Did Tamra Make Up The ‘Take The Beadors Down’ Comment?


In this new preview for the RHOC reunion, Tamra Judge is asked about being at the center of all the drama this season. In particular the “take the Beadors down” comment that generated a season of drama.

Speaking about Lizzie’s dinner party, Tamra said, “I feel like Shannon had an agenda that night. She got in the limo and was talking to David about it and [at the dinner] we sat there, having a good time and she brings it up and I’m like, ‘Why are you bringing that up? You know if you bring that up it’s going to be an issue the rest of the night.'”

“There’s the truth and the goddamn truth,” Shannon says. “Tamra, you look so bad with all of your lies that you continue to make…”

“What are my lies?” Tamra asks.

“You make stuff up. You either made up the ‘take the Beadors down’ comment or Terry said it and you back talked on it.”

“Listen,” Tamra says. “I swear to God, I swear to my children that I did not say that.”

Andy mentions that Vicki said on the show that Tamra had told her Terry said that too.

“You said it to me…” Vicki says.

“Well then why didn’t you bring it up that night?” Tamra asks.

“Well I didn’t know if Terry ever say it,” Vicki says. “That’s where I’m at. I didn’t hear it from Terry, I heard it from you.”

Andy asks Terry if he ever could have said anything like that that could have been twisted into, ‘take the Beadors down’ comment. He admits that there were conversations with Tamra where he admitted he did not like David.

Tamra continues, “I see that Shannon drinks and she twists things,” giving the example of how Shannon exaggerated Heather kicking her out of her house.

Watch the preview below.

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61 Replies to “Did Tamra Make Up The ‘Take The Beadors Down’ Comment?”

    1. Making amends is not only saying the words but also being willing to listen to how your behavior caused another’s pain, and then the really hard part…changing behavior.”There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.” yellin manipulation just plain bad behaviour for 50 year old women.I Will stop watching Bravo,we are 7 lady we get together to watch bravo on monday night but if this woman comes back we decide to start bowling monday nights

  1. Tamra that is. How and why can Tamra not have gotten the bravo boot? She thinks she’s so entertaining and that “keeping it real” gives her permission to be rude and attack other people.

    She’s not entertaining at all. I watch RHOC in spite of Tamra not because of her. I don’t like when people post dramatic threats to stop watching but here’s my dramatic post – if Tamra is on next year I’ll stop watching the show. Way too many other things I can do or watch than this garbage with this insecure screaming lying aging hillbilly that lives to fight and hurt people.

    I’ve stopped watching Atlanta and Jersey because of the fighting. NY is next to go if that vile bad actor Aviva Drescher is asked back. I want to see funny women (like Heather, Carole, Kristen, Sonya, and LuAnn) living fabulous crazy lifestyles, not watching fighting and chaos.

    1. well said well well well

      Vicky took a step back from Tamra and was funny Vicky again I like the funny women too like Sonja she is a scream …..

      but Heather and Tamra so not funny not one little bit just so many lies and back peddling and they are not even good at keeping it all straight so much for mrs.dubrow’s brain power !!!!

      the fake baby storyline of Tamra’s was soooo lame and all the fake crying scene’s with Ryan were so friggin phony she is not even a good fake crier she is awful …. they were hard to watch I couldn’t take it

  2. Wish I knew why Terry dislikes David so much? Must be because David Beador is so much more likable and more manly looking than wimpy, pussy whipped Dr Dubrow.

    1. it’s so tacky and cliché but these things usually do boil down to jealousy. terry was quick to criticise david’s profession so maybe it revolves around that? and how much money the beadors have? even though they all have nice houses, we never really had any real RICH housewives on OC until the dubrows. ..and then in comes the just as rich beadors. dubrows must’ve felt threatened.

      1. I am thinking David makes much more per year than Terry does. If Terry was one of the top class plastic surgeons, he would not have the time or need to be on so many reality shows over the years. Serious rich people with ‘real’ problems would be after his expertise, not the less than rich types that his shows have featured. David, I believe builds major construction, not fake noses and Frankenstein faces. IF Terry and Heather were ‘in’ with the rich and famous more, they sure wouldn’t be playing these lowclass people. Just once that I recall Heather had friends on from ‘before’ when they were going to build a restaurant. None of those friends were featured at her ‘star roles’ where the HW went to. The Dubrows are fake and disgusting. Deep down I think both of them are like jealous school girls.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care for the Dubrows either, but to be fair… just because “serious, rich people” haven’t been on his show, doesn’t mean he hasn’t worked on any. First, I seriously doubt those type would want to be on his show, publicizing “botched” plastic surgery they may have gotten. Also, it’s less likely they would have botched plastic surgery to begin with.

          Also, none of the others have had their friends on the show with them either. Actually, I can’t think of any RHs that has had their friends featured on their respective RHoWherever show, other than a few on Beverly Hills… and that’s likely because they’re more recognizable and could be considered a perk for viewers.

          However, I really don’t know much about Terry’s client list. I do think the reason he’s done several reality shows is because he’s a major fame whore. As for their dislike of the Beadors, it may be that they considered them “competition.” IMO, Heather’s problem with Shannon was she felt like Shannon was getting in between her friendships with Vicki and Tamra. If you recall the beginning of the season, both Vicki and Tamra were complaining a lot about Heather between themselves. Heather was already feeling a bit ostracized by them. Here comes Shannon and she quickly becomes friends with both Tamra and Vicki. Heather would direct her anger towards Shannon when she was actually hurt by V or T’s behavior, i.e. chairgate. Shannon felt Heather’s negative energy and, as most would do, became defensive. Heather claims that Shannon was “yelling at her” is what was exaggerated. It wasn’t until Lizzie’s that Shannon snapped and actually yelled at Heather.
          Ugh, the entire season Heather is the one who was acting “crazy.” She admitted she “wasn’t herself” this season and Shannon was not to blame.

    2. ha ha so true I love David he is hot , funny , a gentleman. a good dad. doesn’t come off as snobby or thinking he is better that anyone else . his apology was totally heartfelt he is a good guy !!!!

      all the things fake booby man Terry is not they are jealous plain and simple they love Tamra and Eddie cause they own a crappy gym and will never own a house or cars like Terry and Heather

      David and Shannon were too much fancy for fancy pants

      oh and shock of all shocks people David and Shannon can cook and seem to enjoy it …… ha another point for them

      shannon and David 10 heather and terry big fat zero …….

    3. ha ha ha love it Aunt Bee

      David is hot and manly and cmon ladies who would we rather have the sleezy fake booby doctor Terry or the hot manly construction worker duh !!!!

      David all the way can not stand snivelling Terry and he definitely has a small penis not a doubt in my mind ……

      and we the viewers have not forgotton all the sleazy inappropriate comments Terry has made over the seasons Heather and Terry Dubrow the biggest hypocrites on television

      oh and their buddies Tamra the terrible and Eddie I used to think poor Simon but no he was the lucky one that got away !!!!!

  3. Wow–wonder how Tamara’s kids and ex-husband feels when she flat out lies with her comment, “I swear on my kids’ lives”….who does that?

    1. And Tamra allready said on her talking head she doesn’t remember if she said the take the Beadors down comment or not. Tamra also at first told Shannon she swore she never told Heather about Shannons marriage. Tamra seems to be having trouble keeping her lies straight is all. The Dubrows are awful and I dont care to watch any of their shows.

    2. Tamara is so disgusting……..
      and Terry in my opinion owes David an apology for the remark about Heather riding that damn bull. IT WAS EDDIE THAT SAID SPREAD YOUR LEGS. Haven’t heard anymore about that. Sorry, these people are driving me nuts, I am going to need a psychiatrist if I don’t stop watching or reading stuff. I agree with Vicki that it was about time Tamara got called out on all her bull.

      1. It was NOT EDDIE who said, “spread your legs”….it WAS David.
        Eddie said something worse. I. deleted it from my memory bank.
        Why didn’t he get called out?

        1. The comment that Eddie made was “show us how u ride Terry” & no he was not called out but somewhere I read(I have lost my memory bank only fleeting thgts come 2 me) that it is brght up @ the reunion but Eddie isn’t present soo.

    3. That sounds very plausible and is totally Tamras style as she allways trys to cozy up to people by throwing someone else under the bus. Shes definatly one of those love the one you’re with type of people. I guess thats the hallmark of a back stabber. I think Heather was so grateful to be let back in by Tamra shes given her a free pass on a ton of stuff. The Dubrows are sooooo unlikeable Ive neverbeen impressed with them. Heather had some nerve lecturing to Alexis about being pretentious and materialistic back in prior seasons. Heather , Terry and Tamra are all the same rotten personality defective person that you need to run from. Not sure about Eddie and how he fits in the equation.

      1. That’s EXACTLY how I feel about snotty Heather having the nerve to confront Alexis about her supposed bragging (which I never felt was so bad). In nearly every scene, we see Heather’s LV or Chanel handbags/makeup, Christian Dior bathrobe, etc., etc., etc., conspicuously placed for the camera. Even in Costa Rica, when everyone went whitewater rafting, she had to wear some stupid-looking, special outfit (that made her look like an insect, quite frankly) when everyone else was just casually dressed. Such a pretentious snob.

    4. Actually she said “I swear to my kids”….. Either is still wrong and I cannot stand Tamra. Now I look back at her marriage to Simon and honestly I don’t think he was all that bad. He always had his children’s best interest at heart and it obvious he was controlling but IMO he had to be to put of with her actions and mouth. “Naked Wasted” and “Truck Driver with Tits” comments constantly around her kids. And don’t even get me started with her creepy son, Ryan and her trying to get him to molest Gretchen.

      1. no kidding WTH vindication for Simon I’m sure

        cause she was so awful he came off as controlling he was probably just trying to reign her in …….
        and she probably fed Vicky such bullshit about Simon
        remember Jeanna tried to stick up for and explain Simon’s side
        for her good and the children
        and so did Jim at the reunion said Simon didn’t come cause he was thinking of his kids
        which Tamra does not she thinks about herself and her precious mini me as she calls her ….

        and her son ryan is creepy I think Simon tried to do right by him but that was an impossible situation he lasted five minutes working for Eddie at the gym also ……

        1. Exactly…… Tamra’s very good at twisting her sentences for her benefit. Swearing “TO HER KIDS” and NOT ON THEIR LIFE is probably a completely different meaning and harmless in her opinion. But IMO it vile either way. She is an evil person, someone I would never want to know or be around.

    5. Who does that? Trailer trash. I always feel like I am watching a rerun of “My Name is Earl”. Tamra is the hooker, Patty.

  4. Tamra wow this woman is a mess, I do believe Terry made the comment to take the Beadors down and how funny is it that it seems the Dubrows were the one’s taken down by there own hands and obnoxious words I have to say David was really quite funny when he said he would have to look up all the words Heather and Terry threw at him that night haha the Dubrows looked like fools to say the least…I can’t work out Tamra is she just an idiot trouble maker or trying to make herself more interesting by causing trouble either way I think her time might be over on the show.

    1. I loved how David casually let her know her ‘big words’ were BS. Also love Christian, you could see his facial expressions that he was not ‘taken in’ by Heather and called her out even at that toast and about construction workers. I think one (of many) reasons that Lizzie wasn’t welcomed with open arms is Tamra & Heather (therefrore Terry who is told what to think and say) is they knew that Lizzie and Christian were not going to be sucked into it all.

          1. Aunt Bee Heather started the toast and started making it about herself and Christian said how do you turn at toast into about yourself, this was just after Heather and Tamra did the ambulance comment to make Shannon look crazy and he put a stop to that as well…I fell a little bit in love with Christian after that night he was just on a roll!!!

            1. Thanks Lia. I must have dosed off during that. Glad you told me. Now I wish you and Ann would bring me up to date on Albert Manzo and his mistress. I’ve never heard anything about this.

  5. after watching the finale, it wouldn’t surprise me if terry and heather did say they wanted to “take the beadors down”. they certainly tried their best to do it, at least.

    wouldn’t shock me if they did say something similar to Tamra and she just exagerrated it in that way she does.

    so, why do terry and heather dislike the beadors so much? i wasn’t buying that “spread your legs” which happened 3months ago excuse.

  6. The Dubrows are threatened by the Beadors and it has shown clearly this whole season. Tamara has nothing going on so she does what she does best – lie. She’s so threatened too, trying to keep looking young. She looks worse with all that botox and fillers. Doesn’t matter what she does, she’s always been ugly on the inside and it shows on the outside. Feel sorry for her children.

  7. The ones with the agenda were Terry, Heather and Tamra. They did not want their gossip mongering to take center stage. So Tamra seized up on the moment to bring in the “take the Beadors down”, story. I noticed nothing was resolved over the gossiping by Heather and she has yet to give an unqualified apology. Of course the gossip was malicious. The way she and Tamra shared it they were making fun of Shannon. No even a hint of sympathy. Heather could not wait to go share it wit her “real” friends. Too bad for Heather there was a Beador friend in the mix.

  8. One Rotten Egg, the bitch didn’t say on my kids she said to my kids. Do her children watch?
    If they do, do their friends? I bet their friends parents do. She is in too deep. She will never
    admit to anything. The next thing you know she’ll be pleading the fifth.
    That’s one turd that shouldn’t be heard.

    1. the kids’ therapist would know if they watch the show or read her rants, since everything she does is for public display, right?

  9. maybe we can all let Bravo know – GET RID OF TAMRA – she isn’t fun to watch…. Get rid of Heather and what’s his name….. can’t stand arrogance……

    1. yay lets start a petition

      Get rid of the crazy bitch Tamra and not crazy in a funny way like Sonja or Teresa or Brandi

      just mean crazy …….

      and her loser face friend Heather …..

  10. Wow, the low-bros really did themselves in—they dug their own grave with their juvenile jealousy, made up (outrage), and snotty behaviour. trampa is just wasted space – too stupid for words and lame.
    heather & trampa & terry are the mean girls with the behaviour and mentality to match.
    Wonder what crawled up terry’s arse for him to be so “angry” with David? Maybe a little too much “jealousy”.
    trampa, terry & joker face/heather need to grow up already—no -one wants to watch the evil they spew……..
    They are all equally mad that Vicki, Lizzie and Christian didn’t join them in trying to “take the beadors down”—–the low bros are totally BOTCHED……………

    1. I really like the person Vickie has evolved into this season. I think she should continue therapy for awhile longer so she can continue to grow and improve her relationships with her children and be strong in what she will and wont tolerate in a relationship with Brooks. I feel that Tamra is not good for Vickie or anyone for that matter. I dont understand Vickies intense sadness over losing that friendship. Tamra is not a true friend to anyone and has shown this over and over. But I also have to say that Vickie talked alot of crap to Tamra when she was with Simon so maybe this is karma coming back to Vickie in that she was too controlling with others and her daughter and these people are returning the favor. 

  11. Okay, here’s my take on things. Remember back in the beginning of the season when Shannon and David threw their dinner party at their house. Tamra and Vicki were irritated with Heather because she was being her fancy pants self and talking very condescending to them all the time. I think what happened is Tamra was attempting to jump ship from the Heather fan club bus and saw Shannon as a new bff to replace Heather. So she continues talking to Heather and Terry, but getting more and more irritated by Heather, while at the same time she’s getting closer to Shannon. She’s talking trash on Heather to Shannon because she’s irritated with her, sharing things that Terry said to Tamra before he knew that she was irritated with Heather just to gain an alliance in Shannon. It’s so clear this is the case. She got caught in the middle once she and Heather made up, and then there’s still Shannon on the side going “Hey, you told me all these terrible things about what Heather and Terry have said about me.” but Tamra doesn’t want to get on Heather’s bad side so she flat out denies saying anything.

    1. That sounds very plausible and is totally Tamras style as she allways trys to cozy up to people by throwing someone else under the bus. Shes definatly one of those love the one you’re with type of people. I guess thats the hallmark of a back stabber. I think Heather was so grateful to be let back in by Tamra shes given her a free pass on a ton of stuff. The Dubrows are sooooo unlikeable Ive neverbeen impressed with them. Heather had some nerve lecturing to Alexis about being pretentious and materialistic back in prior seasons. Heather , Terry and Tamra are all the same rotten personality defective person that you need to run from. Not sure about Eddie and how he fits in the equation.

      1. It’s Tamra’s M.O. to be able to have only 1 friend at a time. She did the VERY same thing to Gretchen…once she and Vicki started to make up….she started back in on Gretchen. And, Gretchen called it 100%!! It seems she truly can’t have more than 1 BFF at a time…now what’s she going to do?! She’s pretty much alienated everyone on the entire show!

    2. Yep. And once the snotty Dubrows saw the beautiful home of the Beador’s, TASTEFULLY decorated (not that trashy, trendy HomeGoods type of crap they had in their old house), they turned green with envy and all of the “dislike,” was born.

      1. Yes Shannon and Davids house is so gorgeous in a sweeping gone with the wind sort of way. Shannon totally downplayed it by calling it her grandma taste. Yeah I think the Dubrows have that awful keeping up with Jones mentality on steroids.

  12. tamballs is a twit and a liar (we already know this), however — by the way terry went off on David, you could see there is jealousy / hatred from the dubrows against the beadors (and it probably has to do with the fact that the beadors have more money) and are more genuine and down to earth. shannon came on the show with her weirdness, sadness and marital problems and thru it all was still well liked, heather came on the show and has been nothing but holier than thou, with a stick up her arse and even vicki / tamra think she is boring. the low- bros cannot stand rejection and did want to take the beadors down—but the low-bros only took themselves down with their ghetto/ vicious behaviour, I don’t know whose worse, joker face or terry, both are very mean, bitter people………….

  13. Very well said. I do think the Dubrows have acted ghetto in their over the top aggression any thing goes to win mentality much like hiw Tamara acts. Ill allways remember when Tamara went after Alexis for no good reason and threw her out of her party. Heather was only too happy to join in and pile on. Thats when I first realized Heather had very little charecter or humanity. I was never impressed with her as money doesn’t trump decency in my book. Anything the Dubrows are saying now is an attempt to manipulate the viewers to not see them for what they actually are vile people.

  14. Heather and Housewife Terry got so excited abt the prospect of taking the Beadors down that they momentarily forgot Tamrag would repeat it at any given moment.
    Then it becomes the dubrows and tamrag covering for each other.
    dubrows are every bit of scummy
    Terry’s freakish outburst and the pure hatred of Heather’s glare were momentarily shocking. Then laugh out loud funny. David and Shannon’s reactions were priceless!

  15. What a load of crap. I have a feeling this reunion is going to annoy the hell out of me. I’m going to be yelling at my tv telling Shannon what she should be saying… “no!!! Tell Tamra she’s lying… tell Heather that’s not what happened”… blah blah blah. Tamra is the one who brought up the comment at dinner. Tamra is the one who claims she didn’t remember things she said because she drank too much. Talk about projecting! Who wouldn’t have snapped at the things Heather and Tamra were saying? Then Tamra was screaming at her and wouldn’t leave her be… grabbing Shannon’s face!

    Again, Shannon is 100% correct… Heather is great at twisting things and there’s going to be a LOT of that at this reunion. The last thing Shannon wanted to do at the reunion is act “crazy” (like they ALL do, at EVERY reunion). I’m sure Shannon had it in her head to not yell, to remain calm and in control and her head isn’t going to be in the “game.” Heather and Tamra are going to walk all over her. I really hope Lizzie and Vicki have Shannon’s back.

  16. One more thing… Heather used the words, “I kicked Shannon out of my house” at the dinner table after Shannon left Lizzie’s that night. Heather was a bitch to Shannon when she came over.

    The other day, I caught the episode when Shannon had the party during which Heather claimed Shannon “yelled at her.” Talk about exaggeration. The disagreement was between Tamra and Heather. Tamra was upset with Heather because Tamra believed Heather deliberately chose her fitness club over Cut Fitness to feature on whatever show Heather was on. Lizzie was the one that brought it up yet again when Heather and Vicki came back into the room. At that time, Shannon thought Tamra was her friend and Shannon had Tamra’s back in Heather and Tamra’s disagreement. Tamra disagreed with Heather that she was a good friend to her. That’s when Heather mentioned, “I was a bride’s maid in your wedding. Why would I do that if I wasn’t a friend.” Sooooo… stage set… I totally believe that Tamra did tell Shannon the derogatory comment about having Heather as a bride’s maid.

  17. Tamra has always been my least favorite. I never got why anyone liked her. She has been jealous of every attractive woman on the show, and has a knife for everyone, which she stabs in their backs at will. I suspect Eddie will not be around for the long haul…he looks embarrassed and disgusted most of the time, and the clip of the reunion seemed to show him missing. How telling~ The dinner party when she met her future daughter in law was painful to watch. How in the hell do you make it about YOU, Tamra?? I’m sure her son expected such self centered behavior, but that poor girl looked horrified. Tamra’s son is lucky to have found her, and if he’s smart, he will stay a long distance away from his mother.
    And hey Tamra, why is everything a competition with you?? You even declared you and Heather the winners on the day you went for a bike ride! Who freakin cares what you think?? You are crass n low class. Please do us all a favor and leave the show~

    1. I don’t know that whole meet the daughter in law scene looked fake as hell and staged to me it was so weird ……

      she is such a bad actress and there wasn’t one tear when Tamra was balling

      I don’t buy it for a minute they had met before

      just like the fake baby storyline painful fake and boring ……

  18. First of all, I’m glad to see them dress more casual, rather than ball gowns and prom dresses. Must be a California thing, the type of dresses they wear, because I have never seen such UGLY clothes. Wouldn’t be caught dead in one of their tight, ill-fitted, clingy, plain looking garments they wear. Seen a picture of Gretchen on another site, and was so happy she was gone from the OC franchise. She’s pretty, but something about her just doesn’t fit. Maybe its her attitude.

    Tamra was definitely one of the “mean girls” in high school. They all seem to want to befriend Tarma, except Lizzie, and even in one of her talking heads, she said she wanted to stay away from her. Why do they fear her wrath? Tamra needs a sidekick, all bullies do. She talks a mean game, even Tamra’s brother thinks she is a bitch, and made his life hell growing up.

    Heather…such a condescending woman. How does she consider herself classy befriending nasty, vile Tamra? Where is the logic in that? And, she does mention in her blog that she is well aware of the comment Eddie made, then why wasn’t his name brought up by Terry at Vicki’s dinner? He should of spoke to both of them…but then, she would of have to deal with Tamra, and we all know, everyone fears her. I ponder if it was acting at the first of the season when Tamra was talking shit on Heather, as in PLANNED by the two women for a storyline. None of this is real.

  19. OH MY GOOD LORD !!!!!!

    it is so obvious that Tamra and Heather are liars and it is ont even entertaining in the least

    Shannon and David are so likeable they seem like kind nice people and Vicki is a lot of things but she is not a liar I totally believe Tamra told her that Terry said that …..

    Tamra was the one acting crazy and screaming at Lizzie’s party hasn’t she watched the footage !!!!

    and then her and Heather were saying Shannon was crazy and needed medication HUH ??????

    Tamra you are a horribble vile person and Heather and Terry are even worse awful if they come back I can’t watch ……….

  20. Is it just me or does anyone else remember a quick clip of Terry actually saying “we’ll take ’em down” ?? I could’ve sworn that I actually heard/saw him say it. Watch the ending of the breaking ground episode where Terry and Heather were talking quietly to each other…

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