Teresa Aprea Apologizes To The Marchese Family


Teresa Aprea is taking to her Bravo Blog to apologize for the comments she said about Amber Marchese’s children when leaving the Harvest party. Teresa also talks about her sister’s boyfriend and her son’s experience working in the family business.

Teresa writes, “This week’s episode was awesome. It was so wonderful seeing all of us enjoying special times around the holidays with our families. I was feeling the love all around with my RHONJ family. Lots of cooking with the Apreas and Napolitanos; the new puppy for the Giudice girls, who are just adorable; spiritual nature time with Lexi and Dina. (By the way I must add that getting to know Lexi has been a lovely experience — she is a beautiful young lady, whom I absolutely adore. She is definitely great daughter-in-law material, LOL!) I enjoyed seeing the Gorgas have a fun snow day with their three cuties, whom I am just crazy about. Also Melissa needs to get me a pair of those giant boxing gloves for when Rino drives me crazy, ha ha!

As for the Marcheses, I must apologize for saying “where did that f—- kid put my shawl?” My language was unacceptable and I did not at any time purposely mean to address any insult towards that child. Every child is precious in my eyes, and I sincerely apologize to the Marchese family. On a good note, the children really looked like they had a blast decorating the gingerbread house — every kid needs sugar once and a while! As for Jim, I found it nauseating to hear his typical obnoxious and toady remark during the sneak peek at next week’s episode about how he cannot be in the same room as Joe Giudice since Joe has indictments against him. Who is Jim to look down and judge others when the Giudices are going through such a horrific time?

OK, as for Nicole, Mom, and Bobby… even as I am writing this I am hysterically laughing! I never thought that the shoe episode would start so much chatter. Watching this with Bobby and the kids was really funny. Thank you all for having my sister’s back, but I can assure you, Bobby’s real Christmas gift to Nicole was absolutely beautiful. You didn’t see us give Giovanni certain gifts since as a family we felt it would be pretentious and tacky would really look showy. Regarding the shoe, I am hoping that Bobby is her prince and that the shoe does fit, because I do like him very much and would love Bobby to be part of this family.

To top this episode off, I absolutely loved it because everyone got to meet my family, especially my son Giovanni. He is 18-years-old, just graduated Colts Neck High School, and will be attending Brookdale in the fall. I am thrilled he will be close to home. He is an amazing young man. He has a huge heart and everyone loves to be around him. Giovanni is totally into health and wellness. He prefers eating organically and enjoys his fresh squeezed juices and shakes daily. As much as he looks forward to the restaurant business, he is excited about other business opportunities in the health and wellness arena with me and his Aunt Nicole. Aside from weight training, Gio loves to box and play basketball as well. He has coached basketball for the Colts Neck High School rec team as well as flag football for the little guys. Giovanni is a great mentor and can hang with people of any age. I am extremely proud of the man he is becoming. As you can see he is my one and only, and my world.

I am so grateful and blessed that God gave me the opportunity to be a mom. Speaking of which, I can’t stop smiling from last night just seeing my mom and dad on the show. I so love and adore them — we always enjoy doing things together, and being sharing this experience was a blast. You never know what we’re likely to do or say, which can be scary when you’re on a TV show, LOL! Mama Santa and Daddy Sal have always filled our home with love and laughter, and of course a little screaming too! They have not only made our holidays special, but every day special. Nicole and I are who we are today (with lots of sugar and spice) because of them. It was so much fun to see all of our fans, or I should say “all of our friends out there,” get so excited about Santa and Sal. We so felt the love as all of you were getting to know Mama Santa and Daddy Sal.

And of course let’s not forget (who could) my adoring, and hysterical husband, who’s such a fantastic father! Always so much fun to watch!”

Photo Credit: Bravo