Taylor Armstrong Being Phased Out Of RHOBH!

Taylor Armstrong

Taylor Armstrong has signed on for Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but RadarOnline reports Armstrong is being phased out of the show by producers! Filming started a couple of weeks ago and an insider tells the site, Taylor “hasn’t been asked to be on camera with the rest of the ladies. She is extremely distressed because Taylor counts on the income from appearing on the show.”

“Taylor has been calling the other cast members, hysterically crying, asking for their help. She wants them to call producers and demand she be included in future filming,” the insider adds.

The producers “aren’t inclined to feature Taylor prominently on the show this season for several reasons. She is boring, it’s sad but true. They would have axed her sooner if her husband Russell hadn’t committed suicide. Taylor has been spending more time in Vail, Colorado with boyfriend/attorney John Bluher. She isn’t spending a lot of time Southern California,” the source reveals.

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8 Replies to “Taylor Armstrong Being Phased Out Of RHOBH!”

  1. She should find a job like the rest of the women in America have. If her new boyfriend can’t afford her…………………..oh well. I for one do not want her back on the show!

  2. It’s about time. Taylor has no business on the show she is just plain boring. The fact that she has a young child and her husband is no longer around she should not be off with another man until that child is 18 and out the of house. How selfish that woman is. If your in need of a man that badly you have serious self image issue. Poor Kennedy.

    1. And we will never know the full story about her husband and his partner “suicides” will we. I can see her husband, but the other guy?

    2. Why would you judge a woman for wanting love in her life? No matter how boring she is on the show, she is still a human being who lost her husband (and I know how that feels). As women we should support each other and build each other up, not judge. And she shouldn’t date until her daughter is 18?….that’s just silly!

      1. Newsflash: Children do not “magically” change over night and become “adults” who no longer need their parents on their 18th birthday. Becoming an adult is a process. Children also no longer leave home right at 18 either! (except for your house obviously)

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