Teresa Giudice Betrayed By Crisis Counselor Wendy Feldman


The woman who has supposedly been at Teresa Giudice’s side as she deals with her fraud charges has been caught trashing the Real Housewives of New Jersey star.  Crisis consultant Wendy Feldman once declared there was “something wrong” with the Teresa and that she and husband Joe had a “serious mental health issue.”

Several weeks before being hired by the GIudices, Feldman was so against the couple she was even noted saying Bravo should fire the couple after they were indicted on 41 counts of fraud and tax evasion.

“Whatever comes their way, they opened the door and in my opinion they deserve it,” Feldman told radio host Amy Beth Harkawy. Feldman also said the Giudices made of “mockery” of their $10 million bankruptcy on “national television” by flaunting their lavish spending habits.

Adding that Teresa would be a “disastrous client,” Feldman said the Bravo star’s indictment was inevitable. “They are continuing to make light out of it instead of dumbing down and shutting up.” She went on to say that Joe and Teresa are dealing with “severe issues here” which, she said, included “tremendous denial” and a “serious mental health issue with both of them.”

Wendy said that if Teresa ever hired her she would get the reality star a “psychiatric evaluation” and said, “there is something wrong with her and she needs to go into some sort of treatment.”

“I am not saying substance abuse treatment because. That is not her issue. But there is something wrong with her thinking and until you correct her thinking you cannot really work with it,” she concluded.

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  1. Crisis Counselor Wendy Feldman probably turned on Teresa after not getting paid!! That seems to be the Giudice way of doing business.

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