Taylor Armstrong Explains Her Phone Call To Kyle Richards & Who Was Supposed To Be Watching Kennedy!

Taylor Armstrong

Taylor Armstrong was angry after this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired. She is taking to her Bravo Blog to insist that she takes being a mother very seriously, and that her daughter, Kennedy was supposed to be staying with her mother in Orange County, and the nanny didn’t phone Taylor to tell her Kennedy would be staying with Kyle instead. Taylor says she’s disappointed in Kyle and Adrienne for not defending her parenting! Read what Taylor wrote below!

Taylor writes, “Let’s talk reality. I’m so tired of friends not standing up and supporting one another when they know the truth. This week’s episode makes it look like I wasn’t keeping track of my precious Kennedy. Nothing could be further from the truth. And Kyle knows it.

It was Friday, the day of Kim’s nose unveiling party and I had meetings scheduled through the afternoon. Kennedy was to be spending the weekend with her grandparents in Orange County. My nanny was instructed to stop by Kyle’s house prior to meeting my mother to pick up Kennedy’s iPad. She had left it there during a playdate with Portia and the girls a few days prior.

When Kennedy and the nanny stopped by, Kyle suggested Kennedy go with she and Portia to Kim’s event so they could play together. Kyle and I live in the same neighborhood and Kennedy and I are very close with their family. She really enjoys playing and having sleepovers there. She is an only child at our house and being that it is just the two of us now, it can be pretty quiet at times. She loves being around Kyle’s girls and their friends and feeling like she’s part of a big family at times. The relationship has been a true blessing for us both during the last year and a half. I want her to feel love from as many people as possible.

Kyle is one of my closest friends and she truly has been like a second mom to Kennedy. The nanny was very aware of the strong bond between our families and knew I would have complete confidence having Kennedy with Kyle and family. She made the decision to let Kennedy stay without consulting me. She did let my mother know that Kennedy was with Kyle and would be coming down to O.C. in the morning. I was not called which was unacceptable. My mother assumed I had approved the change in plans.

As you can imagine, I was shocked on the phone to hear Kennedy was at Kim’s because that was not the specific instruction and plan we had for the weekend. I take my responsibility for Kennedy more seriously than anything. Kyle knows this well, and I am hurt she didn’t communicate this and the facts of the evening when the girls were discussing it at the table at Kim’s.

I don’t find myself that interesting on a daily basis but clearly Marisa does, considering she can’t resist talking about me in the press and blogging about me. Marisa doesn’t know me and doesn’t know Kennedy. I don’t know her and don’t find her interesting enough to want to. She has no business talking about my child. Adrienne was a friend for years and does know how seriously I take the care and parenting of my daughter. I am furious she sat there at the table and didn’t say a thing to support me or defend me. I am not surprised considering her lack of support for both Kennedy and me over the last few years, just disappointed. . .again.

As we are seeing this year, seems to be a trend. Hopefully, things will become clear in the next episode.

As for my being “tipsy” when I phoned, I was. I had been at a business meeting all afternoon and then met my friend, business advisor (and ultimately my boyfriend), John at the Peninsula hotel for a late lunch. He and I had just resolved yet another of the challenges I had been left with and we decided it was worthy of a champagne toast (or two).

t was a gorgeous, sunny day on the Peninsula rooftop in Beverly Hills; we were poolside enjoying champagne and each other’s company. We had closed another chapter on the stressful life I had lived for several years. I was starting to breathe again and we were falling in love. Coincidentally, some of our friends were there and we spent the afternoon talking and laughing, something I hadn’t done enough of in the last year. As the late afternoon turned into early evening, I was confronted with making a choice. A friend had called John to see if he wanted to go to Colorado on his jet that evening. He invited me to join him for a weekend of bike riding (I was training for a century ride.) The only thing I was staying in LA for was the “nose party.” Hmmm. . .private jet to Beaver Creek with the man I am falling in love with or a nose job unveiling party. . .you decide.

And besides, as Kennedy later asked me, “Why are we celebrating Kim’s nose?” I mean honestly, if I went to a party for every friend that gets a plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, I would never sleep.

When I saw Kim at the White Party, she acted as though I missed her wedding. Seriously. . .there is nothing appealing about watching someone remove bandages from their nose. I am a grown damn woman and I do not have to explain my relationships, the depths of them or “when I am going to see him again” to anyone. I lived through five years of stress and spent the last year angry at the world unable to pinpoint why. I now understand that is part of grieving but let me tell you it sucks to be “Angry Spice” all the time! I was starting to feel like me again, the old me, long before my marriage began. I was reminded of how happiness could feel and I didn’t need Kim Richards’ approval, still don’t.

Side note. . .I am obsessed with the necklace and earrings Lisa wore to the White Party. Gorgeous! She rocked it.

I could barely contain myself when Lisa was explaining to Adrienne that she leaves a human stain wherever she sits. We all spray tan and this doesn’t happen to us. Perhaps Kyle should save the cover on her white formal chair and years from now, archeologists may think they have discovered another Shroud of Turin.

Maybe Kyle should change the name of the White Party to the Dark Party, more appropriate name for the last three years for sure! When Brandi, Paul and Adrienne sat down, I knew things were going to heat up. Our group of friends is passionate on this topic. “Friends don’t sue friends; they don’t threaten to sue friends.” I have had enough attorneys in my life in the last year and a half to tell you for a fact, attorneys don’t send threatening letters without direction from their clients. End of story! There is a letter so how the hell did that happen? Paul was so aggressive talking to Brandi, Dwight, and Ken, it reminded me of the Shakespearean line “Methinks thou dost protest too much.”

Until next week when Kim decides she is now Dr. Drew!”

What do YOU think about what Taylor had to say?

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7 Replies to “Taylor Armstrong Explains Her Phone Call To Kyle Richards & Who Was Supposed To Be Watching Kennedy!”

  1. I am not a Taylor fan but seriously – I agree with her this time-shock. Kyle has been cold to her this season and I think it is because Kyle isn’t a real “friend” to anyone unless she has a motive. Her poor judgement – she is dumb- was to side with Taylor to look like a kind compassionate friend – NOT. She looked like an idiot and, as usual, jeolous of Lisa, so befriend Taylor. She is hot on Adrianne and Paul this year to get that commission for Mauricio – and we all know – that worked. He got it. But what makes me really hate Kyle, Kim, and Adrianne was to sit there and pretend Taylor didn’t have a clue where Kennedy was all because she was drunk – NOT COOL for KENNEDY! Damn they are heartless. One day Kennedy will see this and will those bitches be around to convince that child they were just being mean asswipes! Gawd forbid if it was Kyle or Adrianne!!! And Kim needs to watch her bitchy judgements against anyone-cause I do not see a sober woman on my tv and it looks like I just might be right according to previews for next week. This show sucks and the Richard sisters – ugh- Adrianne the menopausal nut bag and Faye the trash loser-are ruining it!!!!

  2. In all fairness, there didn’t seem to be a good explanation – especially since Taylor sounded so casual about not knowing her daughter was there. You’d think she’d at least have offered a sentence or two if she was shocked her child was there. That said, Kyle is nobody’s friend unless it serves her at that moment.

  3. If Taylor’s story is true about Kennedy staying with the grandparents..Don’t you think she would have called her Mom to make sure Kennedy arrived safe and was settled in to stay the weekend with them? Hummm after all she said she was in business meetings all day and had a late lunch and drinks with this guy well into early evening…As a mother I would’ve called my nanny, babysitter, etc. to check in on her through out the day to see how my daughter was doing, what time was she going to be dropped off at grandmas, did she get there ok, etc….As for no one sticking up for her, well maybe they are all tired of her sloppy drunk a** making a fool of herself at Portia’s birthday, Yolanda’s dinner party, The Moroccan Dinner party, Ojai, Lisa’s tea party, The Australian radio show she called into slurring her words so bad it was embarrasing, and last but not least her appearance on Watch What Happens Live drunk as a skunk….As for the Dr Drew comment regarding Kim, well it takes one alcoholic to know one…Just saying!!!

  4. Kyle,Faye and the other new one has to go….. Merissa! why are all Kyle’s friends on. with friends like Kyle who needs enemy’s? get her off the show she is a trouble maker. From the first time she met Brandi ,until now. mean girl !!!! Get Faye off she makes me sick every time I see her she ruins the show. kyle is not a friend to anyone.

  5. I havent always liked taylor but I completely agree with her on this!! i love her for saying this and sticking up for herself : )

  6. Ditto ditto ditto what pinky said. Perfect.
    Now i really hope next year Kyle is the chosen one… She needs to feel all the karma back at her. She is a very bad woman. Illuminati comes to mind. Dont know why these girls want to hng out with those two sisters. They are tuley evil. Hey kim do not judge. Thats all im sayin.

  7. I’m 100% with Pinky on this! Kyle and Adreinne are vile women! I’m not a big fan of Taylor, but there is no doubt that she is a loving. caring mother.

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