Taylor Armstrong Claims Yolanda Foster Was Misdiagnosed


Taylor Armstrong made an appearance on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to celebrate Ken Todd’s 70th birthday and she wasn’t shy about her opinions of Yolanda Foster.

When someone asked what’s going on with Yolanda, Taylor had a lot to say. “I’m so confused. It seems strange to me that she’s like happy selfie, sick selfie, happy selfie, sick selfie. So I’m trying to follow her on Instagram, but I don’t like seeing the whole needle in the arm thing all the time, it’s a little much.”

“There must be a need for why she needs to do that,” Rinna responded. “I think she’s trying to get the word out.”

“It seems like there’s a lot of back and forth and I don’t understand,” Armstrong continued. “Normally people just take some antibiotics and they move on. This to me… I smell a misdiagnosis.”

“Well that could be,” Lisa R. said. “She’s going to… she should probably tell you… but she’s going to check out some other things.”

Rinna confessed, “I think that Taylor is definitely overstepping. Why is she being so vocal about this to me? It makes me uncomfortable.”

Armstrong continued, “I know she has the best doctors that money can buy, but I’m just like, there are just too many other things.”

Lisa Vanderpump admits, “Taylor’s got a big mouth and she gets stuck right in the middle of things.”

Watch the clip below.

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78 Replies to “Taylor Armstrong Claims Yolanda Foster Was Misdiagnosed”

    1. It seems to me she is saying exactly what many others think and say right here on this blog. Her 3 years of this or that punctuated by events on the Red Carpet, with full make-up. If Taylor came and just sat the comment would be that she is just as boring as ever. I have always liked Taylor, and she and Yolanda have a past. I respect her for not being a hypocrite after the way Yolanda came for her about her friendship with Linda. Being ill doesn’t change the fact that she remains on the show, is subject to comment just like everyone else. As for her appearances on the show, I zip them. I don’t watch to listen to ever more illness talk and watch IV’s being administered. I only just have to remember my own life to think about recovering from illness. Like a lot of wonderful people on this blog who I have seen a little of and gotten to know a little of, we have our own problems, our own challenges and the illness of our spouses and/or family. I would much rather hear about those and see and be part of a compassionate group here than see Yolanda being treated. I don’t watch housewives to hear about her struggle.

      1. I am one that has said similar things questioning Yolanda’s illness. And yet I felt dirty listening to Taylor saying it. I think her motives were selfish. I think she has a history of being sneaky, snarky, self serving, and gossipy in an ugly way. And I also can’t stand those two huge slugs she calls lips grinning as she does it.

  1. Omg… I always noticed lisa vanderpump had a booty on her, but daaaaaaaaaaannnnngggggg….. that zoom in of her getting out the pool. Whoa!

    1. For once I was able to watch this clip but OMG, Ken has has two replacement Hips! I think he did really well I would have pulverised the idiot who did it! Yes she has a booty!!! ❤️❤️❤️

      1. I think Lisa has a fantastic figure for her mid-fifties. I notice she had a few jiggly bits when she did her quick change at the baseball game in ep. 1, but who cares? I can only hope and pray to keep myself together that well when I hit my fifties. She easily has the best tush out of the whole lot of the girls. Yolanda and Eileen tie for best legs. Kyle has the hair, and the breasts I can’t figure out because most of the girls have implants!

        1. I was proud of Lisa for doing that in front of the camera. She looks GREAT in dresses, but I do not like her in jeans. They just aren’t flattering IMO. But I love Lisa, and I think when Lisa R. goes with her it is called friendship. Whether or not it is for the show, who cares? They have fun together and I like seeing any party at Lisa V’s house. Her house is the best house of all. I liked the episode, personally. She invited Taylor. Why is that odd? She had a perfectly good relationship with her ever since Pandora’s bachelorette party. She is also a good friend of Kyle’s. I was happy to see her and her husband. She had made great strides since being in a horribly abusive marriage and finding Russell hanging dead. I think a little compassion goes a long way. She is a native of the show she has every right to be on the show and anywhere else she is invited.

          1. Bravo invited Taylor.

            Lisa doesn’t like taylor, Lisa has made that clear in the past, and made it clear in the episode. Lisa’s jabs aren’t jokes, she 100% doesn’t want Taylor living anywhere near her.

    2. Love LVP (she has a great booty). I have always thought she is beautiful inside & out. Love Ken! That fall looked hard. But it was so funny watching the girls carry him around in the pool. These are the things that make the show do darn funny.

      1. The funny thing is I thought the same thing as Eileen “Oh no his shoes I bet they were $3,000-4,000 dollar shoes ruined in the pool”. As a lover and EO buyer of all shoes both expensive and cheap I died a little watching that.

      2. I LOVED that! It showed how the ladies can just put away the staid effort sitting at lunch as if they were at the first day of the races and have some nice, clean fun. (Although they looked great) Lisa’s house is so beautiful. It is the only time I have seriously been envious of a housewife. And she rarely sits around her house, she works like a dog. But, when she does a party, she does it RIGHT. I would go if I was invited, too. I was glad to see Taylor looking happy.

  2. Taylor was trying really hard to make her mark this episode. It’s no secret she doesn’t like Yolanda, but errrmmm, yeah…. It was a bit of overkill.

    1. I agree. And I think Lisa handled it like a premiere hostess. Maybe Heather Dubrow should take note, on how to gracefully steer her party guests away from any type of conflict.

  3. This whole story line is so Bravo driven that it just reeks !! Lisa doesn’t stand Taylor , why would she even invite her in the first place to Kens Bitthday party???! Makes zero sense! This is a small intimate lunch , not 200 guest party, so there is no way that Taylor would’ve bern invited in the first place

    1. Also, Taylor has always been publicly vocal about not really caring for Yolanda or David, as she is close to his former wife Linda Thompson: in the episode she says she tries to follow Yolanda on Instagram, and all I could think is, “Why? You don’t like her.” If you don’t care for someone why follow them on social media? To me that was a completely transparent attempt to insert herself into the thick of things and start soliciting opinions on-camera. Ironically, I was just listening to Heather’s podcast w/Lisa Rinna where they talked about the differences between scripted shows and reality TV: in the latter producers expect you to exchange opinions on-air about everything and anything that’s transpiring amongst the group; that’s how they pick the juciest bits to develope and push central storylines along. They mentioned, however, that audiences are generally good at picking up when things are forced. I know I’ve always been able to pick up on when the women go overboard. I think if people start “self-producing” like we saw last year, it’ll just backfire.

      1. Really! Come on! Now! She is sick has an army of doctors. I know from experience that when you are faced with DEATH you do anything you can to fight to live! I myself had to go to many doctors 72 appointments in 1 year am better not 100% but not dieing yet and still fighting. So Yolonda I pray for your health with all my love keep on fighting! You just keep on fighting try everything! You have too because you have to imagine the stamp of pain your children and the world would have without you. God bless you and I will keep on praying for you and for me. We love you and will keep on rooting for you! Xoxoxoxoxoxo


    2. Totally agree, Bravo driven, I can’t imagine why Ken and Lisa would have invited Taylor without being told! Xxxoooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. I think you have the wrong information. Since Season 2 Lisa and Taylor are fine. Lisa and Ken were invited and went to Taylor’s wedding which didn’t include cameras (was in Colorado). Taylor also supported Lisa on DWTS.

        1. No I don’t think I do, I know Lisa and Ken went to their wedding and they are fine but as Rain pointed out this was a small birthday lunch not a big party. Lisa is fine with Joyce but I don’t believe they were there or maybe I’m wrong?

        2. If Lisa V is ok with Taylor she wouldn’t have been so snarky about her moving to the neighborhood. Lisa’s face and tone of voice was ‘uh, I’m not kidding’ moment!

          1. Exactly!! Nothing about Lisa V talking point indicated any affection or friendship to Taylor. She was snarky and snide . This whole invite was Bravos idea so Taylor can reignite this Yolanda doubt again! Taylor played her part and I don’t think we will see her again ! I’m not ready for another Brooks storyline !!! Whatever the heck Yolanda has, doesn’t matter, she’s stil obviously very sick and I still don’t understand what all these women are trying to prove

          2. I saw that too kt. Bravo probably had a lot to do with the guest list. I am not a Taylor fan at all and I think her lips are uglier than Rinna’s.

  4. Whoever pushes a 70 year old man with two hip replacements into a pool needs to have the shit beat out of him. Not just once, just a few times. That’s all I can say about that. As for Taylor? I have NEVER liked her. She’s another who needs to keep her legs closed to married men. She’s such a wanna-be, she reeks of desperation.

  5. I believe the other women either do not have the guts to really say what they’re truly thinking of the whole Yolanda story.or, They’re being very guarded & diplomatic & would’ve loved to have agreed with Taylor, who said it as she saw it. Lisa R did mention that Yo is going to check out some other things. What else is there to check out I wonder.

      1. I’d bet money she was reading something someone sent her. They always cut out the set up of those snarky moments and they turn out to be so much less than what it is made to look like. But again, just like this blog, people are wondering. Anyone, fan or detractor has to see the dichotomy between what Yolanda says and what she DOES. I honestly don’t get this dislike for Taylor, I always appreciated her honesty about wanting to live the life. At least she didn’t say one thing and DO another. She was raked over the coals for her marriage. It seems there is all kinds of sympathy for a divorcing couple and none for a woman who found her husband hanging dead.

      2. It was indeed, However she went on record last week during Heather Dubrow’s podcast and stated that she absolutely has Lyme Disease. Following the girls’ timelines and changing verbage gets hard to follow when they film these shows 3-8 months before, then by the time everything airs they may have changed viewpoints, sigh…

        1. I don’t think it means anything when they say stuff in the press, last week Kyle said they 100% believe she has Lymes and no one is questioning that. But she was 100% questioning it.

          Maybe something happens later in the season that makes her all believe her now?

          Eileen was great in her blog, basically told Taylor to shut up.

      3. I saw that as well, Sally. I happened by chance tonight to see on E-News, that what was said about David wanting a refund for Yo’s medical bills was all untrue. It was something that had a question mark for all, so glad it’s untrue. As for Yo, I hope she gets well soon once she gets rid of the medicine closet it will happen.

  6. Taylor is the absolute worst. She was so desperate this episode. This was back around the time she thought she was getting back on the show, which thankfully wasn’t true.

    She is pretty stupid, if you don’t like following Yolanda on instagram maybe don’t follow her on instagram? It’s really pretty simple, though maybe not simple enough for Taylor.

    Taylors ignorance is pretty stupid too, you think someone you aren’t friends with was misdiagnosed cuz you’ve seen a few pics on instagram, ugh.

  7. I think they are copying Brooks story line and we all know how that came out- Dangg , they need to get women with story lines- the new lady looks like trouble-
    Beside Family/Illness/ Husbands ect ect – they should call it Housewives and Hubby’s

  8. Taylor is one of those people who makes situations awkward. Honestly the only time she has ever appeared normal or to not make things so uncomfortable is when she was on that therapy show with Ferrah Abraham (or whatever her name is) and that’s only because she takes the cake on awkward Social situations. I have to ff through Taylor because she makes me so uncomfortable.

    1. Farrah is AMAZING at creating awkward TV, she is really good at not coming across fazed or awkward at stuff. Like in the episode where she asked Taylor if her divorce was messy and Taylor replied saying something like “I filed for divorce and then found him hanging”
      The way Taylor said it would make anyone uncomfortable and Farrah just stepped though it like it was nothing.

        1. She was on Celeb big brother here. OMG! She was foul! I can’t watch it but caught the odd two minutes here and there. Then she was involved in a fight on the after show and now there is a court case! Nice person! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. OMG! She was the only reason to watch Big Brother this year, she as such good TV!

            I actually thought she came across best in that fight, the moron desperado sitting across the table clearly threw something first before the footage cut out, and then didn’t stop talking about it in the press. Very desperate.

            There were court threats, but did it actually go anywhere, I didn’t think it did, I assume because Farrah didn’t start it.

              1. Rain, apart from Tre I think we think a lot alike? You did not miss anything she was revolting! I’m not a Big Brother fan these days I did watch it in the beginning but have seen the Celeb BB. This time I saw bits as I have said. Just one word Gross!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                1. I saw Taylor and her soon to be husband on one of those couple therapy shows and she was a true wacko. She was mean and nasty and I was surprised he married her after that. Sorry 3D but I just can’t warm up to her at all.

      1. 3D, I love that you stand your ground! 🙂 :). Yes , if you’re on a reality show yiu should everyone to talk about you ! BUT, Taylor wasn’t concerned, or inquisitive or even friendly, she was just catty!! And yes that’s her opinion and that’s fine! As I said before , at this point wether Yolanda had Lyme or simethng else, it kinda doesn’t matter. It’s obvious she’s really sick and struggling ! This is not a Brooks situation where she’s taking her illness . I just don’t like genuinely sick people being put down and questioned , when they are alteady going through enough ! Does anyone really think Yilanda does NOT want to know what’s wrong with her??? Of course she does
        ! Love you still though 3D xoxo

        1. Thanks, Rain, Love to you also. I have, as I am sure you have seen along with you and others, said many times I know Yolanda is very ill, or was. I have absolute empathy for her. She does invite comment though with her constant energy toward putting herself out in the public eye. During the time Taylor, like her or not, was coming off of finding Russell hanging dead, she was torn apart in the press, on the blogs, and at the reunion. Not by everyone at reunion, but certainly the person who was shouting at her had no compassion for the fact that it had only been a matter of months. When she started the next season, Yolanda was very judgmental of her with no thought whatsoever for the post trauma situation. None. As much as I feel for Yolanda, and I do believe she has been ill, a lot of what she says really doesn’t jive. I hadn’t thought of it until someone pointed some things out here and another blog. Not driving, for one thing. Not wearing make-up. Just a few things. And even then I thought it might be her memory, which she admitted she had lost.
          Since the beginning of her stint on here, Yolanda, IMO, has been extremely judgmental of everyone. I don’t totally dislike her, but I don’t like her either. And I honestly don’t understand the total dislike of Taylor. I thought she was good TV, and she did say exactly what many others all over were saying and thinking. I don’t necessarily think she was “right” to say it at the party, but she certainly had the right.
          I do hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas with friends and Family

    1. Agree tippy. But I guess desperate, has beens who believe money trumps compassion will do anything for a few seconds of infamy.

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