Tamra Says She Had No Problem With Eddie Being At A Strip Club


Tamra Barney is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal that she had no problem with her fiancé, Eddie, being in a strip club for his bachelor party in Vegas. Tamra explains she believes Eddie was trying to get her back for the strippers hired for her bachelorette party in Mexico. Tamra says her and Eddie both agree things got out of hand.

Tamra writes, “Vegas: I had an appearance booked in Vegas at the Palazzo and thought it would be a great idea to invite some family and friends and make it into a work/wedding kick off party. We had a great time at the cabana around the pool drinking Caipirinaha’s . If you have never had one you must try! Eddie’s friends took him in the cabana and had him put on speedos that said “Tamra’s Toy” and put shackles on his arms. It was the funniest thing ever, I wish you got to see more of the pool party.

Later that night a dinner Heather started talking about the strippers in Mexico and of course Eddie over heard her. It’s not like he didn’t know there were strippers in Mexico, I told him. He had not seen the episode of RHOC yet and when Heather started talking about “ear humping,” he got a little pissed off.

Strip Club: I Had NO problem With Eddie at a strip club, after all they had cameras following them. Eddie has always told me that strip clubs are not his thing. When Terry started texting pics of Eddie with the stripper, it started to feel a little too real. Some of the pictures looked as if he was having a little too much fun, if you know what I mean. I tried to get a hold of Eddie but he obviously had his hands full.

The rest is history and I do not care to rehash it. I will forever have that memory in my mind and I hate it. Eddie was more out to get me back for what happened in Vegas and all I have to say is. . .TOUCHE! We both agree that things got out of hand and nothing like that will ever happen again. I love Eddie more that I have ever loved a man in my life. For the record: there was NO breast in the mouth.”

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