Taylor Armstrong: Why She Decided To Return To RHOBH…

A lot of viewers were curious why Taylor Armstrong decided to return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after her husband’s suicide in August 2011. Taylor tells The Age, she didn’t want to hide after the tragedy with her estranged husband, Russell. We reported earlier, that the cast held an on-camera intervention for Taylor that we will see later in Season 3, and many viewers have already taken notice to her intoxication on several occasions in Season 3.

“I thought it was important [for viewers] to see what it’s like when someone goes through tragedy and that there is recovery,” Taylor explained. “The abuse and then the death — people do get through these things.”

Taylor also admits to The Age that the attention from the media has taken its toll on her. “Especially when there’s been some tragedy, you feel like it’s hard to take a breath, you can’t go through the normal process of grieving,” she says.

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Photo Credit: Bravo