Teresa Giudice Begs Bravo Not To Air Indictment On RHONJ


Teresa Giudice is signed on for season 6 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but a source is telling RadarOnline she is begging Bravo not to air her legal problems. “Teresa thinks she can run the show and she doesn’t want her trial to be recorded,” the insider reveals. I’m sure you know, Teresa and Joe Giudice are facing 41 charges of tax fraud and evasion and are scheduled to go to trial in February, but the source said she’s hoping to keep that out of the show.

“Teresa controls the cast right now and she is happy that the trial has been postponed but she is trying to get the producers not to air it, which will never happen,” the insider dishes. “There is no way producers aren’t going to show her legal drama. She is begging them to not put her trial on the show, but they need this to revitalize the franchise.”

According to our show insider, filming is set to begin in two weeks. “The producers want to get the Christmas holidays in the show because that always brings the drama but Teresa’s court problems are what they really want. They think that people will want to tune in to find out how she dealt with court and that it will be ratings gold for them,” the source says.

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  • notatrehugger

    Oh hell no! She wants to be on a “Reality Show” that IS her reality!

    • Angie

      It may be her reality, but airing the trial is way outside of the realm of good taste. I understand its been all over the news and internet, ultimately it should be left up to Teresa whether or not to air the trial.
      Airing the trial, just to get a ratings boost (because from what I gather, season 5 of the RHONJ was not exactly the most watched RH franchise) would make a mockery of the judicial system. Teresa and Joe are trying to fight these charges to stay out of jail. They have four young children and they may put up a good front but they may be worried (and rightfully so) about what’s going to happen to their children should they get convicted.
      These are serious charges Teresa and Joe are facing. In order for those two people to prepare to go to trial, it would probably be best for Bravo to pick another battle and let this battle slide.
      It’s just distasteful to want to monopolize on someone else’s misery.

      • notatrehugger

        Teresa and Joe are responsible for their own misery.They had the option to not sign on for another season but they chose to stay on a reality show and again this is their reality. If they were worried about their children they would have never commited the crimes that will hopefully now take them away from their children. Face it Teresa and Joe Giudice care only for themselves.
        I honestly do not care to see the trial but I DO want to see her sorry ass put on the bus for prison. The next reality show I want to see her on is Lockup Extended Stay

        • K

          You’re in no place to say they are guilty or not. In THIS country you are innocent until proven guilty. Are you their accountant? No.

          • Angie

            Amen K. Regardless of how one feels about Teresa and Joe, the judicial system presumes they are innocent until they are proven guilty (if they are proven guilty) in a court of law.
            That being said, I do feel the editing on the “reality” shows is a bit sketchy. The viewers really don’t get the opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes so we really have no reference point or perspective to judge the actions / words of one reality star or another.
            It is utterly ridiculous to judge these people strictly on the basis of what the viewers see on television.
            In a nutshell, the judicial (via a jury of their peers) system will determine the innocence or guilt of the Giudices. Only time shall tell.

  • notatrehugger

    Really people, do you honestly beleive the feds are wrong on all 41 counts?
    K – You are correct that in this country they are assumed innocent until proven guilty. Just as I have the right to express my opinion.

  • This woman is really something… She signed on for season 6 just 2 months ago. She knew exactly (and it was all over blogs and other news outlets) what she was signing up to. She knew that her main storyline will be the TRIAL. Infact, we all knew that, Bravo knew that and now she is begging Bravo not to air trial.

    I mean, I knew she was screwed up, but this is taking it to a whole new level… Why act surprised at something everyone was talking about… if it’s not gonna be aired on RHONJ S06, it will be in all magazines, newspapers, blogs and most of it will come from her mouth, ofcourse for $$$$.

    Just STFU

  • only1me

    if trial is on tv,i hope all the names come out, like who told who about teresa’s finances, melissa and wacko, who was having sneaky meetings with granny pants and monica, same two people. lots of secrets there. then big indictment against chris and the wack job.wouldn’t be surprised if caroline was involved too. why hasn’t poison joe and me;issa’s mansion been listed as sold yet. in jersey,its usually within 90 days of sale, posted in local papers

  • notatrehugger

    only1me -You are entittled to your opinion but it doesn’t matter who tipped off the Feds about Teresa & Joes fraud, if they are guilty then they should pay for their crimes. Honestly the feds aren’t stupid. Attracting attention by living outside your means is what gets many criminals caught and is a big no-no. Nobody pays $100,000 CASH for furniture if the money is clean and they sure as hell don’t do it on national TV. That was proof of what an narcissistic idiot Teresa is!
    Bravo should have fired her sorry ass the minute she was indicted and the hard working people of this country should have boycotted Bravo until they did an boycotted any product Teresa peddles or event she attended. Unfortunately there are ignorant people in this country that believe that they have some type of personal relationship with celebrities just because they watch them on TV and they continue to support them no matter what they are accused of.
    I hate liars and thieves. The type of fraud the Giudices were involved in destroyed thousands of lives and they should pay to the fullest extent of the law!

  • glory from Jersey

    To: notatrehugger, you are so so right on so many levels. Some people, who r not letting wat they have done sink in, don’t realize wat these people have really done. 41 counts people, 41. The feds do not indicte people unless they have a ton of evidence. I want everyone to boycott any thing that these people are endorsing. Boycott bravo and Andy Cohen show. Trust me these peop Teresa and joe guidice made no mistakes here they made a choice to be big time criminals. They took money from banks, loan and mortgage company and from innocent people who trusted them. They sacrificed their children for money, by putting them on a reality show. Teresa and joe guidice sold they’re souls to the devil himself, for a paycheck. Sorry this is not the type of persons i want my family to watch every week. I don’t care how much money Andy Cohen loses or wants to make. Andy, this message is for u, ” there are plenty of people in new Jersey who are hard working and honest, and interesting and funny and have drama in their life, that you can hire to make your money. ” The guidices are not the only people who live in jersey. However they are one of the most dishonest persons that i do not care to know about anymore.they need to be gone, this is not the family i want my kids to watch. Thank you.