Teresa Gets Physical With Cousin Kathy Wakile!

As if last week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey wasn’t intense enough, it looks like this Sunday’s episode is going to be just as juicy (no pun intended, ew). To emphasize a loud verbal argument, Teresa places her hands on cousin and castmate, Kathy Wakile. We’ve seen the promos, and you can see it in the picture above. “I’m telling the truth, I’m not kidding and you know I’m telling the truth, that’s what I’m saying,” Teresa said.

“Don’t put your hands on me Tre,” a livid Kathy told her cousin as Caroline Manzo and Melissa Gorga watched. “You’re not the only one from Patterson, [New Jersey,]” Kathy said, doing her best Carmella Soprano impersonation. Finally, Teresa pacified her, saying, “All right no problem Kat, no problem Kat … I’ll keep my hands to myself.”

You can watch the footage below.

What do you think of Teresa grabbing Kathy’s face?

Photo Credit: Bravo