Teresa Giudice Accuses Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo of Calling the IRS


Part one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion aired Sunday night on Bravo and the accusations started flying right out of the gate. Of course, there was a lot to say between Teresa Giudice and former friend Jacqueline Laurita.

Dolores Catania revealed she used to be friends with Dina Manzo, but believes that was ruined because she remains good friends with Caroline, who she was just grocery shopping with the other day. Teresa added that she is still great friends with Dina and that Dina just flew in from California for Audriana’s birthday party a couple weeks ago.

Jacqueline and Teresa start flinging insults right away, but Siggy jumps in and shares, “Jacqueline is a heart of gold, her delivery is horrible, her intentions are good.”

When Teresa’s new Lexus is brought into question, Andy asks Teresa if she understands why that looks bad to the public and asks Giudice if she would ever drive a Ford. She asks Andy if he would and when he said yes, if he owed a lot of money. Teresa shrugged off the question and said the lease payments on a Lexus “aren’t that expensive.”

Danielle Staub, wrote Andy to ask Teresa if she’d ever apologize for making her look bad in front of her daughters on TV now that she’s in a position to have to explain herself to her daughters for making a mistake. Teresa didn’t see the connection, but Andy explained it to her, so now we know how the two rekindled their friendship.

But Teresa told Andy that she would love for Danielle to return to the show. “I would love for her to come back,” she told Andy.

This confused Laurita, who asked Teresa why. “I want her to come back to attack you,” Teresa told Jac.

Jacqueline talked about her grandson, Cameron, being born and Teresa and Melissa were scolded for having a side conversation about Jac’s daughter Ashlee. Apparently, Ashlee had been tweeting about them trying to defend her mother over comments Teresa had made about her mother’s appearance on the show.

“Your daughter needs to learn respect,” Giudice said. “Did you yell at her when she put those pictures up?”

“Your daughter needs to learn respect Teresa because she tweeted me,” Laurita fired back, referring to tweets that Gia had posted about her.

“My daughter is an amazing, beautiful mother,” Laurita said of the attacks on Ashlee’s parenting. “It’s her sense of humor. [I thought it was funny], I’m not going to lie.”

Joe Gorga joined the women and Andy told him he rewound a scene just to stare at Joe’s manhood. He also asked Joe about the sexist comments he made about his wife working this season. Oh… and Joe apparently lost his virginity when he was 9- years old, and Teresa walked in on it.

“I became a man at 9 years old,” Joe said. “That’s what we do, it made me a man.”

“I always threatened him with that,” Teresa admitted. “That was my upper hand. ‘I’ll tell mommy and daddy what you did.’ And then he would listen to whatever I said.”

In another turn of events, Teresa claimed Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo were behind the government’s investigation into her family’s finances… the case that sent both Teresa and her husband Joe to jail.

“You set me up,” she told Laurita. “In my gut it was you, or you and Caroline. You guys were behind everything… calling the government. You were in cahoots. You are gross, and that’s why you set me up.”

Jacqueline was shocked. “What? Oh my God!” she said. “You think I called the government on you? Are you kidding? Do you seriously think I called the government on you? That is not true.”

“I’m so glad I got that off my chest,” Giudice said. “I believe that, I believe it in my gut. I feel it in my gut.”

“No wonder you’re so angry,” Jacqueline said.

This had Siggy, Dolores, and Andy absolutely shocked… where the conclusion will play out in part two of the reunion which airs next week.

What did you think of the reunion? Do you believe Jacqueline set Teresa up?

Photo Credit: Bravo