Teresa Delaying Prison Sentence? Giudice Reportedly Wants Husband To Go To Rehab Before She Goes Away


According to a new report, Teresa Giudice is trying to delay her prison sentence again. Giudice allegedly wants her husband Joe to go to rehab for his drinking problem. But she wants him to go before she serves her 15 month sentence, and Teresa is ordered to surrender to a federal prison on January 5th.

Teresa wants “Joe to go to rehab first,” a source reveals to RadarOnline. “Teresa’s lawyers would then ask the judge to delay the surrender date because there wouldn’t be a parent in the house to take care of their four daughters.”

The insider says that Joe is “extremely angry” that his wife would even suggest this plan, since she has always said he doesn’t have a drinking problem. Plus, “going to rehab early and postponing Teresa’s prison sentence would only delay the inevitable, and he doesn’t seem the point in dragging this on anymore.”

Teresa’s rep insists there is no truth to these rumors, but the source continues, “One thing is certain, Teresa hasn’t accepted the fact she is going to prison… she truly believes there is a way to get out of this.”

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13 Replies to “Teresa Delaying Prison Sentence? Giudice Reportedly Wants Husband To Go To Rehab Before She Goes Away”

  1. They are lucky the judge staggered their sentence. There is family there if “her daughters” need care, some have had to put their children in foster care. They need to give it a break and do their time – they did the crime.

  2. IF- and yet his could be be another fake story- this story is true, why didn’t Joe enter rehab right after sentencing? Why would they wait until a month before Teresa is due to start her sentence? It’s just a stalling tactic.

    1. I’d try to postpone, as well…wouldn’t you? In fact, if Joe is sick, then the whole family is sick.
      If Joe f’s up when he is home alone…that would be strike three and he would be deported…right?
      That could be motive behind the sentencing???!

      Programmed failure. I don’t foresee her doing the full 15 months.
      Joe keeps up the way he’s going and he won’t have to worry about jail. He is very orange, at times.

  3. At this point how could anyone believe anything the Guidices say? There is no accountability or remorse for their crimes.

    1. one rotten egg, do you really believe this story? if so you are so dumb, if it was true, they would name person who reported this story to them

      1. You might consider educating yourself on how to write a proper sentence before you call another poster dumb. For what it’s worth, writers rarely, if ever, publish a “source’s” name. If you read a newspaper occasionally you would be aware that this is a common practice.

      2. @lucille–did I write that I believed this story? (Perhaps Lucille got up on the wrong side of her futon during the Thanksgiving break from school).

    2. Egg- you have a good point. Even if this story is true- how could you believe the Guidice’s? They prove over and over again that they are not willing to take real responsibility for anything and that their relationship with the truth is very tenuous.

  4. I’m pretty sure the Judge who ruled on his use of an expired license already told him it’s inevitable he will be deported.

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