Teresa Giudice Bans Melissa Gorga From Visiting Her in Prision


After years of back and forth between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga, we finally thought we were going to get some peace between the two. Well, according to RadarOnline, it doesn’t seem that is going to happen anytime soon.

“Melissa claims that Teresa absolutely refuses to allow her to come see her in prison,” a source tells the site. “Melissa said, ‘I have asked to go see Teresa, but Teresa refuses to see me. She just refuses.’”

“Teresa hates the Gorgas still,” the source claimed. “She doesn’t even want to see the Gorgas when she gets out afterwards. The only reason Teresa will see them is because she needs to film with them and they all need the money.”

“Bravo is going to start filming when Teresa gets out,” the source explained. “Everything is waiting on Teresa—there aren’t any contracts yet, no filming yet. So over the holidays, they are going to figure out a way to get those two families together.”

It gives you a little insight to what is going to be happening in the next season of RHONJ. I am curious to know your opinion about it? Comment Below.

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64 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Bans Melissa Gorga From Visiting Her in Prision”

  1. It won’t be a popular opinion but I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t want to see Mel either. They can’t stop getting digs in every time they film. I think they should just cancel NJ, although I will watch, It’s bad enough when cast mates fight but this is a broken family and sad.

    1. Sally, I don’t blame Tre at all. She and Melissa have never liked each other and to pretend now, why? Melissa has always been jealous of Tre’s fame and one time money. She wanted what the Giudices had and did not care how it tore the family apart. For me, when Melissa and Joe joined the show, that’s when it all turned dark and ugly.

      1. It got dark and ugly before the Gorgas ever came on the show between Teresa and all of her castmates. She’s a nasty woman and she’s jealous of Melissa. Why wouldn’t she want her brother and sister in law to share in some prosperity by being on the show? She’s a narcissist who wants everything for herself. She’s not into sharing. It doesn’t lessen her salary if they are on or not. She is jealous that Melissa is smarter, prettier, not a jailbird and married to her brother. She needs to stop hating because its sickening already.

    2. I think Meho has FAME not family in sight . I would Bi++$$ slapped her long ago and when I was done she wouldn’t wanted to be around me as I would get her every time and eventually she would learn Leave Me Alone means just that …..

    3. I share your opinion Sally. Teresa knows that Mel couldn’t care less about her and probably high-fived SloJo when Teresa went to prison. After her failed ahem, singing career Mel is on Mission Impossible to make herself seem interesting and caring. Not happening. She & Joe are despicable, shallow people who displayed nothing but jealousy, malice and disloyalty to his only sister. Teresa is right to keep that sinister SIL away from her.

  2. Could someone explain why Teresa hates Melissa so much and why the Melissa bashes keep on siding with Teresa? I get it– Melissa is an opportunist looking to make a buck, but so is Teresa. Is there proof Melissa took info to the Feds or tipped someone about the Giudices thefts?

    1. Ps– I am no longer a Melissa fan since I saw how she kept trying to seek fame any way she could after her 1st season on the show.

        1. I mentioned something about the Manzos and a poster who comments now and again told me to be careful it was libel. So now I keep schtuum!!!

    2. At least the opportunities that Melissa took weren’t illegal ones! Melissa might be A LOT of things…..but at least she’s not a convicted felon! I’ll never understand why anyone would sympathize with Teresa is beyond me! The ONLY people that should have sympathy are those kids…..look at who they have as their main role models in life!

    3. Maybe because Me ran to her I.Q challenged sugar daddy, oops, I mean husband and told him every single thing Theresa ever said and a bunch of stuff she didn’t. Like when she ran to Kathy /walkhoolo and said Theresa said Richie wanted her, that was a lie. Theresa said Riche is always busting her balls. That is a dangerous lie. There isn’t a scene since the moment she came on the show where she wasn’t running to Jo, her sisters, anyone who would listen to gossip about Theresa.

      1. Totally agree! I don’t care what people say about Teresa, she is a felon and I hope she makes up for it when she gets out, I just do not understand anyone who thinks these two are nice!!!

  3. U can not blame the Gorga’s for the Guidice’s problems. I’m sorry but at the end of the day Joe & Teresa are solely responsible for they’re own downfall. Greed & fame got in the way & brought them down. I seriously doubt that Melissa & Joe tipped anyone off at least not on purpose. They’re not that smart.

    I don’t blame Teresa for not seeing Melissa while she’s in prison but they both need to put it aside for the children’s sake. The kids clearly love each other very much. That’s what counts.

    1. I think if they did tip them off- ALL better be careful . Jaco-Meho-Carolino-but especially Joe cause Revenge/ Karma one or the other will bite Meho and Joe soon Just my New Year prediction-IRS has them all flagged now- I suggest None of them make a wrong move..

      1. You are right none of them are innocent. They all have done things that could put them in jail! Cancel the show and give Teresa her own without her extended family, just leave her parents and Joes family.

            1. Its hard to judge ( on just what we see) but watching her and him interact just doesn’t show Love -he is always chasing up her dress ect and she seems repulsed by it- Joe I think loves the family aspect of marriage -he should wake up and watch closely ..

                1. Sandy, sorry sorry sorry, I have only just seen this I have replied, a huge long reply to your comment with links about them and the Lauritas. I have put links on but it is awaiting moderation so might not appear! I did not say anything about your dislike of the Guidices, that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. It was to show that none of them on the NJ show are innocent, particularly Melissa jumping bail for theft in Miami. Please no one tell me about libel again, this was taken from multiple websites. My comment might appear but once before when we talked about RHOCHESHIRE I added links and it went into moderation and disappeared.

              1. Sandy, First, You know I love you!!!! There was a list of debtors printed that he owed money to. He also sold his parents house to finish what was supposed to be a spec house to be sold as soon as it was finished. Then he would repay his parents. That was never sold because Melissa wanted to live in it. I know you don’t like Teresa and Jo and I understand that, my bugbear has always been that no one in NJ HW is innocent. People feel sorry for the Lauritas, they owe a huge amount in taxes have been living in homes that they aren’t paying mortgages for, one house, for years and the other since 2014 . Not forgetting the bankruptcy of signature apparel, taking huge amounts of money out of the company for personal use. This is why I get cross not because people dislike the Guidices but that everyone else is innocent. I might as well add the Melissa shop theft and her running from Miami not appearing for her court date. Before I get accused of Libel this information is from links below and many many others. ( of course I am not talking about you here).


                1. I won’t go into the Giudice stuff here. You know my feelings on that subject. I also know about the Lauritas. I may have even posted a link similar to yours some time ago.
                  I have to say, “A source” says a lot. An unnamed source even…. I don’t believe most of the bs that is out there. From those who know him, I have heard Joe Gorga does quite well in his business. I don’t know everything he does. If he asked a friend to join him in a venture as an investor, it also may be perceived differently. I don’t believe all the hearsay. Whether or not they leased cars or not means absolutely nothing. Every one of these stars most likely leases cars and advertises for free. I do not love Melissa, but you cannot compare her and Joe to Tre and Joe, even though, clearly Melissa loves the good life. She may even have married Joe because of how wealthy he already was, but that is hearsay, according to Teresa. I do not hate Joe Gorga. I do not love Melissa even a little. I just don’t put everyone in the same category like you are clearly doing. That is like saying all Scots are cheapskates, etc. A lot of the stuff from unnamed sources is from those who are envious too. Of course some may be true. I don’t really care.
                  I don’t hate Joe Gorga because he is not tall or is balding, etc like many seem to call him out for either. He has a temper. Yes. Most emotional people have tempers.
                  I see both sides. Teresa is older and should have been there for her brother and not be so self absorbed all of the time. He probably had to fight for attention growing up with a princess for a sister. He seems to really love his wife and I admire that, unlike the other Joe. He will do anything for her and his kids. I admire that. He is more of a father than Juicy Joe ever seemed to be, but I do not know the man. Yes, Joe Gorga had debts. I don’t know about all of it, but I don’t hate him. I refuse to watch NJ and never will watch anything unless they recast the show without Teresa which does not look like it will happen.
                  Yes, you saw I retracted this too late. Now I responded. I don’t give a flying F about the Giudices, and frankly even this argument was a total waste of my time. Sorry.

            2. Mel is a dim bulb but she managed to find someone dimmer in her husband. They are just very unlikeable IMO and I find Joe repulsive on so many levels. He’s always all “sexed-up in an inauthentic way that makes me cringe.

      2. V V, I just happened to watch the 1st show of season 3 and was once again reminded of that Christening. No matter what the difficulties were in brother Jo and Theresa’s relationship, he acted like an animal. And the very first interview his wife gave to camera, she started bashing Theresa and Joe. Later M said “what does he expect my husband to do when Joe Guidice charges him and hid wife?” I just watched closely and Joe Guidice was just standing there watching his wife’s IQ challenged brother pound on the table and call Theresa garbage. Later he goes on to say lots of things like “imagine what would have happened if something like that had happened at one of your kid’s Christenings?” As if Theresa had started it. All she did was dance with the baby, who had been sitting in his stroller, and come congratulate them. And remember, this was all way BEFORE anyone knew they had committed bankruptcy fraud. M didn’t know where the baby even was ’till someone told her Joe and Tre were dancing with him, for one thing. She then eggs it on, lets her sister egg it on, as did all the people at the table all the while the idiot is pounding the table and screaming like a freak. Over the next 4 shows M does nothing but bash Theresa and her family all the while talking in that sickeningly sweetly nasal voice about how she is “spoiled.” No matter what Theresa has done, that is another topic, there is no reason she should use one of her visiting hours to see someone she doesn’t even like.

        1. Joe Gorgas behavior at the christening of his Son was appalling! Obviously set up with production to assure his place in the show. His son will be able to watch that and know getting onto the show was far more important than a beautiful personal christening.

          1. I know a lot of viewers believe Bravo tells the cast to do this kind of thing, but I really don’t. I do think they tell them that when they are being filmed, to make sure that is when the drama happens. Just sitting reading to the kids doesn’t bring ratings in Reality TV. But I would be really surprised if the Gorga’s were told to do that. It seems to me that after Danielle from this same franchise, her brother is the most overly dramatic person on housewives. IMO.

            1. I don’t think it’s as much Bravo as the production company! I think it’s Sirens Media. They knew they had to do something to start of their journey with NJ.

  4. I do not blame Teresa. The Gorga’s still went on this show and through in digs! Teresa knows they are not genuine. The Gorga’s only come around when the cameras up.

  5. Teresa is so bitter at being caught doing crime.

    She had better bring amazing TV when RHONJ starts filming, to have waited this long she had better be flipping some giant tables.

    Can’t say I’m a fan of Melissa but her family is much better to watch than Teresas, she’s no more fame hungry than any other housewife. Don’t wanna see them faking a friendship again next season, they either need to actually put things aside, draw and line under it and be done, or Bravo needs to hire a big villain so that Teresa and Melissa have to team up, but don’t necessarily have to be friends.

    My guess would be someone will make a negative comment about Teresa and jail and Melissa will jump to her defense, and that will lead to something, or Melissa will joke along with the persona and it becomes Melissa vs Teresa again.

    1. I can see that happening also. Tre not adding Melissa to her list isn’t about hate it is about only allowing so many people to visit so she doesn’t have to split her time between her kids and others.

  6. I just don’t want to watch if Teresa comes back and Melissa is prettier than Teresa so right there is probably the problem.

  7. Is it me or did Melissa seem not very genuine on the 3 part series? Like her tears were premeditated? They’re both train wrecks.

    1. Melissa never has real tears, i’m not saying Teresa and Jo are innocent and never have but on the three part both M and J got so many digs in, he is supposed to be her brother for goodness sake! Can’t stand these two so fake!

  8. Of course Tre doesn’t want to see Melissa.. They are in constant competition, always have been, so there is NO WAY that Tre would allow Melissa to see her in such an unglamorous/vulnerable situation.

    1. I totally agree that was my thoughts Tree doesn’t want Melissa to see her looking like crap,so Melissa needs to be the 1 to pick her A$$ up from Prison why do people keep saying jail Teresa Guidice is in Prison not jail
      Oh and Melissa should bring new clothes from her new store also ,cause that was Teresa’s next idea to start a clothing store

  9. And RadarOnline is known for always being correct right? Never known for spouting our incorrect gossip? Sorry but any sit that considers RadarOnline a reputable source is not a website for me.

    1. I’m not sure anyone here believes Radar of Lies, their stories change daily. I certainly don’t take any notice of them at all. Plus some of the housewives give stories in lieu of good press.

      1. I am always surprised when the talk is of “getting camera time.” Each housewife gets a segment or 2 on every show. If they are all together on a vacation or at a family event, then they show the pic of whichever HW has set it up or something. Naturally they can’t be sitting on a plane or on a couch reading. Then Bravo or Siren Media or whoever it is, takes the hundreds of hours of footage and splices together the show. They show the most interesting thing they think the public will watch, that is their only job. If they never do or say anything interesting, then I am guessing whatever the others are doing better be good. I’m happy for Theresa that she only has a couple of weeks left in prison. She did her time like any other felon, and now she gets to be done while she works to pay the money judgement back.

        1. The reason people are so against her being on the show isn’t because she hasn’t done her time or they aren’t forgiving of people who make mistakes. It is because what is this teaching our society? Steal millions of dollars, commit felonious acts don’t pay taxes and it’s ok because we will still make you a public figure who people look up to and get paid millions of others money. I’m paying for teressas salrary just as you and others as we buy the things advertised during these shows. I’m not ok with the money I use to shop and buy my household things becoming the salrary of people of these actions. The other people who do this who are not on TV have to work to make money to pay their debts back, not appear on a tv pretending nothing is wrong and people should have lifestyles like her. Sorry I don’t want it to be ok for her. I don’t want kids and young people thinking it is ok to be a criminal and you don’t have to suffer the consequences of your actions because you are on a stupid reality show.

        2. See, that’s just it for me, she is suffering. Why would it not be considered suffering? She was on the show long before the crime, and now that is her job. It is not up to me who gets paid back or what she does to make the money back. I completely understand people not wanting to watch. There are so many actors who do despicable things and commit crimes, and I don’t stop watching the movies they make either. I just leave all of that to the court, and the other stuff between God and her. But, I don’t have any Children who aren’t grown, and no Grandchildren, I might feel different if I was in a place where I was setting an example for them, maybe. I am not sure if I would teach something different than this or not.

          1. See that’s where I differ, I don’t watch I take a stand. I haven’t watched a Susan surrandon (sp?) or Tim robins movie since they made the comments about our the people who choose to serve in the military. Why because that was despicable and it may only be $9.75 they don’t get from me but they aren’t getting it. Teressa hasn’t suffered, she still had a huge home still making millions from bravo and sorry I don’t think reality TV should be a job that she gets to keep. I don’t feel we should glamorize criminals. And to say it’s not up to you who gets paid is so not true. By watching and you have nothing to do with it is like saying “well I knew the neighbors were selling drugs but it wasn’t in my home so I didn’t call the police” or Knowing an employer is stealing money from the till and not reporting it then complaining when you don’t get a raise. You are responsible as the rest of us if we stand up against what is wrong opposed to condoning illegal behavior we are responsible for society’s decline of moral behavior. And it is wrong for a thief to be glamorized on a TV show about rich and fininacially elite. She may be in the financially elite but it wasn’t on her dime it was on ours and others who will pay for her theft. She may pay it back but that doesn’t help the people who need money now who cannot get a loan because the money isn’t there as she stole it or or the employees of the businesses who cannot get raises or had to fire employees because they do not have the money to do so as they won’t be paid back for many many years

            1. ITA. I am the same as you in that respect. If I do not like an actor or person because of their behavior, criminal or otherwise, and when it becomes something I just will not stand for, I will not support them. That is the reason I stayed away from facebook for so long. I knew the history of how the idea was stolen from the twin brothers, and it really upset me. I never wanted to be a part of it and when encouraged to do so, I felt so wrong for many reasons so I stopped. I see these people as role models for our youth and it is very disturbing. Other may feel differently, but I am in total agreement with you on this subject.

  10. Teresa and Joe need to go … They are felons now. Why are you rewarding criminal behavior? I will not be watching.

  11. I want to say that I don’t think the girls are being exploited being on the show. They have been listening and watching their Mom ad Dad be torn apart in the press since the prosecution and conviction. Now, they are being given the chance to speak out in the same medium they are being spoken ABOUT in. And, if they are getting paid for it, it is being put into a college fund, a nice college fund for them. I am glad they have been allowed to have a voice in the same arena everyone else does.

  12. It is sad to watch people with mental illness sprayed allover TV just to make a buck! I blame Brovo for airing this crap and thinking we all want this kind of TV drama brought into our homes. Teresa is a sick women who need help! Once the money stops what then?

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