Teresa Giudice Admits Her Mistakes To Joe Gorga


In this preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice sits down with her brother Joe Gorga and has an honest conversation with him after the huge brawl that occurred at the opening of POSCHE 2. Teresa admits to her brother, “After last year we were both not in a good place and I was upset with you. You know, maybe I do regret things that I’ve done.”

“Well you have to understand something,” Joe tells Teresa. “I’m not perfect in life, you’re not perfect, we all make mistakes. And it’s ok to admit your mistakes, because you look better as a person.”

“The night that I met Penny and Jan at Bellissimo’s, I wasn’t the fondest of your wife. They started saying things about Melissa, you know about cheating rumors and stuff, because I wasn’t in a good place with her they were making me feel better by saying negative things.”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo

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Wow…Teresa will admit what we all know has been the truth? She’s scum….yup…that’s a revelation…

We have spent an entire season analyzing Penny and Jan and Kim D and Teresa, surrounding these rumors and who was really behind the Melissa cheated on Joey story. I was a half-assed viewer this season but I saw/heard Melissa say in the car ride to the retreat, where she planned to work on her relationship with Teresa that “Joe doesn’t love Teresa, he cheats on her”. Somehow, Teresa is a POS because she might have enjoyed the rumors going around about Melissa a little too much, and some suspect she had something to to with them. I don’t! Nevertheless,… Read more »

Teresa I almost feel sorry for you when I see real tears but I still think you are as dumb as a box of rocks. From now on just keep that stupid mouth of yours shut. You are your own worst enemy. How these idiots – and I mean the two Joes and their self absorbed wives – made so much money is beyond me. Mob ties maybe??????

How did Al Manzo make so much money? He doesn’t own a chain of restaurants.. He has at least one partner that I know of who is also a millionaire.. He works 16 hour days in the Brownstone? Uhm.. No! They all have the same method of making money. There is Noway they made that money legally. Btw, why wasn’t Al prosecuted for ripping off NJ for medical insurance? That seems like a serious crime.. Interesting that it’s not.

Oh Beth for gods sake don’t start another mob story. Why cant he have made his money at the Brownstone look up the information on the business it makes millions and has a reputation of being a fantastic venue. Jesus cant anyone just work hard for his money and enjoy life. He has a great work ethic and yes he gave up a lot for his family but that is what Caroline signed up for. Stop making up false stories leave the guy alone. He has done nothing. He barely ends up on the show because he would rather be… Read more »

Teresa owes her brother no apology period. When he and his wife apologize for doings everything possible to get on his sisters show and tried for 2 years with no success until they promised Bravo producers they would take Teresa down and destroy her. Pffft. Melissa and Joe can go scratch.

Why do people keep spreading this rumor and treating it as fact? Where is the evidence that they Gorgas promised to tke her down? Do people really feel better about watching attempts to tear this family apart by spreading a rumor? Melissa called Joe a cheater AFTER the napa valley phone call. She didn’t start the rumors about Joe’s cheating. She didn’t discuss them in any prior season. She never acknowledged them until after all this kicked up aggression started and then she mentioned the rumors ONCE!!!! Teresa admitted to trying to get Jacqueline to talk about Melissa on air… Read more »
Idk about anyone else, however if there were rumors floating around about my sister in law cheating on my brother, I too would want to get to the bottom of it. I also would tell my brother what’s been said and who’s saying it. JGorga knows where the story came from and should go straight to the source. If his MeHO is truly innocent of cheating (yeah right) then she should take JGorga to the source and set it straight. Stop using her sister-in-law as a distraction to distort the truth….. I’m positive Teresa will be vindicated. I bet THAT… Read more »
Yes! Also Melissa said the same of Teresa’s husband this season. She also said Joe doesn’t love Teresa. Why is it different when someone thinks Teresa might have said that of Melissa, but she can say whatever she wants about Teresa? Melissa and Joey both and no one judges their character? It’s all about the “victim” role. It fools people, easily. They forget what they see of Melissa, because she says something completely different about herself. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Teresa is not good at standing up for herself. Mel and Joey both know that about her.. They know she… Read more »

if there are rumors about your brother and sister in law its none of your business. If they wanted your help they would ask for it. Until then stay out of it.

What exactly is Theresa admitting? Isn’t it just a little bit too coincidental that Kim D is always around when sh*t hits the fan? She’s the big instigator, and I think Penny and her husband are opportunists. Penny and her husband knew from jumpstreet that all those Italians are hot-headed and have a lot of money. I think Penny and her husband plotted to get the Lauritas and the Gorgas in a tizzy by their comments and accusations and then at Kim D’s party, I think they knew they were going to get into a physical altercation with them and… Read more »
Must’n we really blame having anger issues on being Italian? I have anger issues; Lol I’m not Italian! “Hot-headed Italian..” Hm. Does that sound better than saying someone is an immature, meat-head who needs anger management? Joey Gorga has been in two fights this season, he is a liability and he’s not fun to watch.. He’s like 38 getting into fist fights.. He truly behaves like he is Richie Juniors age. ( idk the kids name). I am not taking Penny’s side.. I don’t believe her. I can point out several discrepancies in her interviews. I mean, She’s clearly lying… Read more »
I still don’t get it when anyone says that Melissa Kathy etc etc came onto Teresa’s show. That is the dumbest statement I have ever heard. Bravo would be just beside themselves if they thought anyone felt it was teresa’s show. ITS NOT TERESA’s SHOW…… Bravo knows exactly what they are doing its ALL ABOUT RATINGS JOKER. Teresa just happens to be the one who lies, cheats, scams, steals money, fraudulently signs paperwork to get loans, doesn’t file taxes so on and so on. And don’t go telling me it’s all her husbands fault. She knew exactly what she was… Read more »
They say that because Melissa would NOT and could NOT possibly be cast if her Sister-n-law wasn’t already on the show. Melissa worked behind the scenes feeding information to Danielle via:email, for two seasons in order to hurt Teresa! She asked Danielle to send her many emails to bravo, because she was looking to be cast and when Danielle was exiting the show, she did just that. That is why/how Bravo learned of Melissa. It’s not Teresa’s show.. That’s not what people mean by their comments.. For example, if Caroline’s sister applied to be on Rhobh, she obviously wouldn’t be… Read more »

Teresa used Caroline and Jaq to get on the show! She was NEVER PICKED to be a Real Housewife originally…Do your research…Caroline pushed for Teresa to get on this show, Teresa and Joe then took out fraudelent loans to build that gaudy monstrosity of a house to impress the viewers! Teresa has been FAKE since day one!

I don’t understand how you can lump Kathie with Melissa. Kathy is not at all like Teresa and Melissa. I think she is really a sweetheart who really wants to help mend a really messed up family. True, Kathie’s husband is a bit of a joke but they (mom, dad, and kids) seem to love and respect each other. So please leave Kathie alone.

Who the hell cares… the only thing that is the TRUTH is Bravo does anything they can do to get ratings. There would have been no ratings if Teresa and Melissa did not have the relationship they did. Its Bravo’s show and the rest are all players. Next year it Real Housewives of the New Jersey Prison…… Im watching

BOYCOTT BRAVO if Teresa isn’t fired!!! She has been arrested on 39 counts for being a thief and liar. Why should we support a criminal!

One thing that is going to be an issue is that the storyline might play around Teresa and Juicy’s legal issues but they will not legally be able to talk about it. As the case is brought to court which is a long way away we wont see any of it until next spring or summer for sure. People are going to ask but your going to here “i can’t talk about legal issues” they would be stupid if they did. The only thing coming up is Joe’s case surrounding using his brothers social security number to get a fraudulent… Read more »
I most definitely am not team Teresa or Melissa. In Teresa’s case I think she is just guilty of being so in love with her greaseball husband that she believes him and does whatever he says. She is not bright but believes that her husband is. I doubt if she ever really read the documents Joe put in front of her and told her to sign. She ain’t that bright folks. And after hearing what Melissa wrote in her “marriage book” that broad is just as stupid as her sister-in-law. Send Joe to jail and let Teresa raise her kids.… Read more »

I would like to clarify my last statement. The reality I want Teresa to face is what at least a million women face each day: single motherhood, little money coming in, no spousal support and child care. How is she going to support herself, her children and the lifestyle she has had in the past. She won’t be able to do it. That is reality. Thank God she does have a family to help her. She is luckier than most.

Teresa was looking out for her brother & she loves him hope joe can see it