Teresa “Begged” Bravo Not To Air Footage!

The drama on The Real Housewives of New Jersey was shocking on Sunday’s episode. Joe Giudice took a phone call from another woman, not realizing he was wearing a mic, and everything for Teresa went downhill from there.

“Once I watched it, I was sick. I felt like I’d been kicked in the stomach,” Teresa explained in her Bravo blog. The cast members get to screen the episodes before they air and Teresa was so horrified by the events that unfolded that she “begged” Bravo producers to pull the episode. Unfortunately Teresa didn’t get her way. America watched her husband call her a “c***” and refer to her as his “b*** wife”, while on the phone with another woman.

However, Teresa knows that signing up for a reality show means risking everything being exposed. She explains, “When you sign up for a TV show, you sign up to show everything. . . Kind of like that other promise: for better or worse. Welcome to the ‘worse.'” Um, that’s for sure.

Teresa swears Joe never acts like that (riiiight) and that he was probably just “intoxicated.” She explains, “Believe me, if he talked to me like that regularly, we would not be together.”

Oh and Andy Cohen. How can WWHL be on a break during an episode of this nature? C’mon! Is that a coincidence?

So here’s the big question. Should Bravo have aired the footage, what do you think?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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