Taylor Armstrong, “I’ve Been Through Hell!” Plus- She’s Found Love Again!

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong has had a rocky road the past couple of years. Before filming the Season 2 Reunion her estranged husband, Russell Armstrong, committed suicide, as most viewers are aware of. We’ve seen Taylor struggle even on Season 3 with the aftermath of the tragedy. Taylor revealed that she suffered emotional and physical abuse from her marriage to Russell, and even wrote a book about her journey.

She said that her husband had punched her in the eye and dislocated her jaw. She also claimed that he forced her to take a polygraph to prove she hadn’t been cheating on him. She said that he told her that being intimate with her “was like having sex with a skeleton” and that he regularly called her a “whore.” This explains a lot of Taylor erratic behavior on RHOBH, and we reported earlier why she decided to return for another season, to read that article click here.

Now in an interview with Herald Sun, Taylor is opening up about her current emotional state. “I’ve been through hell and back,” she says. “The challenges that I faced seemed so overwhelming but I just day in and day out kept fighting. I don’t think I will ever completely recover from it (her husband’s death). It is always going to be some very painful emotions. There are still nights when I put my head on my pillow and have things (traumatic memories) come up, and I think ‘how did this happen?’ Everything that has happened has shined a bright light on how little all the material things in life mean.”

Taylor stands by her decision to film her experience. “I do feel like it has touched a lot of people and it was the right decision,” she says. “I get letters from people all over the world, including Australia, telling me they’re in an abusive relationship.”

Taylor has found love again, with her married attorney, John Bluher. “I didn’t know if I would ever be open to having another romantic relationship,” she said. “It is nice that I feel that my heart is open, that I am capable of looking toward the future.”

Tell Us- What do you think about Taylor? Should she have returned to RHOBH? What about her relationship with a married man?

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