Teresa And Joe Giudice Plead Not Guilty, Trial Date Set For October 8th


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ to the 39 charges of fraud and tax evasion. The couple headed back to federal court on Wednesday afternoon to proclaim their innocence. NY Daily News reports the couple stood quietly in the courtroom and let their lawyers do the talking. And after their brief appearance in front of the judge, Joe and Teresa left holding hands with grim expressions.

“They vehemently deny their guilt,” Joe Giudice’s lawyer, Miles Feinstein, said before the Giudices entered the federal courtroom. “There’s an assumption of innocence and they vehemently assert their innocence.”

The 39-count indictment claims the Giudices conspired to commit mail and wire fraud, bank fraud and making false statements on loan applications and bankruptcy fraud.

And as for Joe’s immigration status, his lawyer said, “Joe didn’t know he wasn’t a citizen. The rest of his family is. Had he know and applied for citizenship he certainly would have gotten it.”

Since the couple have separate lawyers there has been specualtion that they will testify against each other, but Joe’s lawyer says Joe would never testify against his wife. “He’ll do anything to help Teresa, but he’d never ever testify against her,” Feinstein said.

A trial date has been set for October 8th.

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8 Replies to “Teresa And Joe Giudice Plead Not Guilty, Trial Date Set For October 8th”

  1. I hope TRUTV (Court TV) covers this trial!! I would love to see these people try to lie their way out of this. OMG and the thought seeing them get sentenced makes me giggle like a little school girl! Sorry folks but two things I hate most in this world is liars and thieves and these people have been exposed as being both.

  2. Thanks Mickey we both agree…. so according to their arraignment Juicy Joe is as innocent as the driven snow and Teresa she is just misunderstood. Poor poor people I feel so sorry for them don’t you (NO) And of course Juicy had no idea he was not a US citizen just so sad how that was miscommunicated to him my deepest sympathies to these people who keep falling into a pile of $%#^. He could not have a social security number if he is not a US citizen can he? I have to check on this one.
    He has done this already by signing his expartners name on a loan document in which he still owes the guy 260,000. So anyone believe he would not try it again? These two are dirty and they deserve to be sent to jail. I would like to see these two talking to their children about why they have to go to jail. It is someone else’s fault.

  3. He can have a social security number if he has a green card and you can live in the US forever on a valid green card. Can they cover the court case?! I thought that wasn’t allowed in federal cases!

  4. I think Teresa is a style queen honestly. She is one of the best dressed moms I’ve ever seen and she dresses extremely age appropriate.

  5. Thanks Mickey and others who agree. Tre and Juicy (gross! ) Joe are slim and need to pay the piper, finally. I just feel for the girls, they will suffer the most. Why don’t these two morons think of their children instead of $$$.? Oh please Court TV, broadcast this trial, pleeeeease!!!

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