Teresa Giudice Asks Gorgas & Wakiles To Help Joe With Daughters While She Is Away?


I had several people tweet me this story this week and I decided I wanted to share it with my readers. I want you to tell me if you believe this report and share your opinions in our comments section, because as always, I love what you have to say.

As Teresa Giudice prepares to surrender herself on January 5th, a new report claims that the RHONJ star doesn’t trust that her husband Joe take care of their four daughters by himself. The report from Hollywood Life claims that Teresa has enlisted the help of her family members; Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile to help Joe with the kids while she is away.

“Teresa is terrified of going to prison. She has put Gia in charge of looking over the girls. She does not trust Joe at all, he can’t even do their hair!” the insider claims. “Teresa cries all day, all night. She is sick over leaving them. Melissa, Kathy and Dina are all going to be taking shifts coming over and watching them, picking them up from school and taking them on weekends.”

“With [the girls’] various schedules she won’t seem them weekly,” the insider says of Teresa’s daughters visiting her while she is away.

I found this report interesting, because Teresa has always been adamant that Joe’s family would help take care of the girls while she is away. Tell me what you think!

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52 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Asks Gorgas & Wakiles To Help Joe With Daughters While She Is Away?”

  1. With the venom and disdain she showed both Kathy and Melissa at the reunion, my first instinct would be to say no way would Tre have them help!
    But… Necessity can humble ones pride and Teresa does love her girls.
    She knows Kathy would do anything for her kids, and with Kathy’s kids grown and in college, she has a lot of free time and she IS family. The same goes for Melissa- and Antonia and Milania were in cheer together already, and probably dance class. It would be nothing for Melissa to help out by driving to classes too. Cause we all know Juicy can’t drive! But the “wild cards” in the mix here are the availability of Joe’s Mom ans sisters. Are they willing to pretty much give up their lives for a year to chaperone and chauffeur Teresa’s girls? And forget Dina- she moved to NYC to be near Lexi.

  2. Well we know Teresa isn’t spending all days/nights crying as she just went skiing w/ the twins and has been photographed out and about recently with no signs of redness around the eyes. I seriously doubt she would rely on Melissa & Kathy. The only thing I could possibly see is Melissa taking Milania to cheer (I cannot even fathom why she is still doing cheer as it is SUPER expensive but that’s a different story).

  3. I for one would hope it is true. Kathy’s kids seem very well adjusted, respectful children. Obviously they were raised well. Not sure anyone could help Milania as she seems extremely spoiled especially by her father who absolutely dotes on her. I feel sorry for Gia because I think a lot of responsibility will fall on her shoulders since Joe is an alcoholic. Not sure about Melissa. If a problem arose between her kids and Tre’s would she be fair or favor her own children? So many if’s involved. But most of all I would keep the kids away from Dina – she has problems of her own and I would never leave my kids in her care. I think she lucked out with Lexie.

  4. Desperate times call for desperate measurers. Teresa knows Joes is probably going to stay drunk and chasing women so he won’t be able to care for the children like she does. Hopefully she has had to eat crow and ask for help from her family.

  5. I think it probably is true, and I also think Teresa hopes having those women around may help to keep Joe from at least some hanky panky.

  6. Not true at all as far as this click bait scenario reported by Hollywood Lies, I mean Life. Kathy and her spouse are toxic people and have passed their internal ugliness along to their children. I feel Tre would not trust that K & R wouldn’t trash talk her and Joe in front of the girls, plus I feel the girls would be miserable with them. As far as Melissa goes, I can see the pick up to/from cheerleading and that would be the extent. I do think the most likely person to have any kind of prolonged, consistent exposure to the girls out of the three is Dina. Dina has done wonderful as a single mother to Lexi. But the real reality is that Joe’s brothers and sister will step up to the plate and share the duties to help Joe out.

    1. You’ve called the nicest woman, the best mom among them ‘toxic’? Kathy’s kids are the best adjusted of all, and Theresa’s kids are the WORST. They could use some time with Kathy, although I wouldn’t wish it on her.

      1. You are so right DebBrenn! Seriously, Kathy’s kids are the most well behaved kids on RHONJ. They have never been in trouble, they are polite and respectful and affectionate to their parents. They both are in college and doing well. Victoria has battled a brain tumor and never complained or used her condition as an excuse, and there seems to be a genuine affection between them all. Not only that, there has never been even a hint of scandal attached to Rich and Kathy either financially or through their marriage. But haters gonna hate hate hate….Shake it off!

        1. Are you kidding, Karen? No financial troubles or scandals? Bwahahahahahahahaha!!! You are in the dark then. Google it. I am pretty sure that the kids have found themselves in hot water over what they have said on social media. Google that too, while you are at it.

        2. I totally agree except Tre’s kids have Mouths & Kathy’s kid have manners!!
          Dina is too selfish & will not work w/Joe or take crap from Tre’s spoiled brats

      2. Uh, yes, because she is toxic. So is her husband. Do you know who Victoria’s best friend is? And have you not seen Kathy’s kids spew trash on Twitter? Have you not seen Kathy herself and especially her husband spew trash on Twitter? Gee, Teresa herself doesn’t even do that nor does Gia, so I don’t know who you are talking about.
        Kathy is the most passive aggressive snake out of all the Jersey housewives, past and present. Now, if you want to talk about the best adjusted of all, Dina’s daughter Lexi would win hands down, no contest.

        1. Melodie answered you better than I could. But I think your assertion that Dina is the best mom is crazy! That woman’s example for her daughter was ridiculous, the way she dismisses her family left and right. On top of that she lays a guilt trip on the kid for wanting to grow up when her own mother seems incapable. I don’t know what the Wakili’s kids have said on twitter, but I do know they have behave decently and respectably on the show, and those Giudice kids have no manners at all.

          1. Your so right Deb… Dina is a mess. First she makes her kid feel guilty about spending time with her own father boo hoo don’t go I miss you too much. She should have encouraged her daughter to have a great time with her father in Cypress and not start the boo hoo session to make her feel guilty. .. If she has insecurities and issues she should keep them to herself otherwise Lexi begins to feel responsible for Dina’s emotional issues. Another thing Lexi is now in college and Dina has moved to be with her in New York….. REALLY so so sad. She should be allowing her daughter to experience college without her mother in tow. As far as Kathy’s kids the thing that shows class is that on the show those children were mannerly, well educated and well adjusted. I don’t do twitter so I don’t care and for all we know they responded to someone who was cruel and out of line. They are entitled to defend themselves. On the show Teresa allowed her children to be seen in a very uncomfortable way. The fact that she allowed Milania and Gia to make fun of their aunt and sat there and laughed about it was just disgusting. Teresa and Joe thought that Milania was cute… it was not cute. I think I would have not allowed Milania to be filmed after the first few issues. It just made Teresa and Joe look like terrible parents. Deb Louise is one of the minions of Teresa’s who think she has done nothing wrong. Let her live in her world of fantasy. We all live in the real world. Im not sure Louise has children, owns her own home, pays her own bills and is a responsible member of society. If she thinks Teresa got a unfair shake she needs help herself.

  7. Dear Writer, please sign your article with your real name. As your article seems to be anonymous and coward. Furthermore if this woman wants her female members help out with her girls, it is quite a normal natural, custom. Sometimes men or father are clumsy with girls, sometimes fathers cannot look after their daughter-girls the way females know how to. A man may not be able to do a special hair do for his little girl, man may not know how to dress and match an outfit for little girl, so it is quite normal for another female to another female to help out and support the father of this family. On another point you article seems useless, poisonous, and rather Lazy and useless. Please get to work report some real stories, important stories. Besides bravo should be so happy this family has produce a lot of revenue a lot of money for your production company.

    1. Dear Patx- why don’t YOU:
      1.) Take the time to properly comprehend what you are reading BEFORE you respond because your response is so convoluted and nonsensical it is ridiculous.
      2.). Take the time to re-read your response so that it actually addresses the question Nikki (real name) poses.
      There and my name really is Karen and I’m not a coward, Paxt.

    2. Dear Patx:
      SHUT THE Fu$k UP– this is from an avid fan of this blog site. The “writer” of this blog is probably too classy to say what I typed, and unlike other blog site which is so “Teresa can do no wrong” site they are partial to the comments. This “writer” won’t block someone else’s opinion even if negative from hers. How classy is that!

      1. Hey guys…. we are giving Louise and Patx way too much attention. They are both crazy and we need to just stop talking to people who have no common sense. Happy New Year to all my friends and Luigi too much Chianti at midnight on New Years…… Uggh

  8. Go away Patx – your comment is almost incoherent. We enjoy Nicki and her blog so go somewhere else and leave us alone.

  9. Before I start I just have to say Louise are you watching the same show that we are? How are Kathy and Rich passing down their ugliness to their children? Both of their children behave amazingly are very smart, well educated and extremely polite. I think your a Kathy hater and you just have to say something bad about them Rich is crude no doubt. I have a friend JUST like him and I love him to death. He talks big and says some pretty touchy things but be all know that under all that tough exterior is an amazing loving friend, husband father and son.
    Now that said No way are any of the Gorga’s or Wakile’s going to help with Teresa’s four kids. Joe’s mother and sisters will move in or schedule for someone to be there everyday. Also Teresa’s mom and dad will do what they can. Teresa says she does not have a nanny but she’s lying. She has a young lady who helps her out and she will be there to help keep things in order. Joe and Melissa of course would make themselves available if it was needed but think about it for a few minutes….. Disgusting Troll Joe giudice picking up the phone and calling Joe and or Melissa, “Hey you guys I am a bit over my head here and was wondering if you guys could come and help me with the girls. NOPE NO WAY IS THAT HAPPENING. Also Joe does not have a relationship with Kathy… of course Kathy would help but Nope no way is Joe going to call them for help. Joe’s ego is too big and he and his fake tanned, ugly, monkey looking wife still think they did nothing wrong. No way would either of them admit they need help to anyone except Tre’s parents and Joe’s family. Sorry I’d bet the farm on that one.

    1. Why, yes, Melodie, I am watching the same show, I was going to ask you the same question. Kathy is not as sweet and loving as she tries to portray herself. The way she barged her way on to the show was disingenuous at best. Hate is a very strong word and so, no, I don’t hate her or anyone else for that matter. But to say I dislike her the most out of all the NJ Housewives would be the most accurate. Actually, there is a 5 way tie of who I dislike the most out of all the NJ Housewives, past and present.

      And by the way, just because their immediate family dynamic works for them, does not mean they are not ugly, nasty people with others.

      1. YOur Delusional Louise….. your in the group of about 12 people who are Teresa’s minions…or crazies as they call them. Kathy did not BARGE in on Teresa’s show the show is called Real Housewives of NJ not the Teresa show. You need multiple housewives and the closer the better. Of course Bravo is going to pick family members or friends of those already on the show. that is how you make drama and that is how you make ratings. WHo the hell was Teresa before this show…. just another lying, scheming, crook, stealing money from innocent businesses and banks ( her and Joe’s stealing started WAAAY before the housewives began 2004). By the way because of Teresa and her troll husband taxes go up, prices in department stores go up and that affects you and I. If you don’t pay your bills it is the rest of us who pick up the tab. Kathy has done nothing to anyone she has been the most balanced of all of them… she does not go with the group she makes up her own mind.
        My last question to you is you look like a nut sitting here discussing this topic then say you hate all the people and the show. Why the hell are you watching and why the hell are you here. Koo Koo Koo Koo

      2. I agree….Joe will never ask for help from Tre’s brother & cousin…Besides their house will be put up for auction soon to re-pay the debt…He will go to his parents w/the brood

    2. And with the insult you hurled at Teresa at the last part of your comment, no wonder you love the Wakile’s so much, you sound just like them.

  10. No way would teresa ask those two back stabbing traitors to help with her girls. Teresa has her mother and Joe’s family to help and many many girlfriends who will also be doing what they can. She doesn’t need those two POS .

    1. Can you give me ONE example of how Kathy backstabbed Teresa? And you can’t use the they came on her show! We all know that Teresa’s excuse of they came on the show to destroy her is just ridiculous. SO again Can you give me one example of how Kathy and also Melissa have backstabbed Teresa. Just one (and the ongoing blah blah blah that Melissa Talked to Danielle is another stupid excuse. Please just one example where they went behind her back and back stabbed her. Just one….I might be missing something and Im willing to be corrected. Mostly about Kathy….. Melissa Im not sure but I would like to know.

      1. 1st it is NOT Tre’s show…BRAVO decides who is on not Tre…Tre is so dumb she misunderstands concern …like Laurita asking about the magazine articles was not a dig but concern but Tre is so dumb

  11. OMG wtf..it’s a show..Tre and her husband are crooks PERIOD. HERNDON KIDS NEED TO HAVE SOAP PUT IN THE I MOUTHS.Now if I was Melissa I wouldn’t do Shit for Tre.. Bravo rewards criminals. Tre looks like a Ape.Tre will be rewarded for being a criminal..a shame she’s never gonna change.

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