Taylor Armstrong FIRED From Bravo’s RHOBH?

1Taylor Armstrong

After many rumors Taylor Armstrong would not return to Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, RadarOnline confirms Taylor has been cut from the hit Bravo show. This has put Taylor in a panic, because she is in the midst of a financial crisis, and her Bravo check was her main source of income. “Unlike the other housewives on the show, Taylor is broke, and with most of her money coming from the reality show,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

“Her husband, Russell, left her seriously in debt when he committed suicide. Taylor doesn’t know what she is going to do for money. Her daughter Kennedy, attends a swanky private school, and she doesn’t know how she is going to be able to pay the little girl’s tuition bill next year. Compounding matters, Taylor has to move, because the house she has been living in, which is a rental, is up for sale,” the source says.

Taylor “is hopeful that she can get an endorsement deal, or even get her own reality show about being a single mom. John has been very supportive of Taylor, and she hopes to land on her feet,” the insider reveals.

Are YOU going to miss Taylor on RHOBH?

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  • Bebe

    I feel bad for her being a single mom & all, can’t stand her as a person.

  • Lolaz963

    Isnt her new man rich? She will, no doubt, be fine. I think I kind of WILL miss her, if not just a little.

  • Colleen Church

    So is everyone supposed to pity Shana because she may not be able to keep living in the zip code she “worked so hard for”? Give me a break. She chooses to continue the charade of an opulent lifestyle she can’t afford knowing her “career as a reality star” is bound to be very short lived as it is for all of these women. Is Taylor so delusional she thinks being a RH is like being in congress? A paycheck for life after a few short terms of half-assess performance? My children attend public school, I live in a normal house, I have no nanny and I have THREE kids! I’m not feeling sorry for her if she becomes reduced to living a lifestyle ( gasp) just like my own.

  • DJ

    I thought she was going to move to Colorado with John. Perhaps Bravo knew this?

  • michelle murphy

    Very curious why Taylor was fired but we are still forced to watch Kim Richards…what a mess that girl is!! I always fast forward her part…can’t stand watching her!

  • Definately will miss the never ending Drama she brought to the show ..but seriously she had to go , they have done her a favour especially for her daughter .they need time out of the media not in it !!!
    But sadly she seems to dwell in it ..i dont feel sorry for her at all there is plenty single mum,s who manage without Rich boyfriends to bail them out .
    I for one am happy to see the back of her .

  • I wish her well, but I felt that she was inscincere, unpleasant & calculating.

  • Deonn

    Oh noooo =[ I’m sad that she won’t be back even tho she was getting very annoying with the whole drinking thing but at the same time I realized why she was drinking so much! She really has been through alot and I know!! The only reason she was staying a float was because of The Bravo cheque but at the same time! We can’t keep all of our eggs in one basket! Especially when ur in a situation like this. I feel bad for her and I really hope the best for her and Kennedy

  • I hope this is true. She is a grifter,a gold digger and a homewrecker. What could be worse!

  • Anonymous

    She’d probably have a lot more money leftover if she sent her daughter to a public school. I know she needs to do it to seem like she still has money, but at this point Taylor needs to be smart and start saving money to get herself out of the mess her husband left over. Glad she’s off the show though, she was the most annoying housewife

  • Anther RHO_ Fan

    Well…there ya go. Not surprised. But must ask why are Kim and Kyle still on RHOBH?

  • Karen

    I’m doing a big happy dance! Taylor is my least favorite housewife of all time and I will not miss her on the show. She can get a job, fire the nanny, get a babysitter, and put Kennedy in public school along with the rest of us. So happy to not be subjected to her drunken meltdowns in season four. What a phony.

  • I agree with everyone!

  • Cathy

    Glad to see the back end of her and her duck lips.

  • Becky M Grey

    I am hoping that Bravo would not expose the viewers to her affair with a married man. Ho much were we suppose to see and accept. Taylor needs to go somewhere to raise her daughter out of the spotlight. I believe that Kennedy has had enough exposure. Good Luck!

  • Edie

    Couldn’t stand her and her cry babying. Pull your big girl panties up and get a real job. 2 or 3 jobs like I did to raise my son on my own and he turned out just fine and supports hisself now. Marry u another man and drive him to kill hisself u selfish woman.

  • Val

    She can always go back to being a pharmaceutical rep.

  • That fool will take care of her!

  • stephanie

    I don’t believe she was fired. W/Maloof hoof & Camille gone & Penny Lancaster turning Bravo down they probably need her at this point. RadarOnline is not exactly “honest reporting”.

  • Kay

    I’d rather watch Taylor than Kim. I can barely understand anything Kim says. She never makes any sense and she is so boring. Please replace Kim!!!!!

  • Deonn

    @kay i dont believe kim is comming back because she really has no story line any more considering she seems to be doiong well with her sobriety her kids are really all grown and her and kyle barley fight ne more! taylor is the one with a storyline considering she has a new man now and blah but yeah im kinda sad to see her go

  • Rosie

    Big deal.. There are plenty of single moms. I was one for a few years, and built a great career for myself and my family, put my kids through college, and they’re very successful. Public school when they were children, didn’t hamper them at all.
    Taylor was leaving her husband anyway, plus he was broke, so her style of living wasn’t going to last much longer wether Russell was alive or not..
    Who really wants to watch Taylor get drunk and insult people every week? It’s boring, and she’s lucky it lasted as long as it did.

  • It’s time for Taylor to exit from the show, continue living with her married lover and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Trixie

    I agree with Michelle M. Kim has to go!! The ordeal that Taylor had to go through with the death of that crappy husband and all of the stress and money woes he left her. I think a therapist not someone’s husband would have made for a better transition into her new life.

  • Lola

    Taylor deserves her position on this show! Her husband did not divorce her, he took his own life!!! She needs the income. Brandi is the one who needs to go, at least she has child support coming in and constantly whines about her $$$$, but is getting plastic surgery every week. She will be right back in the same postition after this show is over!

  • Sara

    Trixie: I think Taylor is just as responsible for the financial problems she and her husband had. Remember the extravagant birthday party for Kennedy? That was outrageous, I don’t for a minute believe she wasn’t well aware of the money problems. If anything, Taylor contributed to the issues and is upset that she is solely facing responsibility.

  • Miki

    Taylor looks like a dead corpse of tranny.