Taylor Armstrong Borrowing Designer Dresses & Not Returning Them?

Taylor Armstrong

RealityTea is reporting that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong is borrowing dresses from a designer and not returning them! Bobby Trendy reached out to RealityTea to share that Taylor has borrowed dresses he designed for charity and failed to return them to him or pay for them. The dresses Taylor has are worth an estimated $20,000!

“I loaned Taylor Armstrong 6 beautiful dresses I designed that will benefit my senior dogs rescue fund, as I only adopt dogs over 12 who bite,” Bobby tells the site. Bobby says Taylor promised to wear the dresses at red carpet events. “She kept them!” Bobby says Taylor claims she “doesn’t know where they are.” Bobby explains they are “couture dresses” and are worth an estimated retail for $20K!

“I have been friends with Adrienne [Maloof], Lisa [Vanderpump], and Camille [Grammer],” Bobby adds. “I know none of them ladies would do this to me.”

Bobby insists he has contacted Taylor several times to return the dresses but gotten no answer. “They belong back in my possession,” he says. “Not everyone can have a Bobby Trendy designed home or dress! And we know why! $$$ My things aren’t free!”

Photo Credit: Bravo