Teresa Giudice Accuses Caroline Manzo Of Getting Her Family To Turn On Her


Part 2 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion continues Sunday and in this sneak peek we see Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo battle it out. Teresa calls Caroline out for starting a “hate on Teresa” campaign where she tried to get cousin Kathy Wakile and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga to turn against her. Teresa says Jacqueline Laurita is “the only person who didn’t jump on [Caroline’s] bandwagon,” and Caroline, who recently said she was “throwing the towel in” concerning all things Giudice and Gorga in her blog, takes offense to Teresa’s statements.

“Time out,” Caroline says to Teresa. “You’re saying right now that everything we’ve gone [through] all over the past however many months was just discounted by me pointing out to you that you said a blatant lie to hurt my husband and I?…I didn’t attack you! I made a simple observation over one moment of time, thirty seconds of time that you are now harping on until the day I freakin’ die!”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • angelia

    Where’s Melissa going to the prom ? And Caroline chose the wrong dress and Teresa Always is dressed to perfection!

    • Chainey

      After 5 seasons it’s about time Teresa got it right. Of course, she is using a stylist.

  • Iris

    stfu already teresa! You should be worried about your girls and you going to prison! Who cares if anyone is attempting to turn cast members against you?!? My God, what is wrong with you?! Your priorities are majorly screwed up!! Forget about Caroline and all the others, do You, worry about You and your daughter’s! No wonder your show ratings are dropping like flies!

  • Aunt Bee

    Caroline I love you. You and Kathy are my favorites but why are you shocked by Teresa. The poor girl is an airhead and Dr V was not their to reprimand her.
    Not trying to make excuses for her but you know this is how she reacts. Nothing but nothing is ever her fault. Her parents only had two children and you know that is unusual for an Italian Catholic family of the time. I think Joe and especially Teresa were brought up and spoiled rotten. I think Teresa was always told how wonderful, beautiful and special she was by those parents. Now, with her idiot husband she has to face the real world and she can’t handle it. I think she is taking her frustrations out on the ones she loves and you are it. God bless you for trying to help.

  • Elle

    I love how Melissa criticized Teresa’s dress last year, but what is she wearing this year? Melissa is wearing a variant of a pageant dress. Hmm.

    • Chainey

      Melissa didn’t say anything about Teresa’s dress last year, it was Caroline and she called it a Christmas Pageant dress because it was sparkling green.

  • Aunt Bee

    I agree with Angelia. The color of Caroline’s dress is lovely but the dress itself does nothing for her. It looks frumpy. Lauren, you and Aunt Jacqueline need to help your Mom with her hair and fashion. I think Kathy looks very nice too.

  • allgoodstuff

    Teresa is doing a fantastic job this year at the reunion staying calm and getting her point across. Caroline is looking like an angry bitter sourpuss. Sorry Caroline you have just met your match with Teresa. In fact Teresa is looking better than all the women.

  • Anonymous

    Teresa has too many faults to name but I’m so glad caroline is leaving. She is a hypocrite on the highest level and her shitty attitude is getting old. Who does she think she is?!?