Taylor Armstrong, Brandi Glanville Feud Then Friends? Plus- Taylor Explains Her Feud With Kim Richards!

Taylor Armstrong & Brandi Glanville

We’ve seen Taylor Armstrong and Brandi Glanville’s friction since the Season 2 Reunion on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Taylor and Brandi’s feud started when Brandi called her out at the Season 2 Reunion for writing a book so quickly after her husband, Russell’s, death. Taylor stopped by US Weekly earlier this month and revealed that she is open to building a friendship with Brandi.

“Brandi and I are just getting to know one another. Our relationship absolutely ebbs and flows over the season,” Taylor said. “There’s definitely a future there for us to work through some things.”

“When the topic of Brandi’s book comes up, I think it’s such a hot button for me because it was a really difficult decision and it was something that I struggled with,” Taylor said of her reaction to Brandi’s book deal in Ojai. “As far as her book goes, I wish her all the success . . . I didn’t live her life, either, so I’ll look forward to hearing her story and maybe we’ll understand one another better,” she adds.

Taylor also talks about her ongoing feud with Kim Richards since Season 1. “It was really just a misunderstanding form the beginning . . . I think because of my close relationship with Kyle [Richards], I’ve been lucky enough to be around Kim more. I’m just so proud of her for all that she’s come through, and I love all her little quirky personality traits. I adore her!”

My how things can change!

Tell Us- Do YOU want to see Taylor reconcile these relationships?

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One Reply to “Taylor Armstrong, Brandi Glanville Feud Then Friends? Plus- Taylor Explains Her Feud With Kim Richards!”

  1. I do, especially with Brandi. I have disliked Taylor since the beginning but this past season I began to like her. I liked the fact that she was not intimidated by Adrienne Maloof and called her out at Lisa’s tea party. I liked this new Taylor very much. But the first few episodes of this season had me crying out for her blood but then she did such a huge turnaround.

    I would like to see Taylor in the next season to come. I think it could be a good story of how she healed from such a horrific marriage and then suicide to Russell. I don’t know if I buy her whole story because she has a bit of a shady past but I would love to see her turn it around for the sake of her little girl. I didn’t think much of the child after seeing a couple of her birthday parties and her actions, but geez, she was only 4 at one of them… too young to really know. Watching the episode where Kyle had Kennedy while Taylor was out of town, Kennedy is at Kim’s home and Kim asks for a hug and Kennedy seemed so shy but she gave Kim (whom I cannot stand lol) a very tender hug. All the viewers make such a big deal out of Kyle’s daughter, Portia but I think Kennedy is a sweet little girl that gets a bad rap because of who her mother is.

    I don’t like Kim though OR Kyle. But the first season was Taylor’s fault with Kim and this past season it is Kim’s fault with Taylor. Kim needs to go… She only got the gig thanks to her little sister, Kyle. I am sure she wants Kim making some money so she doesn’t have to support her.

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