Tamra Reveals Gretchen Didn’t Send Her A Card Or A Wedding Gift


Tamra Judge is making the rounds in the press promoting her spin-off Tamra’s OC Wedding. She recently spoke with OK Magazine and revealed that Gretchen Rossi didn’t bring a card or a gift to her wedding. “Gretchen brought me nothing. Who doesn’t bring a gift or at least a congratulations card?” Tamra reveals. When asked if she expects a gift from Gretchen in the future, Tamra shares, “Well we’re not speaking now so I’m not counting on that.”

Tamra also explains that she was not contractually obligated to invite her cast mates to the wedding. “No, we weren’t but I knew going into season nine, which will probably, if there is a season nine, will start filming in September…I was on good terms with most of them and I didn’t want to have to not invite anybody. We had Lauri on this season and I didn’t invite her just because I’m not close to her. I think all the girls have been in my life for quite a while now through good and bad and one day we’re friends and one day we’re not, so I had them all there. But they were all very nice to me and they all brought me lovely gifts and sent me lovely gifts to my house except for Gretchen. Not even a card.”

“Or a tweet. In fact, what she did was she tweeted that NeNe’s wedding was the best wedding she’s ever been to in her life, days after my wedding. That’s just mean,” Tamra says. “All of the other Housewives sent me messages saying, “Can you believe she did that?” And I said, “Kind of, yeah.””

“These are the behind-the-scenes things that she does,” Tamra continues. “Not only did she do that, but she didn’t RSVP. I had to call her the day before the wedding to see if she was going to make it.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    You know Tamra, you were a much nicer person when you are NOT friends with that monster Vickie. Vickie is poison.

    • Trixie


  • Aunt Bee

    Thank you Trixie, I am so glad someone agrees with me.

  • DebBrenn

    I’ll bet she was always this nasty, it just took her a while of kissing up to feel secure enough to show it. It was tacky of Gretchen not to send a gift, but tackier still for Tamra to complain about it!

  • Sandy

    I disagree. Like or dislike Vicki, she is who she is and she freely admits it. Tamra and Vicki got along well in the past and became close friends. I remember Vicki supporting her when her marriage to Simon was falling apart. There is a connection between the two women. I saw an angry, mean Tamra in the beginning of the season until she revealed personal details of her life and recognized she had anger issues. I have never been a fan of Gretchen, but to attend a wedding and not even bring a card…really? Whey did Gretchen attend the wedding? Tamra was not obligated to invite her and Gretchen was not obligated to attend. I’ll reserve my opinion on that too. 🙂

  • Laurie Palmer

    If Tamra knew anything about good manners, she’d know you have a year to send a gift. Her making this public is classless and just shows she is greedy and selfish.

  • Steph

    Tamra is something else. The point of a wedding is to have your close friends and family there to share the moment and celebrate; not buy you gifts. My husband and I never registered, nor expected gifts for our wedding. To us, the gift of them showing up and wanting to witness our vows was enough. If someone was gracious enough to buy us a gift we were elated, but we certainly never went down the attendee list and compared who got us something and who didn’t!

  • getreal

    As I’ve mentioned before, Gretchen going to Tamra’s wedding is very much “FAKE ON CAMERA”. Gretchen obviously used it as another photo opportunity for her and her engagement ring, nothing more. I also think that making an excuse for Gretchen by saying that she has a year to give a gift is rather desperate. I mean, really, who does that in this day and age when you can anything delivered anywhere at the click of a mouse? Lets remember, the wedding was back in June. If Tamra didn’t get a gift by now, I doubt it’ll ever happen. Do I think it was tacky for Tamra to complain? Sure, but so is showing up at a wedding with ulterior motives.

    • DebBrenn

      We KNOW TAMRA was tacky and nasty complaining of no gift. You are ASSUMING what Gretchen’s “motives” are for going to the wedding. And isn’t ‘motive’ kind of an exaggeration? Geez, have you NEVER gone to a wedding where you might prefer to be elsewhere but thought it would look bad or hurt feelings or make somebody mad if you didn’t go?

      • getreal

        Hmmm, if Gretchen didn’t care about Tamra enough to invite her to her own engagement party (which I completely understand btw), then why would YOU ASSUME that Gretchen cared whether Tamra’s feelings were hurt by not showing up to the wedding? And NO, if I knew someone was boldface lying to me, backstabbing me, and talking behind my back (which Tamra is totally guilty of doing to Gretchen), I would NOT go to their wedding. And feel free to replace the word “motive” with “intent”, “rational”, “strategy”, I don’t care. Gretchen was at that wedding to promote herself and her ring.

        • DebBrenn

          I’m assuming nothing. I’m saying that we DON’T KNOW why anybody does anything. There’s an old saying about woman that need to be the center of attention, “She has to be the bride at the wedding and the corpse at the funeral.” I guess we’ll see if Gretchen jumps in front of Tamra and tries to take center stage away from her at the wedding, because it isn’t the best place to go if you’re interested in promoting yourself. There actually is a ‘star’ at a wedding. The bride.