Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga End Family Feud Filming RHONJ


Teresa Giudice is finally back home and with that the cameras are back! It was reported that the Giudices were celebrating Christmas Eve with the Gorgas and while fans have seen the in-laws and siblings battle out their differences a source told Radar Online that the ladies have ended their ongoing feud while the cameras were present.

“Christmas Eve was a time for new beginnings for Melissa and Teresa. They had a very real heart to heart as soon as Teresa arrived at Melissa’s house. It lasted for about forty-five minutes.”

“Teresa thanked Melissa for looking after her four girls while she was in prison,” the source revealed, although Melissa never visited her sister-in-law behind bars.

“The two have had their issues over the years but Teresa gained a new perspective on their relationship while she was in prison,” the source continued. “Her brother, Joe, obviously loves Melissa, and Teresa recognizes that is really all that matters. They hope to move forward with new respect and admiration for each other.”

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11 Replies to “Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga End Family Feud Filming RHONJ”

  1. dont believe the feud ended for a moment! All for cameras. First Tre had to be filmed at Gorgas–part of Bravo deal. 2nd–Tre would NOT allow Messy Mel to vist. Both are desperate fame whores seeking $$ and fame.

  2. Good for Teresa. Without the feud, Melissa has no story line. Melissa and Joe will try as seen in #TeresaChecksIn to slip in snide remarks to get Teresa going but She’d be smart not to take the bait.

  3. I so hope it’s true. I never understood all the animosity. They looked like they had so much fun at times. I hate to see families fighting. The kids love each other. They should be allowed to grow up close and in a happy family. I do so hope they make peace.

  4. Yes I think they are going to try, but they really heart to hearth care for each other. T don’t really trust her.Melissa is a sneakie person. And T. Knows that but can’t get no one to understand that about Melissa. Her brother ear her , but can’t speak on anything cause that is his wife.Melissa always was envie of Teresa, always!.she is not s sister law that you can really Trust. But it may be all good for now, and I hope it stay that way.the only thing Melissa has to do is cut being sneaking and stop talking smack about not only Teresa people. Stop running back to her sisters talking.and just be true to your self and everything will hopefully fall in place with her and Teresa.But Teresa yes did something bad. But she did her time. Do y’all think Melissa could have held it down.?

  5. Well, time will tell. Maybe prison did help and maybe Melissa stepping up to the plate w/ helping Tre’s family while she was gone helped as well. We shall all see. Happy New Year!!

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