Teresa Giudice Accused Of Faking Relationships On RHONJ!


As we’ve reported, Teresa Giudice has done her best to mend fences with her friends and family in Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but RadarOnline is reporting her cast mates are not buying her pretend efforts and think she’s being “fake!”

“Everyone sees through Teresa,” an insider tells Radar. “Teresa has been trying to act nice with the other ladies, like Melissa Gorga , Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo and they think that she is just being fake to them.”

“All she does is invite everyone to her product parties. Then they become a walking advertisement for Teresa. All she cares about is pushing her products. It’s all for show!” the source adds, recalling Jacqueline Laurita’s recent support at a Milania Hair Care event with Teresa.

“If all the women are together that winds up getting filmed, and Teresa is so calculating that she always plans to make sure she gets the most camera time,” the insider concludes.

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9 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Accused Of Faking Relationships On RHONJ!”

  1. After the way they treated Teresa last year I hope Teresa uses them and spits them out when she is satisfied. Go Teresa!

  2. I hope Teresa does get her own show and the rest of the losers can kiss easy street goodby…..bravo needs to shut down that franchise. Too much violence and innocent family members getting shredded to death. Kids being used and exploited for mommy and daddy storyline, people in federal trouble, ripping off charities and costing innocent people jobs -YES YOU LAURITAS – alcoholics and mentally disturbed people and just about all of them are so shady and so broke – their fake silly storylines are a dismal joke.

  3. This doesn’t surprise me. Most viewers see right through her and her fake fans as well. She’s got really good PR who posts comments on blogs for her and attacks those who don’t adore her. She’s also following several fake twitter accounts that were created last season and the one before to insult and stalk the other housewives.

  4. I pointed out to Radar that their story makes no sense. First, she;s been promoting her products all year, and even before that, with GREAT success without any of them. It seems more likely that they all realize THEY need HER (for Melissa’s book, kathy’s canolis or raviolis or whatever,)

    And Jac & caroline obviously need to make themselves look better after last season esp with all jac’s money problems unless she wants Teresa to bring them up on camera.

    It seems to me someone from the anti-teresa camp planted this story and anyone who actually reads the blogs/twitter or has a brain would know it’s fake.

  5. I hope Teresa takes them all for a ride after what they ALL did when that thing Melissa show up they All tried to put her down an her Family’s it was really painful to watch . If anyone is being FAKE it’s everyone of them that’s the bottom line …….

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