Teresa Giudice Admits She Blames Husband Joe For Prison Sentence

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice has always stood by her husband Joe. Now, she is speaking out about how she really feels about their situation in her new book; Standing Strong, and it’s quite surprising what the reality star says.

“I’m still not happy with Joe,” Teresa writes in the book, available October 5th. “Actually, that’s the understatement of the friggin’ century. And I’m not going to hide it anymore!”

In the book, Teresa says that Joe still doesn’t take accountability for their fraud scandal, which landed them both in prison. “I’m not going to lie, that really pisses me off,” Teresa writes. “He says that he thought his accountant was filing our taxes? Really? But Joe didn’t check things! That’s what makes me so upset. You have to be on top of your sh*t, and he wasn’t!”

After their sentencing, Teresa focused on her daughters, while Joe started drinking heavily. “He likes to be the strong man. He drowned his sorrows in alcohol from the day we were sentenced to the day he left,” she continued. “All the kids and I saw was his drinking too much, all the time. He was constantly drunk.”

And Tre doesn’t feel sorry for Joe that he’s in prison! “I don’t feel sorry for him, though, not for one second. I did my time and now he has to do his. He was the one who got us in to all this bullsh*t in the first place. He can blame me all he wants, which he does, very often.”

Apparently, Joe thinks it’s Teresa’s fault why the family was targeted by law enforcement. “He says that none of this ever would have happened if we weren’t on the show, which is because of me, but I know that’s not true,” she writes. “It was his fault, because he didn’t do things correctly. And now we’re paying for his bad judgement. We’re all paying for it.”

Giudice admits her marriage suffered from communication issues. “Looking back, I now realize that Joe and I didn’t communicate well with each other in our marriage, all too often not saying things that needed to be said,” she revealed.

Teresa admits that she’s actually “happy” her husband went to prison. “He’s losing tons of weight in prison. He’s not drinking alcohol, and he’s eating a lot less since the food is horrible,” she shared.

And for the first time ever, Teresa admits that divorce is a possibility. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. I mean, do I see Joe and me together in ten years? Do I see us growing old together? I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not.”

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7 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Admits She Blames Husband Joe For Prison Sentence”

  1. This is so ridiculous. Tre, who takes no responsibility for her actions, is angry that Joe is not taking responsibility for HIS actions. It’s the way they live and she’s angry at HIM? Pot – meet Kettle.

  2. She’s either angling at selling her book, writing a new book, or leaving Joe. Personally I think they deserve each other. Like her brother said, she will NEVER take responsibility or admit to anything she does wrong.
    Funny how Caroline said years back she see’s a book in the future, how Teresa has to be strong for her children, once she divorces Joe… NAILED IT!

  3. By going to prison, not taking the lawyers suggestion to blame Jo during the deposition period, she basically admitted she in fact committed a crime. I understand perfectly that she so loved Jo and was committed to him & therefore she didn’t allow Jo to take all of the blame, and I understand why she will not get on her knees and say publicly “I am sorry, I committed a crime.” Jo might think they wouldn’t have been “caught” without the show, which might be true, but Teresa was so committed to Jo that I can see her doing what he asked after it all started.
    She was in prison for almost a year, and is on probation for quite a while still. If she ever got on her knees and apologized the way her detractors want her to, they would kick her while she was down there and try to make sure she never got back up. Whether she didn’t admit there was a fancy car hidden somewhere ( and I already have heard MANY times how many counts of fraud she was sentenced for ) it was still Jo who worked in the business, he is the one accused of being unethical, he alone was responsible for not paying many people who worked for him. He filled out the paperwork, or their accountant did. Teresa was busy raising her 4 kids and working on the show. Teresa paid all of the money she was court ordered to pay, by herself, from her own money that she earned AFTER she was released. The people who dislike her, who will never let her go a day without being called a criminal are the ones with a problem. Teresa is taking care of herself, her kids, her businesses and her role on the show.
    I believe in forgiveness. If anyone cared to research it, there are tens of thousands of ex-cons who have committed horrible, violent crimes, who did things that actually hurt or killed someone, children too, walking the streets freely out of prison. The difference is that very few people know about their past. But being she was in the public eye when the fraud was uncovered, all of the country has full license to speak about her forever. Anyone who believes she hasn’t paid enough for her crime should remember that she will likely never live this down. She will be written about in reference to this for as long as it sells rag-mags.

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