Taylor Armstrong Slurs Her Way Through Radio Interview, “I Have Met The Love Of My Life!”

With the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiering next week on Bravo, Taylor Armstrong called in to an Australian Radio Station for an interview about the show. RadarOnline is reporting that she revealed she has found the love of her life, she was noticeably slurring her words, and didn’t make sense during the interview.

Taylor called in to The Kyle and Jackie O Show while she was vacationing in Mexico and talked about the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her current boyfriend. At one point even tried to impersonate an Australian accent. “I’m in Mexico and I’m so happy, you have no idea. It’s sunny, it’s fabulous. It looks just like Australia,” Taylor says, then she started to speak in an Australian accent saying, “I love Australia so much, and it’s just like being in Australia, being in Mexico.”

Taylor reportedly slurred her way through the interview, and didn’t make sense. “I’m with my gay BFFs. They are two gay guys who are so sexy and hot and it’s just so amazing to be with my gay best friends,” she says. She also mentioned she was there with her boyfriend! “I have met the love of my life. He’s amazing, he’s perfect, he’s everything I’ve ever wanted in my life… He’s diving in the pool right now, and he’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever met in my life.”

After Mexico, Taylor will be joining her boyfriend in Australia. “He has to work because he has to make a lot of money in order to support me!” she jokingly says. Taylor refused to give the name of “the love of her life.”

As far as what we can expect on RHOBH Season 3? “We are out of control, as usual, and we are obviously very dramatic and very in love with one another. These women are my best friends and my worst enemies,” she explains. “My best friends are Kyle and Lisa. I love them beyond control. I just love those women, beyond. My enemies, you’re going to have to wait and see.” Taylor revealed.

You can listen to Taylor’s bizarre radio interview below!

Taylor Armstrong Radio Interview

Photo Credit: Bravo


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