Teresa Giudice Calls Jacqueline Laurita a Crazy Person


On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, the women dealt with the aftermath of their trip to Vermont.

Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania went to check on Jacqueline Laurita to see how she was holding up after the drama. Siggy was worried that Jac was mad at her for not taking sides in the fight. Jacqueline reassured Siggy that she wasn’t upset at all, but that she was focused on Teresa and Melissa.

“I thought it was dirty that Melissa tried to rewrite history,” Jacqueline said. “Are you afraid of what Teresa would say if you answer that honestly?” she asked, regarding Melissa’s intentions. Jac also noted it was just “sad” the way things happened and said she was “done” with Teresa and Melissa. Siggy pledged her loyalty to Jacqueline by telling her she wouldn’t go to Melissa’s fashion show.

Siggy caught up with Melissa to tell her that she wouldn’t be attending the fashion show for Melissa’s boutique. “Thank God Vermont is over,” Siggy said. Then, she admitted to Melissa that her first impressions of Gorga were not that great. She told Melissa she found her to be “phony” and “self-absorbed.” Siggy kept the conversation pleasant, until she told Melissa that she couldn’t go to the Envy fashion show because she thought it would hurt Jacqueline. In the end, Melissa understood that Siggy was picking Jacqueline’s side, but the two walked away from lunch in peace.

Kim D returned to stir up some drama. Jacqueline told Kim that Teresa tried to imply she was the one behind strippergate and then said that she was not inviting either Melissa or Teresa to her Little Kernel event later that week. Kim started in by saying that if she were Teresa, she would divorce Joe before he went to prison because he would be entitled to half of everything she earned while he was away. Then she asked, “Do you think she is delusional or do you think that she just doesn’t know?” When the other women were shocked Kim D brought up Joe’s alleged infidelity, Jacqueline said, “Whatever their relationship is, it works for them.”

Meanwhile, Siggy had been having a change of heart over Melissa’s fashion show. When Teresa, Melissa and Dolores went out for sushi, Siggy revealed that she was going to attend Melissa’s fashion show. During this dinner, Teresa called Jacqueline a “wacko” and “crazy person,” but Siggy let it slide.

Everyone, besides Teresa and Melissa, gathered to celebrate the launch of Chris and Jacqueline’s Little Kernel popcorn. Chris gave a speech that made Jac very emotional. “Nicholas is making progress and I can see the sparkle in Chris’ eye,” she said. Then Chris turned his attention to Jac’s daughter Ashlee. “I would also like to congratulate Ashlee and Pete on their engagement,” he began. “But we got some more news. We just recently found out they are sprouting a little kernel of their own. Yes, Jacqueline is going to be a glam-ma.”

Before leaving, Dolores pulled Chris aside and urged him to stand by his wife and not go to Joe Giudice’s party in a few days because Jacqueline was no longer invited after the fight.

Later, Teresa and Dolores met up at a church and started talking about how life doesn’t ever end up the way you think it’s going to. “I have come to accept it now,” Teresa said of her husband’s impending jail sentence. “I guess I am kind of old-school.” Teresa reiterated that she would not get divorced. “I love Joe and he loves me and we’re going to just stand by each other.”

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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  • Daisy

    No news here . Most have called her crazy for a while now

  • Jac-A-Loon has always been crazy. I can’t stand that she is back on the show. I hate watching her.

    • Suze☕️

      You are right she has been crazy for a very long time so I ask why is it news? Xoxox

  • Real Sandy⛱

    I should not be commenting, but I am. Sue me! I don’t watch NJ at all. I live in NJ. I used to watch a while back, and the more I watched the more disgusted I became. Where do they find these nuts, anyway. Aren’t most of them nuts? Isn’t that why the show is watched…to see the stupid things Tre will say or what she will do next. Aren’t antics like throwing tables and cat fights what is found entertaining…at least by those who put these shows together. It is sad to think that this represents the state I live it…sad and a complete disgrace.
    Sure there is stupidity on the other shows…especially some on Atlanta and Dallas. I cannot watch those either.
    Who wants to be on these shows, anyway? Some want the fame, others want the fortune, but at what cost. Cameras in their lives all the time…and some feeling the need to act or overact and not realize what they are showing to us…and the rest of the world…IRS, etc. The children are the ones suffering from all of this in my opinion and I feel sorry for them.

    • Hi, RSandy! I was getting worried I hadn’t seen your comments anywhere, or maybe I was looking in the wrong places. I only go to the OC pages if I see posters I love in “Recent Comments” but hadn’t seen you there, either. I hope all is going well with your husbands health issues, I saw a little bit about it here. I am sending my best wishes to you both.
      NJ is not the show it used to be, but I am in the middle of last nights episode, it’s paused in another tab. I’m so glad I paused it and came here, because you were here. Jaqueline has become unhinged, not just nutty. She goes from crying about how much she loves Theresa, to pointing in Melissa’s face about something that not only happened years ago, but that has been long settled between Theresa and Melissa. Then screaming in a public place calling Tre a criminal, which I am pretty sure everyone knows already. I know you aren’t a fan, but Jaqueline can’t stand that Theresa and Melissa are trying their hardest to act like adult Sisters-in-Law. They have been succeeding, and that drives J crazy. As a nurse you would likely see that Jaqueline is on a lot of some kind of Benzo meds. ( I hope it doesn’t bother you that I mention your professional career as an RN, does it? I will not anymore if you let me know not to, OK? ) I am a lay person, but with extensive knowledge in his arena, and I can see that she is heavily medicated, no doubt her doctors believe it is needed with her Son’s special needs. Anyway, back to the episode where, apparently Kim D ( yuk ) is going to have some cruel gossip to spread, as usual. Take care, Sandy. And, give my best to your husband.