Does Teresa Giudice Blame RHONJ For Negative Comments About Her Daughter’s Music Career?


According to a new report, RHONJ star Teresa Giudice is blaming her co-stars and online “haters” for the negative response to her daughter Gia’s girl group 3KT.

As we previously reported, Gia and her friends started an online fundraiser to raise money for a holiday video from their band. So far, it has only raised $901, of a $7,500 goal.

“Teresa believes there are negative forces, including co-stars from RHONJ, that are the reason why Gia’s music video fundraising efforts have been a failure so far. Teresa says there are haters that are determined to make sure Gia’s music career goes down in flames,” a source tells RadarOnline.

Gia recently shot the video covering Britney Spears’ song “Circus” with her fellow band members Alex Maetta, 16, and Cristianna Cardinale, 14.

The source hints, “Expect Teresa to fork over the money if the Kickstarter campaign fails.”

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11 Replies to “Does Teresa Giudice Blame RHONJ For Negative Comments About Her Daughter’s Music Career?”

  1. Doesn’t Tre have to show to the court/government any monies she spends. I thought I read that they could not make any purchases with the exception of normal home expenses. THis does not qualify as a normal expense does it? SO stupid

  2. Of course, if we have any opinions that don’t comport with the ideas that 1) parents shouldn’t steal to 2) support a 13 year old looking like a hooker we’re “haters.” Does it not occur to her that people have standards that may be a little higher than qualifying for prison or raising another vacuous bunch of kids?

  3. Teresa is good about blaming others, not taking responsibility and being delusional. Remember when she thought Gia was this great model?

    1. Yes! And she can hardly use the phrase ‘my 4 daughters’ without the modifier ‘beautiful.’ I will agree to this extent: There are FOUR daughters.

  4. After honestly couldn’t believe what I saw those young girls wearing for “clothing” in their video. And their makeup was extremely overdone. What happened to tastefully dressing your age?

    1. That’s exactly what I said…. If they had done that video with a cute pair of jeans or yoga pants with maybe matching t’s it would have been cute. This was done in such poor taste. BUT really people do we expect anything different from Teresa? I don’t even say Joe’s name because he is just a gnome. And he’s useless. He’s a drunken fool

  5. I can see why people aren’t donating ,
    It was in poor taste to allow their children to act the way they did, I was horrified, I can just imagine the XMAS video if tey were able to raise the $
    I pic tat scene FR “Mean Girls ” movie wen those actresss did the XMAS pagent scene, lol, maybe stepped up a few notchs though. If their acting like this at such a young age & w/JOE & tre headed to the (concrete jungle) 4 some R&R I’m

  6. Also she’s a day late and a dollar short HAHA with the “I just care about my four beautiful daughters comment. She did not give a crap about them while she was stealing from everyone . I smell BS!

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