m a product of the 60’s and it’s what I grew up in my home listening to. I love this clip honoring them in Washington DC and watching our nation’s finest rocking out. Daisy? I pick this for you. Something tells me you need cooling and I’m not foolin. 😉 Love you girls ♥️ And yeah it’s gonna be alright. Always….


      • Miss Moneypenny ☂️

        Forgot to sign in that’s me above Miss M

      • Miss Moneypenny ☂️

        That’s me Miss M above

  • One Rotten Egg

    Teresa is a REAL convicted felon–PERIOD.

  • Whatever helps you sleep at night Teresa. You are so transparent!

  • One of the many things I dislike about Jaqueline is that shespeaks of statements that are rumors as if they are proven facts. Like that Teresa brought Kim D. on the show to come at Jaq, ( she really is confused from all he benzos ) because Jaqueline was the one who was Kim’s friend and wanted her on the show. She says things like what Kim D. most certainly told her to say, that it was Tre who “fed her the info. for the creepy bald guy to say” No one would need to fill him or anyone else in on anything to make up a lie and spread it around. It was Kim D. who smirked when the guy asked Melissa “you remember me, don’t you?” Teresa was mortified, because she knew, and she was correct, that no matter how she handled that, she was goin’ down for it. If she would have told Melissa earlier, then she would have been blamed just as surely as she was by not saying anything. Kim D. called Melissa before the fashion show & told Melissa that she had been angry at Melissa for a business disagreement, but of course, no one remembers that. Tre said lot’s of stuff about Melissa, but she did it in front of everyone. She told Caroline, she told Jaq, she told everyone. If she would have wanted that particular rumor spread, she easily could have made it be so, but she didn’t. Because she knew nothing about what was gong to happen this particular time, & Kim knew no one would believe her. Kind of like the way Viki puts it in everyone’s ear that it’s Tamra who is at fault for stuff, when it’s her, Viki, who did it.

  • 3 Ds. I love what you wrote I feel the same way. Jac s make it look like a Jerry Springer show . All the crying with no tears. She has a lot of help raising her son Nick. I see a helper every time they filmed them. Guilty conscious she has.

    • Yes, I was just posting about that very thing on another page. Jaq and Chris go away a lot, and even though it’s sometimes for the show, a lot of times it isn’t. Not that they don’t have the right to, but she’s always bawling about how difficult her life is. I don’t doubt raising an Autistic child is very demanding, and all of the emotions and battles that go along. Worry about their future etc. But let’s be honest, most parents of Autistic children struggle financially in a way I doubt Jaq and Chris have ever experienced. It is very expensive to hire a full time caretaker for an Autistic child, very, very expensive. It makes me sick that they hide their fraudulent activities behind Nicholes. And, that their other SON, CJ, hasn’t been as much as mentioned in years. Minus the accidental appearance when Ashley came in with her engagement ring. He always seems to be on the outside of the family nucleus. I used to think, hope, that it was a play of the camera, but it isn’t. Ever since her obsessive need to get pregnant again, it looked to me like he was forgotten. I have a really good sixth sense, and every time a scene is filmed in that house, I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, and an ache in my heart for that young man. Jaqueline has become an emotional vampire, and I see a lot of manic-depression in her. She herself needs psychiatric help, and I don’t say that with sarcasm.

  • I just watched the finale of the Jersey housewives again Did Jac give Siggy and Delores the finger as she drove away? They ran all through the parking lot with their shoes off. The Siggy says what if there is glass on the ground I laughed

    • I’ll watch and see if she did. I have it on Amazon, so I can pause it right on the moment, I’ll let you know Rusty. 🙂