Taylor Armstrong & John Bluher Talking Marriage!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong has been in a relationship with her married attorney, John Bluher, reportedly since her husband, Russell Armstrong passed away. Taylor’s relationship with Bluher has become very serious, very fast, and in a new interview with Life & Style, she’s revealing that she’s ready for marriage with Bluher, who is still separated from his wife who he has three children with. Taylor tells the site, “We’ve talked about getting married.”

Since John was married when the couple met, Taylor explains they started out as friends. “We were friends and we had met through a mutual friend, so we would see each other at dinner parties and socialized. And then when Russell died, I was faced with so many different things.… Mutual friends called John and said, ‘You gotta help Taylor.’ He really just took over everything, thankfully.”

John explains the moment he realized Taylor was more than his friend. “We just looked across the table at each other and all of the sudden I looked at her and she looked at me and I was like, ‘Okay, something’s happening here.’”

John is still legally married.


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12 Replies to “Taylor Armstrong & John Bluher Talking Marriage!”

  1. I believe Taylor may be hoping for more time with the housewives and she thinks getting married may do it. On the other hand, John I think wants to be a household name.

  2. Just wondering how she is planning to marry a man who is already married, and who has three children of his own??? Taylor is a piece of work! She carries on a very public affair with a married man and talks about good role models for her daughter. How many levels of insanity can she demonstrate? Great role model, Taylor…Great job!

  3. I think he’s a bastard and Taylor is a low down bitch. When she first started getting legal help from John his wife referred to Taylor as their friend. Some friend…

  4. Soooo, who are the mutual friends? What in the world is he doing hooking up with her while he’s married? Wrong on so many levels.

  5. Thoughts? She is trash and he is an a##hole. This is not surprising though. She had to find a new gravy train to board. It is just disgusting how you have to watch your “friends” more than your enemies these days. Hopefully his wife can move on and find a real man.

  6. Taylor and John will get whats comeing to them both or such pigs. Hope she gets kicked off the show I think she needs to keep her mouth and legs closed….

  7. I think she’s okay, but I DO NOT like women going out with married men. And she was so so much cuter before all the plastic surgery. She also needs more fat on her face. I don’t understand why women cannot be secure enough in their looks to just age gracefully… or at least find a doctor who knows how to do good work!!

  8. Imagine how the wife and kids feel the way this despicable duo flaunts their relationship in public. If they do get married when the divorce is final will she sign a pre-nup?

  9. If he was smart he’d stay away from marriage and just stay the boyfriend ….why marry it has no chance of lasting ….hopefully he will wise up and think of his family.

  10. I can’t believe they would announce this to the media. He’s not divorced yet and he has kids!

    She probably ate cotton candy for him 🙁

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