Taylor Armstrong Calls Camille Grammer A Bitch & Says Adrienne Maloof Lied About Being Kennedy’s Godmother!

Taylor Armstrong

Taylor Armstrong is taking to her Bravo Blog to sound off about her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast mates and she isn’t holding back! Taylor agrees with Lisa Vanderpump and calls Camille Grammer a “bitch,” along with slamming Adrienne Maloof and saying she’s sick of Adrienne’s “deception.” Taylor says Adrienne denied agreeing to be her daughter, Kennedy’s, godmother on the steps of a church, and that Adrienne didn’t back her when she knew Taylor was being abused. Read more below!

Taylor writes, “Lisa, Kyle, and I started this adventure three years ago. I love them both and to see them trying to mend fences was heartwarming to me.

Lisa was right. . .Camille is a bitch! I have met Lisa’s partner in SUR multiple times, and she is very clear about their business partnership.

Lisa and Ken’s home is a pure reflection of their style and grace. She threw a beautiful luncheon and I was honored to be a part of it all.

However, as beautiful as it was there was an elephant in the room that needed attention. We’ve been arguing for too long not to get to the bottom of this. I’ve promised myself this year to speak my mind and not to let issues go unresolved.

I still don’t think we got a straight answer from Miss Maloof, as usual. I have put up with three years of deception. I’m done! She denied agreeing to be Kennedy’s godmother on the steps of a church. Lie. She didn’t back me when she knew I was being abused. Brandi has no filter but. . .”Friends don’t sue friends!” Right, Adrienne?

As a single mom having been through expensive litigation. . .I understand Brandi’s fears.”

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5 Replies to “Taylor Armstrong Calls Camille Grammer A Bitch & Says Adrienne Maloof Lied About Being Kennedy’s Godmother!”

  1. Taylor We All Saw Adrienne Tell You That She Didn’t Want To Be Your Daughters Godmother Over Tea With You. She Was Closest To Kyle At The Time..Why Not Ask Kyle She Didn’t Have Enough Money For You. Taylors A Drunk Mess And Drama Queen. Camilles A Bitch..Ahhhh No That Would Be You..Dating A Married Man With Children..Really!?! So Whos The Real Bitch Here!?! I Hope All That Comes Out On RHOBH And That Someone Confronts You About Your Drinking Problem. She Looked Sloppy On WWHL Last Night. UGH! The SituationWith Brand/Adrienne Had Nothing To Do With You.. It’s None Of Your Business..You Should Of Kept Your Big Mouth Shut.

  2. The only reason Taylor wanted Adrienne as Godmother is cause she’s rich, plain and simple. She has no real friends cause that’s an honor for someone who is actually CLOSE to ya! I’m not a fan of Adrienne this season but she was right on about this. Taylor, get your head out of the bottle and take your married boyfriend and go some where, any where, so we don’t have to hear about you ever, ever again!

  3. I recall Taylor not wanting anyone to back or bring up her being abused. I also remember Taylor swearing she never knew Russel sent that letter threatening to sue. So how can she act so haughty towards Adrienne? And Camille being a bitch? A bitch stirs the pot especially after being asked NOT to by the Hostess Lisa. Finding her voice is one thing, purposely bringing this same mess up again is bitchy.

  4. The next time I want to ask someone for an insane favor such as being the godmother of my child, I’ll be sure and do so on the steps outside of a church. Apparently, it’s a crime to turn someone down of whatever it is they ask of you in a church parking lot, at least according to Taylor.

  5. I can attest that I am no fan whatsoever of Adrienne Maloof I think because she has been born with a silver spoon in her mouth that she can dish it out but she certainly can’t take it and when she can take it she hires a lawyer and goes after anyone that she feels invaded her privacy okay then why go on a reality TV show because I believe exactly what was said on season 3 reunion money can buy you a lot of things but money cannot buy you sane and that’s what she has been wanting all her life fame and that is something money can’t buy but she didn’t get what she got karma all the way right after all this karma serve her up right sure her marriage fell apart she looks ridiculous dating these young boys and all her so called fashion businesses will end up in Kmart for sure since she compared yourself to other huge fashion designer names and that her bags and shoes would be the best and better than theirs come on Adrian get real we’re sick of your crap and I guess Taylor has finally had it too

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