Taylor Armstrong Reveals Details Of Relationship With John Bluher!

Taylor Armstrong

Taylor Armstrong is dishing about her love life exclusively to E! News in a new interview. Taylor says she feels “safe” and “at peace” in her relationship with John Bluher. “I am so much happier than I have ever been. I never thought I would feel this way,” Taylor tells E!. “John and I have an equal respect for one another. We have a real friendship and partnership.”

Taylor and her 6 year-old daughter, Kennedy, are currently living in Vail, Colorado with John this Winter. “We’re enjoying life everyday and together with John, we are starting to become a family. Our extended vacation has given me the opportunity to spend quality time with Kennedy each day in a relaxed environment,” Taylor shares. “This mountain retreat has given me time to let go of the past and the space to refocus my attention on the future.”

Taylor goes on to reveal how she and John started their relationship, which has been controversial because John was married when the allegedly started dating. “We knew one another through mutual friends. John helped guide me through all the legal and financial challenges with which I was confronted,” Taylor says. “From that, a deeper friendship grew, and I remember one day last summer when were in a business meeting and we both looked up at each other and suddenly realized we were looking at each other in a different light. There’s been no turning back since that day.”

Taylor hopes she “can become an inspiration to people who have been through unhealthy relationships or who have suffered loss. I never thought I would allow myself to feel again. The lesson is, don’t settle for less than what you want and deserve. There really is someone out there for each of us who will love, cherish and respect us. Love born out of real friendship brought those things into my life for the first time.”


As for rumors Taylor’s leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? She wants to come back! “I want people to see that I am in a solid place now. They have seen me through my pain and anger,” she says. “I would love for them to get to see the real me and for the viewers to know my life has come full circle.”

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  1. We have Brandi whose husband cheated on her and now we have the home wrecker. Does BH not have anything else going on? I am not into Bravo glorifying infidelity. Are they going to bring on Johns ex wife and kids so we can see how much pain they’re in and compare it to how happy Taylor is?

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