Kyle Richards Confirms That She Attended Monty Brinson’s Funeral With Family


There was a recent report from RadarOnline that Kyle Richards along with her husband and children, did not attend Monty Brinson’s funeral. Monty was sister Kim Richards’ ex husband, and though there may have been drama between the two including sister Kathy Hilton, Kyle confirmed via Twitter that the Umanskys did attend the service.

In response to a Tweet-linked story from AllAboutRealHousewives, Richards tweeted, “My husband , kids & I were all there. Ridiculous”

The source of the original story told Radar that, “Her husband Mauricio wasn’t invited, and Kyle felt she had no other recourse but to decline. Paris Hilton, and the entire family was there. Everyone but Kyle. And none of Kyle’s kids were there either.”

There have been reports that Kim and Kyle have repaired their friendship, but apparently there is still some ongoing drama with sister Kathy and brother-in-law Rick Hilton.

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24 Replies to “Kyle Richards Confirms That She Attended Monty Brinson’s Funeral With Family”

      1. Hey sweet Sally. I am in the Caribbean on holiday and popped in to say hi. I don’t have good internet service here to be in touch too much and need to be enjoying the outdoors anyway. Love to you and everyone! ❤️❌⭕️❌❤️

        1. Lovely Lisa! Lucky lucky you! I would love to know where you are! If only ever be to St Lucia. Tell us all about it even if we have to wait until you are back! Have a brilliant time! Xoxoxoxoxox

    1. Very true ISME, there were a couple of comments yesterday that people should be ashamed of! If it was me I would be mortified!

        1. I think you are thinking of someone else, I like Lisa but have never said anything to anyone who didn’t like her! If you think I have this season show me! Also I didn’t use someone’s death to knock a housewive I don’t like! I think you are a bit touchy, I didn’t mention any names did I ? But the saying if the cap fits wear it! You’re hilarious!

      1. And now Brandy Glands is saying she was there and Kyle wasn’t. God, she is such a lying BWSBC. Where is Kimmy with the sisterly “backing up” everyone expects from Kyle all the time? Nowhere.

  1. I’m pleased they went, but do I care that much any more about any of these women? I don’t know that I do! Hey ho!!!

  2. That’s great news!! I said yesterday I didn’t really believe that story but it’s good that Kyle confirmed that they attended

  3. So glad they went–all’s well that ends well. Perhaps they did not go to the Hilton home after the service, but that’s no big thing.

    1. Agreed. The post prior to this one with fans going on the attack so quickly and intensely…like the old saying goes, it’s better to believe only half of what you read, and less of what you hear (by way of gossip)

      1. Thank you Bon V just the point I was trying to make at the end of the last thread and the beginning of this!xo

  4. I find the whole concept of “inviting” people to a funeral strange to begin with, but anyway maybe what happened, is that the Hiltons had a private, family only, get-together, once Monty passed and Kyle was left out of that.

    1. In the States we do actually reach out to extended family, friends, on work colleagues of the deceased, given the size and logistics involved with coordinating services over a country as large as the U.S.
      Burial traditions regarding pre-and post funeral/memorial also vary from region to region of the country, particularly regarding group gatherings that may include meals, primary/secondary time allotted for face to face condolences, ect. I am in in the EU, but my family is in the US, and I’m flying into the States to work for 2 days then help to organize this very thing. It’s very challenging as we have attendees from New England, the Midwest, and the deep South who wish to pay their respects.

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