Taylor Says Brandi Was Unwilling To Move Past Their Differences!

Taylor Armstrong is taking to her Bravo Blog after Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to talk about her relationship with cast mate, Brandi Glanville. Taylor claims she tried to put their differences aside after The Season 2 Reunion, and Brandi was unwilling. Taylor also reveals there are other women in the group she has unresolved issues with. Read what else Taylor had to say below!

Taylor writes, “I was happy to have friends over to the house for dinner. At times I feel quite lonely in my home and getting back to socializing was a step in the right direction. I so appreciated Mauricio and Paul’s willingness to participate in the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes campaign in Sacramento. Domestic abuse is such a heavy topic and this campaign does a wonderful job of spreading the message but does so in an environment of light-hearted fun. Having men support the cause is critical to changing behaviors and setting a positive example for other men to follow.

The walk was hysterical to watch and we laughed a great deal but at the heart of it all, I was very touched to have their support. The turn out for the event was phenomenal and I have such respect for every one of the participants for taking a stand, especially in high heels.

I absolutely adore Portia (who wouldn’t?) and seeing her dressed, excited and ready for her fourth birthday warmed my heart. Kyle threw a great party for her and she had a fun-filled fourth.

There were many strong personalities present that day and certainly bad vibes between some of us. My relationship with Brandi became strained during the reunion last year and it has created tension that is in need of resolution.

I find it unbelievable that she behaves as if she is anxious about seeing me. She started this and I have tried to move on since the reunion. I saw her at Sur one evening and suggested we move past our differences, she was unwilling and unkind for that matter. I have more important things to deal with at this point in the season. I have unresolved feelings about a couple of other people in our group that need to be addressed first and my conflict-avoiding personality can only handle one situation at a time. But we will get to that one soon enough.”

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3 Replies to “Taylor Says Brandi Was Unwilling To Move Past Their Differences!”

  1. …since Taylor started off by needing to “meditate” through Brandi’s book deal news, instead of being in the moment & not making it all about Taylor, then whipping around & lashing out at her when she suggested it.

  2. Everything Shana/Taylor/Ford/Armstrong, etc. etc. says and does is as horrible as she is. She’s acting so happy this season – she said that Kennedy is happier without Russell around. What kind of person basically admits that her daughter and her are happy now that Russell committed suicide and isn’t around anymore?

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