Tamra Reveals Gretchen Didn’t Send Her A Card Or A Wedding Gift


Tamra Judge is making the rounds in the press promoting her spin-off Tamra’s OC Wedding. She recently spoke with OK Magazine and revealed that Gretchen Rossi didn’t bring a card or a gift to her wedding. “Gretchen brought me nothing. Who doesn’t bring a gift or at least a congratulations card?” Tamra reveals. When asked if she expects a gift from Gretchen in the future, Tamra shares, “Well we’re not speaking now so I’m not counting on that.”

Tamra also explains that she was not contractually obligated to invite her cast mates to the wedding. “No, we weren’t but I knew going into season nine, which will probably, if there is a season nine, will start filming in September…I was on good terms with most of them and I didn’t want to have to not invite anybody. We had Lauri on this season and I didn’t invite her just because I’m not close to her. I think all the girls have been in my life for quite a while now through good and bad and one day we’re friends and one day we’re not, so I had them all there. But they were all very nice to me and they all brought me lovely gifts and sent me lovely gifts to my house except for Gretchen. Not even a card.”

“Or a tweet. In fact, what she did was she tweeted that NeNe’s wedding was the best wedding she’s ever been to in her life, days after my wedding. That’s just mean,” Tamra says. “All of the other Housewives sent me messages saying, “Can you believe she did that?” And I said, “Kind of, yeah.””

“These are the behind-the-scenes things that she does,” Tamra continues. “Not only did she do that, but she didn’t RSVP. I had to call her the day before the wedding to see if she was going to make it.”

Photo Credit: Bravo