Taylor Armstrong Shares Photos With John Bluher & Kennedy! Says He’s A Great Role Model For Kennedy

John Bluher, Taylor & Kennedy Armstrong

After a shocking episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where Taylor Armstrong was accused of not knowing where her daughter Kennedy was, she took to Twitter to share that she and her boyfriend, John, Bluher, love Kennedy very much, that Kennedy is doing well, and John is a great male role model for her daughter. John is currently separated from his wife, Stephanie Bluher, they have three children together, and have been married for 34 years. It is rumored that Taylor and John have been in a relationship since shortly after Russell’s death, other reports say they’ve been together since February 2012, but Taylor insists in her that their relationship began when this episode aired.

“Here he is! We’ve been together since this episode and Kennedy has a male role model and 2 people to love her! #happy,” Taylor tweeted with the photo above. “Happy and healthy! This episode was many months ago an we are doing beautifully,” Taylor added along with some photos of she and Kennedy with John below.


Judging by the photos, it looks like Taylor and Kennedy have been spending a lot of time with John at his house in Colorado. Perhaps the rumors of Taylor moving to Colorado are true?

Photo Credit: Twitter


3 Replies to “Taylor Armstrong Shares Photos With John Bluher & Kennedy! Says He’s A Great Role Model For Kennedy”

  1. I wonder if John was separated from his wife before he met Taylor? 34yrs of marriage and he walked away from his family for Taylor. How sad for his wife and their kids!

  2. She is disgusting. There were reports from February 15, 2012 stating that she was daing her attorney. Here we are a year later and those said rumors are now true! Why are men so attracted to these dumb damsels in distress!?!? He’ll find out soon enough that she is white trash, hopefully he will have her sign a prenup before that happens so she doesn’t take money away from HIS 3 kids.

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