Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Vieth Goes On Rant About Estranged Fiancee


It looks like the baby mama drama is continuing for Tamra Judge’s son Ryan Vieth. Fan of the Real Housewives of Orange County witnessed Ryan introduce Sarah, a girl he met on Instagram, to his reality star mom and family members. The couple shortly after had a baby Ava Ryan, which her baby shower was also filmed on the show. Ryan later moved in with Sarah and her other children. But while the cameras have been off it looks like the couple is continuing to have some issues.

There were numerous reports of a domestic dispute between the couple last year and that Ryan has gone public negatively about his ex. Just two days ago he went at it again.

He posted a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio with the headline “Im 97% sure you don’t like me but I’m 100% sure I don’t care.” He then captioned, EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!! it never stops!!!!!!!!!”

EVERYDAY!!!!!!!! It never stops!!!!!!!

A photo posted by Ryan Vieth (@mistervieth) on

Comments were also made on the photo as Ryan then gave responses (thank God for screenshot.)

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16 Replies to “Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Vieth Goes On Rant About Estranged Fiancee”

  1. We don’t know what’s really going on but she has three or four kids from different fathers so she obviously has issues and we know Ryan had some issues and they both met on Instagram and then had a baby pretty fast so no this doesn’t have disaster written all over it. I actually wish Ryan the best though because I think all he really wants is some stability in his life.

    1. Her issue could very well be, that she’s a poor judge of character. Some people are magnets for attracting/and being drawn to, the same type

  2. These people are a nightmare. Ryan should have known better to engage with a baby maker with nothing to lose. Sarah was under the assumption that if she had a baby, Tamra would not allow her grandchild to suffer the indignity of homelessness and poverty therefore Tamra would do anything to support the family. Eddie put the brakes on that. Ryan is obviously at his wits end and needs to walk away (with shared custody) from Sarah-drama otherwise Sarah will get pregnant again. Ryan’s lesson should be broadcast to all of the HW’s sons and daughters of child bearing age.

  3. Both of them needs help. I blame both. Ryan ought to leave as it’s not fair what those poor kids have to witness.

  4. I always thought Ryan was a self-entitled spoiled brat. I didn’t like Simon but I really think he tried to make Ryan be a more responsible human being. As far as the baby maker – I only feel sorry for her children.

    1. Right, Simon gave Ryan several opportunities to work in an environment where he could earn a decent living. Now without an education and living in a very expensive zip code, Ryan is struggling to make ends meet. With several children and relationships under her belt, Sarah is practiced at holding the father’s of her children accountable and she will not be denied. Simon is probably laughing at this tragedy.

  5. Oh, now here’s a big surprise. You mean these two deadbeats don’t get along? Are you serious? Did anyone actually think this would work? She’s a slut and he’s an ungrateful spoiled waste of oxygen. Good going Tamra! You really raised a man, didn’t you?

  6. He could be fed up of someone expecting him to step up to the plate, and is tortured by the idea of responsibility. Much of his last outburst sounds like it’s stemming from insecurity issues. Just because you scream the loudest, doesn’t mean you’re justified in your anger.

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