Taylor Armstrong Explains Her Resentment Towards Brandi Glanville!

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain to viewers why she was so bothered by Brandi Glanville’s announcement of her book deal. She writes of the resentment she was holding in towards Brandi from the Season 2 Reunion. She also talks about how she feels watching herself on the show. See what Taylor had to say below.

Taylor writes, “As for tension, I am still holding a great deal of resentment for Brandi’s comments in the reunion last year regarding my writing a book. She did not know my family nor was she around through the previous years as the other ladies were. Therefore, I didn’t think it was her place to pass judgment. Her announcing her book deal only brought up the memory of her comments to me and opened a wound I was hoping we could close this year. I want success for all the people in my life and I wish her the same with her book.

Going through the last year, I have had a myriad of emotions. I have experienced feelings I would have never expected possible. Anger was one of those emotions. I found myself angry and easily agitated. I wasn’t angry with anyone or anything in particular. This emotion was the most difficult to deal with of all I experienced because it made me feel like a completely different person and I was terribly unhappy. Watching moments where I see that in myself makes me sad and regretful.”

Tell Us- Do you think Taylor had a right to be angry with Brandi?

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  1. Taylor is nuts to think just because Brandi wasn’t on the show the previous season she would not know what is going on. Did she think that all episodes were blocked to Brandi only and that she could not see Shana/Taylor Hughes Ford Armstromg and her 50 shades of batshit crazy? It was a hot minute before the book of lies was published and it would not surprise me if the book was written during the funeral procession. Taylor is jealous plain and simple!

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