Teresa Giudice Believes Danielle Staub Is Owed Return To RHONJ


It’s no secret that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has made amends with her former enemy Danielle Staub, and now Giudice is revealing that she is very serious about wanting Staub to join the cast of the show next season.

“I never had any problem with her, and I never wanted her off the show,” Teresa told E! News. “It was something that was out of my control. But I totally— if she wants to come back, I’m fine with that. I don’t know if other people are, but I’m fine with it.”

Teresa said she believes Danielle is owed an epilogue. “She was attacked, and I guess she felt like she didn’t know how to come back from that because we were all attacking her. So I feel like she needs to come back and she probably has a lot to say, and I feel like she needs closure from that,” she admitted. “I’m sure she has a lot to say, so it’s good for her to get it out. She was shut out by a lot of people, and I feel like she should have her say.”

Do you want to see Danielle Staub return?

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40 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Believes Danielle Staub Is Owed Return To RHONJ”

  1. Wait…what? “I didn’t have a problem with her”?? Teresa threw a table at Danielle, called her every name in the book, threatened to hurt her at a reunion –on camera for chrissakes– and did everything possible to damage Danielle. Come on, Teresa.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. If you notice the people that hang with Teresa are just like her. Water seeps its own level.

      1. If Jaclyn is smart she will head for the hills. Siggy, Jaclyn and Dolores are the only “real” women on the show. Poor Jaclyn was pushed over the edge. All that anxiety bottled up inside of her and she lost it in Vermont. Cant say I blame her. Melissa is so far up Teresa’s butt its not even funny. She will sell her soul to the devil to be on Teresa’s good side. That too my friend will soon fall apart.

        1. Jaqueline is real??? Wow. If there is one person on here who faked wanting a friendship, it was her. Every time there was the smallest negative feeling, she went for the now overused and never-so-clever “41 counts of phony” She knew for damn sure that if she wanted to sell hers and Chris’s newest “business” she would have to do her best to impersonate being Teresa’s friend. Whether anyone likes Teresa, or the facts, the powers that be waited for her to get out of prison to resume filming.
          Jaq does have a difficult road, with her son’s illness. But, let’s be honest, she has a lot of help, and goes away for lengths of time frequently. Not saying she shouldn’t be able to do that, but the largest percentage of parents of Autistic children don’t have that luxury. And it just annoys the shit out of me that they hide their fraudulent activities behind their son. Her other son, when she remembers she has one, his name is CJ, BTW, hasn’t gotten so much as a mention in years now. Oh, wait!! He accidentally was shown admiring Ashley’s engagement ring.
          And, even though I usually don’t respond to anon, I do agree with one thing, Jaq should head for the hills.

          1. I was a fan of Jacqueline until this episode. I can’t say what her intentions were when coming back on the show but her behaviour has been very erratic and unlikable. Actually, apart from Dolores and Siggy I would like to see them all go away. I’m so over this show. Not sure I will watch next season.

          2. 3D’s maybe the reason we don’t see much of CJ is 1) he is of an age where maybe he doesn’t want to be on the show 2) peer pressure and 3) Bravo does heavy editing and Nicholas is a more interesting child to film. Plus filming brings awareness to autism. Just MO.

    2. Whaaaaaaat?! Didn’t have a problem with Danielle?! TG is a disgrace to women everywhere….she lies, she steals, has an ego the size of Alaska, and knows no bounds as to hurting people. Obviously suffers with gross amnesia, and seems to be a sociopath…..my Lord!! She NEVER takes accountability for her sorry, mean ways. Hey, here’s an idea…bring back Staub and KICK Guidice to the curb, with an extremely pointed stiletto!

      Jac and Chris Laurita are good folks and have had T’s number for years…..and might I say, supported and protected her, even when they knew she was wrong!!

    3. If you think that’s crazy then catch THIS: Dina Manzo is on the latest Heather McDonald Juicy Scoop podcast, and though she lives in Malibu now Heather asks her primarily about her time on the show and she is spilling ALLLL the secrets! Danielle had a horrible reputation before she even came to the show, and when Dina tells how she ended up on the show…boy…these ladies are all a bit nutty, lol. I listen to the show on podbean or stritcher- this week is just too good with the background on the Jersey Girls. Turns out Delores was actually one of the original women casted for the show! But she dropped out before filming began. And the salaries, my lord what a mess. Oh, and the real deal regarding the feud with Caroline is finally revealed.

        1. Oh Aunt Bee, sorry for the late reply! I was working for the last two days and the event I worked last night went so late, I just woke up and only saw this 2 days later , lol. But, a few of the things she was asked about and revealed:

          * Dina was the central character of the show and helped cast it. It started with her, Delores, and three other girls (I think Jac also ?), the others dropped out and left her and Jac. Although Danielle was being considered simply on the basis of referral, it ended up being Jac’s fault that she was casted, you have to hear the whole story. She’s a such a mess and it appears the hub of these women’s lives begin and end at the hair salon.

          *She reveals the orgin of the feud with Caroline (it’s Danielle related).

          * You come to understand how Danielle really started off on the wrong foot with the women before filming even started… she’s a diva, indeed…

          The entire Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald podcast can be played/heard on Podbean, Stritcher, or Heather McDonald’s website. The podcasts are normally around an hour long, with the second half usually devoted to guest interviews, so you end up with a lot of backstory and answers to questions related to the shows these people are on (or have been part of), far too much info to post here. The interviews are even better when it’s someone who’s no longer on a particular show, because then they are no longer bound by confidentiality agreements.

          1. Thanks Bon V. Real Sandy sent me the link but I have not listened to it yet because it is so long. I am waiting til this afternoon.

  2. I think Teresa’s celebrity has gone to her head. I liked the old Teresa much better that this “new”. And I wasn’t really that fond of the old one.

  3. She’s owed an “epilogue”????? I wonder if Teresa wrote that or it was a typo. I know before I disabled my auto-mistake, it used to insert words that weren’t at all what I was trying to write, and it would do it over and over, it was almost creepy, like “War Games” I had a little weird feeling when I disabled it thinking it might not let me!!!! Hahahahahaha.

  4. I thought dina and theresa were besties?

    Was it not danielle who reported dina child situation that got her into trouble? And ultimatly off the show season 2?

    So now theresa is ok with her? Is she that desperate too attack Jacqueline ?

    1. I just heard the breakdown from Dina on Heather McDonald’s podcast. Though she says Danielle is a person you don’t ever want to be on the wrong side of, she’s so far removed from the situation now she said she wouldn’t be bothered by seeing Danielle on the show if that’s what they think they need.

  5. Please!!! Bravo trying to save this trainwreck! Theresa… Who Bravo /Andy is trying to save/ why? Like we never saw LoserTheresa flip a table on Staub. Find another city. These women are creating drama to earn a paycheck! Isn’t the premise of HW showcasing their fabulous overtop lives ? New Jersey… Criminals….lawsuits… Shady homes.

  6. And, she hasn’t a clue as to how one speaks correct English, can’t put a decently constructed sentence together (nearlyas well as my 6 yr old granddaughter) and hasn’t authored a book in her life. When her ghostwriter decides to write a tell all, it should be verrrrry interesting! TD is a fake, phone and fraud! Get her gone!!

  7. Wow smh she flipped a table & called her a prostitution whore . Then instigated & chased her through the country club. And then not to mention just how nasty her good friend Dina treated Danielle . Dina never gave Danielle a chance & Caroline took the fall for her sister. Wouldn’t it be funny if Jacqueline & Danielle made up? I guess Theresa sees the same thing as Vicki , that this is her show

    1. Danielle, in my view, demonstrates too many behaviors that point to sociopathic tendencies that are enough to scare anybody off. Beyond that, Dina had very valid reasons before filming began to not want to deal with her too closely.

      1. That’s only because they’re following the typical show model for creating a story. Someone has to be the “central” character.

  8. Just given the fact that D was involved in kidnapping and drug charges and warlords etc should be reason enough NOT to rehire this hoodlum (thx Aunt Bee) for the show. Can’t Andy hire anyone in Jersey without a crime related activity anymore? He’s gotten way off track from the show’s premise; HELLO!!!!! HouseWIVES?? Like as in wealthy *married* women with a decadent lifestyle?? geez Louise

    1. Andy doesn’t do the hiring. He’s at the top of the food chain. It’s someone else’s job to do that and create and deliver a hit show under his umbrella. Personally, I wouldn’t want to mess with her. Too much bragging in the past on the show about the people she “knows”.

      1. Hmmm well I read that he does have a say in the hiring and he was responsible for hiring best friend Carol Radziwll.

        ‘During a 2013 episode of @sk Andy, Cohen explained, “I am involved in all of it. We have a team…we work with the production company to go over submissions for Housewives.” In fact, Cohen cast his real-life friend, Carole Radziwill for Real Housewives of New York City.’ Bustle.com

  9. I honestly have not seen such immature (ok maybe Ramona Singer) behavior from a grown woman. It’s not even worth getting riled up about this history revisionist who’s agenda is as obvious as a 3 year old. This is nothing more than her trying to join forces with Danielle to take down Jac’s. Bravo might as well drop Jac’s, Ziggy, Delores, Rosie and Kathy, add some ass kissing fillers like Kim D, Danielle and Robyn. Then they can just call it the Giudice show and be done with it.

  10. I believe Teresa on Danielle just like I believe Teresa didn’t know she was defrauding and stealing millions from others. Teresa just wants someone who will go after Jac and do her dirty work. What a joke.

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