Taylor Armstrong’s Engagement Ring


On August 22nd Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong got engaged to her attorney boyfriend, John Bluher. The couple was vacationing in Mexico when Bluher popped the question, and Taylor is talking about the happy moment with The Dish. “Our engagement was breakthtaking,” Taylor says. “We are deeply in love and looking forward to our life together with [my daughter] Kennedy.”

“I never dreamt I would find this kind of relationships,” she says. “John and I have an amazing life together.”

Bravo reports John proposed with a gold and diamond ring designed by Ari Soffer. But RadarOnline says Taylor’s ring is still being made. “Taylor’s ring is being made currently,” Los Angeles jeweler Ari Soffer confirmed via email. “Her ring is a one of a kind that John and I designed together… Once the actual ring is finished we will happily share photos.”

The 18-carat gold piece will feature 56 diamonds on a pattern of the fleur de lis and 65 diamonds around the band. “We paved the sides of the fleur-de-lis and put nine diamonds on every cross,” Soffer exclusively told Celebuzz. That makes Taylor’s ring 2.5 carats total. “They came in together about three or four months ago and they were really interested in that type of ring. It just stood out to them, the design of the ring just flowed. They thought it complimented everything,” he said.


Photo Credit: Bravo, Celebuzz


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  1. It still doesnt matter what type of ring she has or how in love she is Taylor you are a selfish woman. Stop this flying all over and tell this guy you will see him when your daughter is 18. after everything your daughter has been through with her father you go and run out and find a man to fill your void but what about kennedy she just wants her mom. Well Kennedy your mom wants this man and her priorities fall elsewhere shame on you taylor shame on you.

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