Teresa Giudice Accused of Cheating on Husband Joe Giudice

On this week’s episode of RHONJ, Teresa Giudice was not happy to hear rumors that she was cheating on her husband Joe. Of course, Kim D was back to stir up things and said to Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania, “I hear since Joe went away that she’s rekindling old frames.”

As viewers know, Joe is away serving a 41-month prison sentence. Kim assured the girls that this was not a “rumor,” and that Teresa has a new boyfriend.

“It’s not a rumor ’cause you’re going to find out it’s not,” DePaola added. “I’ll bet Posche on it right now. I think he treated her horribly and I was happy that she’s moving on!”

But when Siggy and Dolores told Teresa was Kim had say, she was furious. “I’m f*cking fuming right now. I’m f*cking fuming,” Teresa said during dinner.

And later, Teresa took us back to her table-flipping moment when she threw a glass at DePaola. “She’s such a f*cking bitch!” Teresa screamed, throwing a glass against the restaurant’s wall behind her. “It’s not f*cking true! Are you kidding me, it’s not true!”

Siggy and Dolores were confused when they first heard the allegations. “What are you talking about right now? Doesn’t matter, ’cause you know what rumors are? Just rumors!” Flicker said. “That’s all rumors. He’s not cheating and there’s no proof of it. Anybody can say anything, unless you have a picture of the wee-wee entering the cookie, who gives a sh*t? People need to mind their own business. This woman has been through hell and back and she’s out there doing events, making money, and working her butt off for her children!”

“Kim D’s always been a good friend to me, but spreading rumors about people’s marriages or their children is hitting below the belt,” Flicker told viewers. Catania added, “There aren’t any old flames. Joe’s the only man she’s ever been with.”

Teresa was pissed at her friend of 20 years, Dolores, and assumed she didn’t have her back. “You should have f*cking stuck up for me,” Giudice yelled at Catania. “[Siggy] said [she] did, I don’t know if [you] did.”

Teresa’s accusation sent Dolores over the edge.

“I did! When is enough enough? Huh? When is it a f*cking ’nuff?” Catania asked, bringing up Giudice’s decision to believe Danielle Staub over her in a previous argument. “I stuck up for you. Did you stick up for me against Danielle? I did and you didn’t. I did, and don’t think I will again.”

“We did stick up for you!” Flicker echoed. “I yelled, ‘It’s a rumor and it’s heresy, shut your mouth!’ We said it wasn’t true.'”

But Teresa and Melissa didn’t believe them. “This is so crazy to me. Not only has Kim D done what she’s done for all these years to hurt me and my family, but now on top of it, she’s saying that Teresa’s a cheater. And Siggy and Dolores still are gonna go and support this woman?” Gorga asked viewers after she found out that Siggy and Dolores would be attending the POSCHE Fashion Show. “I’m completely baffled by it. Everything that they say they stand for to me is bullsh*t.”

“Yous two are f*cking going and walking in her f*cking show? Are you f*cking kidding me?” Teresa asked her friends.

“Dolores, we don’t live in Switzerland. You gotta pick a side. This is your friend. Welcome to New Jersey,” Melissa said. “I have been called a stripper, a whore, I have been told my husband is a piece of sh*t and that my children are a piece of sh*t. Don’t you see what this vile human is?”

“You don’t tell me what to do,” Catania told Gorga, before walking out with Flicker. “I pity Teresa for not seeing that I am the truest friend that she has. Teresa, guess what…  you’ve been much closer to Kim D than I’ve ever been. Not too long ago, you and Kim D were spreading rumors about Melissa. So now the hypocrites that they are are turning on me. I don’t get it.”

Later, Teresa planned to confront Kim. She decided that she, Gorga, Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub were going to go to the POSCHE show next week and confront DePaola. “I can’t believe that f*cking bitch said that. I can’t believe they’re f*cking supporting her after what she did to you, what she did to me. It’s just pretty screwed up,” Giudice said. “I think I need to go there and confront this f*cking bitch.”

Stay tuned… it’s about to get hot in Jersey! What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you believe the rumors?

Do you believe Teresa Giudice is cheating on husband Joe?

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  1. And some people think the screaming and yelling on the RHOC is bad? Once again, KimD is lower than pond scum. I don’t believe Tre is screwing around. When would she have time? Then again, I don’t know her personally so who knows?

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