Teresa Giudice & Jacqueline Laurita Friends Again; And Not Just For Bravo’s Cameras!


Real Housewives of New Jersey Stars Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice filmed an on-camera makeup in March, when the two double-dated with their hubby’s, but now RadarOnline reports Teresa and Jac are genuinely trying to mend their friendship without Bravo’s cameras around!

An insider tells Radar, “Jacqueline and Teresa are really trying to repair their friendship.” The former BFF’s reportedly made peace at the International Beauty Show in New York.

“I was really happy to support the hair care line,” Jacqueline told Tom Murro of Teresa’s Milania Hair Care Line.

Jacqueline and Caroline Manzo posed with Teresa in photos, and a source reveals of Jacqueline and Teresa’s friendship, “After the crazy fight at the fashion show they’ve been talking more, and even though they have had a lot of bad times together they’re making an effort to not fight and not hurt each other.”

“Teresa is a tough cookie and Jacqueline has been on the receiving end of some really nasty actions from her,” the insider continues. “But she’s letting that go for now and is going to try and move forward with their friendship and not keep bringing up all the old issues.”

Are YOU happy Jacqueline and Teresa are genuinely moving forward in their friendship?

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13 Replies to “Teresa Giudice & Jacqueline Laurita Friends Again; And Not Just For Bravo’s Cameras!”

  1. JacWac is in deep dodo on many levels and is using Teresa for good press as this poor excuse for a woman is facing fed charges and state charges. She is trying spin control but her haters won’t ever believe her in anything ever again. Teresa is not too bright so….she is on her own as far as any real friendship goes with these two.

  2. I am happy for them. All of this dissension is hard to watch… But the insiders’ got it wrong. TERESA was the one on the receiving end of Jac’s nasty actions. Calling Teresa “scum”, and wishing her husband in jail? God bless T for forgiving her.

  3. Don’t trust her Jacqueline! She’s a liar and is scheming behind your back. Look at who has become her closest friend, Kim D.

  4. Poor Jacqueline…I often wonder how she can forgive all the terrible things Teresa has done to her!! Not.Love how they’re spinning this one. All the ladies are victims of Teresa’s wrath? Give me a break. They are being forced to play nice..These ladies are nothing without Teresa. Kind of loving the irony. Let’s break it down.. For 2 seasons the ladies beat up on Teresa..probably would have continued another season however, their real life got in the way. Melissa cheating, Jacqueline’s legal woes, Caroline’s hatefulness..Bravo was forced to switch gears because the viewers are getting smart!! I don’t for one minute believe these reconcilliations are for real. No way. No how!!

  5. Bologne. Just another season of setting up Teresa. The only one on the receiving end of some really nasty behavior was Teresa.

  6. But what about all the NASTY things Jacqueline has done to Teresa that this article forgets to mention? I can’t beleive Teresa would ever forgive Jacqueline!

  7. BS, BS & an even BIGGER BS…….RadarOnline……………Tom Murro sitting in the Laurita/Manzo pocket, spin it Jackaloon

  8. I agree with Pinky. Now that Jacquelyn is no longer so high and mighty, she’s probably trying to glom onto anyone she can.

  9. In my opinion, the only thing they are moving along is the storyline! It’s all fake! Bravo has created a human “car wreck” and they are just happy to have the gawkers, watch the spectacle. My guess is all the “ladies” get a real good laugh at all the people that they are fooling.

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