Taylor Armstrong Intervention!

We are only three episodes into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the cast and viewers have noticed Taylor Armstrong’s odd behavior, and associated it with a drinking problem. Taylor was noticeably intoxicated at Portia’s 4th birthday party, as well as Yolanda Foster’s dinner party.

Wetpaint Entertainment has exclusive information that more of Taylor’s cast mates will be addressing her drinking this Season. An insider reveals that later this Season, the women hold an on-camera intervention for Taylor. “Later this season, you’ll see most of the women go to Ojai, California for what was supposed to be a relaxing spa weekend,” the insider reveals. “Instead, it becomes an intervention about Taylor’s drinking. They all think her drinking has grown out of control and they sit her down and give it to her straight. The intervention was definitely filmed. Everyone just hopes it makes it to air so Taylor’s problem can finally be out in the open.”

So did the intervention work? “I don’t think Taylor’s gotten healthier since the intervention,” the insider explains. “I think she’s just gotten a little smarter. For the rest of the season, she tries to watch herself when the cameras are around — but as soon as they’re done filming, I’ve seen her start to drink more heavily again. When she’s not filming, she does what she wants.”

A perfect example was an Australian radio interview Taylor recently did were she was definitely intoxicated and slurring her words all over the radio. To listen to that, click here.

“The women are frustrated,” says the insider. “They understand she’s been through a lot, but they want Taylor to start taking responsibility for her health. Until she does, there’s not much else they can do.”

Tell Us- Do YOU think Taylor has a problem?

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2 Replies to “Taylor Armstrong Intervention!”

  1. Sheesh, another season with all of Taylor’s many problems highlighted, she has had a drinking problem since I first started watching RHBH, along with her lying, social climbing, ass kissing, anorexia, ect ect ect, yes, she has a drinking problem, but I doubt she will get help for it for along time. I wonder how much money her latest married boyfriend has? Anybody know ?

  2. Taylor should send Kennedy to her grandparents and check herself into rehab. If not, not only
    wil Kennedy suffer, so will JohnB. and his family.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Taylor sober!

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