Teresa Giudice Calls Out Caroline, Melissa And Kathy For Not Being Honest About Equine Therapy


Teresa Giudice is taking to her blog on personal website to open up about the cast trip to Arizona and the equine therapy. Teresa writes that she loved the experiences on the trip, but was not fond of what some of her cast mates had to say about her. Teresa calls out Caroline, Melissa and Kathy for not acknowledging that she faced her fear with the horse and got him to lift his hoof for her.

Teresa writes, “Well, I loved this episode & I hated it. I loved it because I really loved the entire experience in Arizona. I love new things. You didn’t see me making fun of the counselors or putting it down or whining in bed because I really appreciated everything about it. Part of life is to keep learning new stuff, and I love that. I was open to everything: the drums, the psychic, the horse, the high-wire. We were there to get some healing, and I was ready. I was tired of crying! Some good vibes and happiness were welcome!

I hated this episode though because you got to see everyone else’s full experience with Wyatt the Horse Whisperer except mine. I know they can’t show everything, but both my brother and I were able to approach the horse with openness and honesty, and he lifted his leg for both of us. For me, it was a really big accomplishment, and I’m sorry you didn’t get to see it. I’m also sorry that Melissa chose to speak for me on Twitter and say that we all regretted not opening up for the horse. I don’t regret it because I did open up! Why she alone didn’t is for her to explain…


Everyone is afraid of something, and for me, full-grown, giant-ass animals that I’ve never been around before are it! I was so freaked out that the horse would turn around and bite me or kick me or something. It’s no joke! Maybe if I had known the horse since it was a pony, I wouldn’t have been afraid of it, but I didn’t. I had a bad experience on a horse once in Aruba. And I know animals sense fear, so that made my fear even worse!

But one thing I’m not is a quitter. I like to push myself and learn new things about myself, and I didn’t want to give up. I did get the horse to lift its leg for me, I did scrape its hoof, and I was soooooo proud of myself afterwards!

I’m super bummed that some of the people that were there with me like Caroline and Kathy and Melissa, who saw me overcome my fear and work with the horse successfully, acted like I didn’t.  Everyone is afraid of different things. Caroline grew up on a farm, so the horse was no problem for her. It was scary and different and strange for me. The next day when we were up on the high-wire, I had no problem, but Caroline had a melt-down. Heights are really hard for her. She was hysterical crying, and wouldn’t do it. I didn’t judge her or say she wasn’t opening herself up. I knew it was hard for her. I encouraged her, reminding her that I overcame my fear with the horses, and she could overcome her fear of heights.

For Caroline to say I’m just like Melissa, and that I’m superficial, says a lot about her character. She saw that I did open myself up to the experience, so for her to lie like that makes no sense to me. I thought we were there for healing, and I certainly didn’t belittle her for her fears. She was miserable the entire trip, fighting with Albert the whole time. And she has the nerve to say I didn’t embrace it? Disappointing.

You could see how into the whole experience I was when Jacqueline was up there crying and I ran up to give her a hug. I was just really happy the whole time, so happy we were all there to support each other.

We were filming at the ranch for hours and hours, and at one point, natured called and my Joe got up to go to the bathroom. When he was walking back, Milania called, so he answered. He waved me over so I could talk to her too. We had been there all day, and I wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything wrong at home. I missed my girls! I can’t believe of all people that Kathy didn’t understand that, but I guess she and Rich have a limited memory for things. For Rich to talk about my husband delaying legal issues is insane to me. My husband cannot control the legal system, and Rich of all people knows this. Rich’s had his fair share of lawsuits and I would never comment about his behavior in them. Shameful.

I’m glad you got to see a lot of the good times we do have though. Joe resting his head on my shoulder. Albert opening up. Caroline saying she wanted to hug Joe. Chris saying he loved me. Jacqueline and I cleaning the bottom of each other’s shoes… I think you got to see a lot of honest interactions, and different sides to all of us.”

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  • Pinky

    Is anyone else really sick of the editing and bias of this show? I mean why is it called a reality show? They assign storylines, edit everything to follow a specific story and most of all- it has NOTHING to do with reality.
    And I want some answers from the rest of this shady cast about their false financials. Why only hear for four years about the Guidices? I really want to hear more about the Manzo/Laurita problems and shade. If you google Caroline and Albert – the numerous lawsuits for nonpayment of bills-especially Caroline, etc.. The Laurita’s case is the most serious and I realize it is sealed, but he has companies in China? Probably shell, but still – how big is his fraud network? And bet the Manzos are involved – hope the feds get them all.
    And seriously, why does andy favor the manzos so overtly? I just don’t get it?

  • Mike

    Whoever wants to continue believing in these lies, good luck, since I really don’t want to spend another minute on this FAKE subject.

  • DebBrenn

    Too bad a couple of seemingly sincere moments this week from Teresa are overwhelmed by her ridiculous assertions before and now. She hasn’t changed a bit. She accuses one member of her own family or friends of one thing or another of something ugly (Richie most notably in this blog) and in the same breathe says she’d never talk about that. This woman is the dumbest person on earth,

  • Bobby

    I am SOOOOOOOO glad. Just goes to show how phony all the other people are; they SAW her do it. Bravo didn’t wanna hear it – okay fair enough – but why did the other girls have to act delusional as if she didn’t do it.

  • kbear

    sorry…had to comment on one thing – teresa, a pony is not a baby horse… a pony will never grow up to be a horse. that’s like saying a chihuahua will grow up to be a golden retriever….

  • lynda

    this scam has been going on for ages. the horse lifts his leg by the handler giving him a cue. its an old carnival trick.

  • DebBrenn

    This girl is a hot mess.

  • lost_grrl

    First of all, the horse thing is a scam…kind of. It stems from simple training used at carnivals to trick people into thinking the horse knew things he couldn’t know however in this instance a trained therapist uses it to validate his or her patient’s breakthroughs. The horse doesn’t know if you are honest…the therapist does and gives the horse a cue.
    BUT that is not my biggest problem here…as usual Teresa Just Doesn’t Get It. She thinks that horse therapy was about overcoming her fear of horses as if it is her fear of horses that has caused all of her problems. She thinks that she had some major breakthough in getting rid of the fear when in all reality the therapist probably finally just gave the horse the clue because he knew Teresa didn’t have one. That she would then brag about it is hilarious!

    • DebBrenn

      Does Teresa ever know what’s going on? Honestly, she’s a moron.