Teresa Giudice Believes Jacqueline Laurita Needs Her To Stay Relevant


Teresa Giudice is taking to her blog to react to this week’s episode of the RHONJ. Giudice says Jacqueline Laurita needs her to stay relevant on the show and all Jac does is stir up trouble.

“In last week’s episode, the girls and I had to say goodbye to Joe, which was very tough on us. In this week’s episode, you got to see how we were doing in those first few days without Joe.

It was hard to see my daughters in pain and missing their father. I was upset that Joe was gone and couldn’t imagine what they were going through. As you saw, I tried to give them extra love, affection and attention — anything to help make things better for them.

I did smile, though, when I saw how hard Milania tried to help out around the house by doing things Joe used to do. I was proud of her. So were her sisters, who also do a lot to help me while their dad is away.

I wanted to be there to help Dolores to celebrate the beautiful job she did redoing her house, but couldn’t because Joe was calling us that night and the girls and I really wanted to talk to him.

Dolores made sure to let me know that she understood why I couldn’t be there. She is a good friend. So is Siggy. I liked what she said about how women should be there to lift each other up. She is right.

Jacqueline was doing the opposite, especially when she showed up at Dolores’s wearing a shirt saying, “Namast’ay Away From Me.”

There she goes again, playing the victim, crying and whining about getting ganged up on, then she goes and does something passive aggressive like that. She loves to stir the pot, that girl. I found it all entertaining. It made me laugh and it just showed me that like others, she needs me to stay relevant.

I also thought it was interesting when I saw that Jacqueline got Dolores mad. Dolores is so even-keeled and easy to get along with, so for her to get mad like that…But it goes to show you that I’m not the only one Jacqueline is ticking off.

But back to lifting up other women: I was happy to teach yoga at the event Dolores held at her gym. I love yoga so much and was happy to share what I have learned with other women.”

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21 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Believes Jacqueline Laurita Needs Her To Stay Relevant”

    1. They sure do if it’s to stay employed on a reality TV show centered around said crook. Haha. Jacks doesn’t exist on RHNJ without Teresa.

  1. I agree with Tre, (like her or not), but Jac has lost it so much this season as I have just agreed with freedomgirl on another page. It looks to me she is doing it just to keep her place but she has taken it too far. I pity Chris!

    1. I hadn’t read that yet, but believe me, I know you’d agree about Jac’s being cuckoo puffs. lol. I think where we might disagree is that I think Theresa is getting a pretty big head to make statements that people need her to stay relevant. I almost wish Bravo would give her a spin off for her and her family, and this way there won’t be a question of people kissing her ass to stay on the show,or needing her to stay relevant:D

      1. That’s why I put like her or not, I just think Jack has done this to herself and the only one to blame is her. I haven’t watched too much this season just because I need to really want to watch to plow through You Tube to find a decent recording that will play here. As for Tre making statements, I agree she shouldn’t.

        1. Sometimes it comes back to burn you when you get too big for your bridges. I don’t blame you for limited viewing since you have to watch on youtube. I thought the episode with Joe Gorga skiing into the tree and Melissa’s cat ski mask (which I did by for myself) was one that was worth watching.

          1. I couldn’t get that one unless I watched with all voices sounding like men’s! Second thought it might have improved it!

            1. When Delores had “Ladies Weekend” Tre told all the ladies she was waiting for her certification before she started teaching the class. Everyone enjoyed the entire weekend at Delores’s new Gym.
              In Vermont, the reason the fight actually started was because instead of Jaq acting like the “lady” she aways professes to be and asking Robyn why she felt attacked, she ratcheted it up and up and up. What killed me was when she wondered why Robyn asked for Tre to come out, and why she needed back-up. After calling Jo Gorga on the phone during her and Tre’s argument, then trying to call, Kim D., at the table in Vermont ( the thirst is real for Kim D ), then calling out Robyn for the same EXACT thing. She ( Jaq ) could have ended that immediately. Then at dinner, when Theresa asked how the situation started, Jaq says “it doesn’t matter how it started, it mattered how it ended.” Because she didn’t have the guts to say it was because she called Robyn a “soldier.” That is how it started. When Robyn said Jaq confused her, and she felt attacked, Robyn wasn’t yelling, or instigating, I really believe that. I think she simply wanted an answer. If Jaq would have answered her in a normal tone, which seems to be more and more impossible for her as time goes on, all would have been well. Hey….they might have even RESOLVED the initial discord, wow, wouldn’t that have been a new way for Jaq. And Chris, of course he has to stick by his wife in public, but he needs to sit her down and show her what she has done, for real.

              1. 3 D’S, hey mama how are you . Haven’t seen you in awhile . I was starting to worry doll . If this comes up as a duplicate I haven’t lost my mind . I accidentally posted my email. It went into moderation. I asked that it not be posted . Hopefully it won’t

                1. Hi, sweetie. My brother died on Sept. 20th, so I haven’t been around. I am at peace with it now, even though my other “brother” didn’t bother to call and tell me Michael was in the hospital, depriving him of seeing two of his sisters, actually, before he died. He literally drank himself to death. He had been in the hospital before for poisoning himself with alcohol, but this time they couldn’t save him. He actually never got over what happened to him in Viet Nam, he went to Long Ben Jail there for destroying some equipment that would have told the bombers where this one village was. His job there was to go out in a helicopter, remember this was in the early 70’s, technology being quite different, and look for weaponry, places it was stored, like that. He would physically lean out of the door and put the location in this equipment. He saw a village full of women and children, and refused to tell his superior what the headings were. He then realized they could look and see whee they HAD been, and proceeded to smash it up with something. Anyway, he was given a dishonorable discharge after spending the rest of his term in the prison, Viet Nam vets were treated like shit after that war anyway, but he received his honorable discharge when Clinton was President, and was finally able to go to the VA for help, way, way, way too late. Anyway, he was a hero in my eyes, and he lived a tortured life the last decade of it. A different person came home than left. He was able to keep it cool for many years after, until it just ate away and ate away at him and he became an alcoholic. He is with God now. Take care, and don’t worry, I am fine. Thanks for missing me.❤️

                  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                  2. Oh honey I’m so sorry . Yes your brother was a hero no question about that . I’m so sorry you didn’t get to say goodbye . I hope your doing OK . You both will be in my prayers

                    1. Thank You, Daisy. He knew I loved him, apparently my other “brother” only loves himself. I find comfort in the many years when he was waiting as my children were born, to be the third person to introduce himself, the decades of dinners he made them and us as they grew up, the lessons he taught them, and those he learned from them. Them running out to him as he came up the walkway with his camera. Most of the photos in their baby books, he took. He really knew when to shoot the picture. He will always be remembered for his loving heart and his laughing spirit.

                    2. 3 D’S those are precious memories . I can’t say that I have memories like that of anyone especially family . Please hold on to those and keep them close . I will pray for peace for you and your family

      2. I don’t think Theresa could hold a show of her own, to be honest. I like her, but I don’t want to watch just her and her kids, with Jo gone that’s what it would be. The only spin off I thought was worth watching was Bethenny’s 3 seasons. I don’t watch Manzo’s, mainly because I can’t stand Carolyn or her kids, and Kim’s show, Don’t be Tardy is not any good IMO either. I am glad BH is starting soon, I liked last season until the Rinna garbage started. Petty has never held my interest. I am curious to see how Lisa and Rinna are this year. I can’t stand Rinna.
        Have any of you noticed how they are breaking up the segments now? On the NJ Vermont trip, they went back and forth between Jaq and Tre instead of showing the entire segment for the entire 6 minutes, or whatever. Makes it really hard to zip, but I manage. Fortunately I can drag the dot over while seeing the picture and stop wherever Jaqueline isn’t.
        Jaq is highly medicated, that’s what her problem is IMO. Too much Valium.

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