Taylor Armstrong Demoted To Friend Of The Housewives On RHOBH Season 4!


There have been many reports about the fate of Taylor Armstrong’s role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and now an insider reveals to Starcasm that Taylor has been downgraded to a “Friend of the Housewives” role like Camille was last season, but Taylor won’t be filming quite as much!

Last year we reported that Taylor considering moving to Colorado, to be closer to her boyfriend John Bluher. Sources claimed that Taylor was moving out of her home in Beverly Hills and planning to move in with John. While Taylor did have to move out of her Beverly Hills home and did head to Colorado, she explained was only a seasonal visit.

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9 Replies to “Taylor Armstrong Demoted To Friend Of The Housewives On RHOBH Season 4!”

  1. This poor old over botoxed drunk never belonged on the Beverly Hills show anyway. She grifted her way in and she needs to take her drunken ass off to Colorado if this John guy hasn’t woke up by now.

  2. Taylor should be a asshamed be of herself for running around with a
    married man IF he was seaparated she should have wated until he was divorced. To make matters worse he was her lawer and she knew he was narried…

  3. Is anybody going to miss her? … No? Okay good, we’re on the same page. As long as she and Kennedy (especially the child!) are happy and safe.

  4. I’ll miss her. She was quirky and fun.
    She had this cheeky humorous attitude. I didn’t mind her.
    Who cares about the husband thing, he’s separated – HELLO!!

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