Tamra Judge’s Former Best Friend Ricky Claims Husband Eddie is Gay

The rumor mill is turning on the RHOC as stars Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson continue to feud. Vicki hung out with Gretchen Rossi and Tamra’s former friend and best man Ricky Santana. As the group talked about Tamra’s marriage, there was more speculation that Tamra’s husband Eddie is gay. Ricky claimed he saw Tamra’s husband Eddie making out with guy.

“I saw him making out with a guy. Making out with tongue,” said Ricky Santana, who you might remember from his other appearances on the show and Tamra’s O.C. Wedding spinoff.

The comment came from a get together Vicki had at her house with Kelly Dodd, Gretchen Rossi and Lizzie Rovsek for her birthday.

Ricky was in attendance because he came with Gretchen, as they are now friends after Ricky’s falling out with Tamra shortly after her wedding to Eddie.

“Tamra and I had many falling outs in the many years we were friends,” he wrote on Twitter in 2015 about the end of there 10-year friendship. “I couldn’t do it anymore.”

Vicki tried to act as if she didn’t want to hear this information, but then just as quickly she tells the viewers that she really is interested in the information Ricky says about Eddie.

“I don’t want to know this. I don’t want to know this. I don’t want information in my brain that validates what was told to me. I don’t want to know this,” she joked on Monday’s episode, then admitting, “Tell me more!”

Kelly also spoke up and said that she has heard things about Eddie’s sexuality months ago.

“Lizzie and I have been friends for awhile — she was probably one of my first friends,” Kelly said. “And we went to work out a long time ago and we had a mutual friend that said while we were working out, ‘Oh, Eddie was a spin instructor here. And everyone thought that he was gay.’ That was the first time someone told me that.”

Lizzie also admitted that,“Tamra even told me one time, ‘Oh people say Eddie’s gay all the time. It’s not a big deal.”

Ricky has been called out by Shannon Beador before for being a “pot stirrer” on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2015, so his credibility is a little in question.

During the episode Gretchen flat out asked Ricky if Eddie “was gay or not,” and urging him to admit why he never said anything to Tamra about it in the past.

“I thought that was something they were just into,” Ricky said.

“Oh, you thought that Tamra already knew?” Gretchen said.

“I thought she was okay with that,” Ricky responded.

As to why Ricky is telling the viewers now, he says, “Because it’s the truth.”

Watch the clip below:

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20 Replies to “Tamra Judge’s Former Best Friend Ricky Claims Husband Eddie is Gay”

  1. I don’t know if it’s true or not but it’s between him and Tamra. I’m to the point where I don’t like Tamra but I do like Eddie. He seems very nice and level-headed. The complete opposite of Tamra.

    1. Eddie does seem like a good guy. Is it bad that I’m not thinking so much about how she’s dealing with this (give her own propensity for lying and betraying others onscreen on the flip of a dime), rather than feeling bad for him? He’s always come off as a very decent fellow.

  2. Hi friends. Hope you are all doing well.
    Vicki Gunvalson needs to be dismissed immediately, in my opinion.
    This is not entertainment.
    What she considers acceptable information to be discussed in a public forum is unfathomable to me, yet when the shoe is on the other foot, oh my.
    Not to mention all of this occurred a day after she reached out to Tamara. Unreal.
    Perhaps I’m too sensitive, but I find the underlying current of this topic homophobic.
    Where are you, Andy?

    1. The thing is, I’m honestly not sure if I find it homophobic as much as I find it a cheap shot, because after all, the rumor itself originates from a gay man, and I can’t see the logic in an openly gay man being homophobic. But at the very least this is cheap and below the belt all the same, and a desperate attempt to create a storyline from the producer side of things (shame on you, Bravo). I also think Tamra continuing to blame Vicki when she never originated the rumor or said it on camera was a bad move on her part. It simply should have been left as idle chatter that someone heard somewhere off camera and it could have been left to die a quick death. If this is true, there’s no harm that can come to the Judges based on their sexual preferences, it’s not like they would be breaking the law. If it’s not true, no harm can come to them and they can stand proudly as a united couple who doesn’t care what what anyone has to say. Tamra continuing to blame VG onscreen as part of her storyline has only created open space and opportunity for the real people who claim they have receipts to step forward and make it an even bigger deal than it is. Whatever the truth is, at the end of the day it’s Tamra & Eddie’s relationship, and all these extra mouths broaching the subject on camera is ill-intentioned and ugly. Everyone needs to cut it out, and Tamra needs to just squash the talk, starting with her own two lips. Stop arguing on social media, stop bringing it up in all her media interviews in mainstream outlets, dear goodness just STOP.

  3. Oh, and I forgot-
    Vicki, please take your ridiculous friends with you, especially Gretchen and Slade.
    They are like mushrooms, keep them where they belong: in the dark feeding on dirt.

  4. Well on WWHL after the show, Andy looked disgusted and made it clear. So I’m thinking it’s time for Vicki to leave. Eddie distances himself from the show but supports Tamra. That whole conversion was the biggest setup I’ve seen on a Housewives show.

  5. Garbage!!! Thinking that someone is gay is NOT the same as them actually being gay. Thanks for scrapping the bottom of the barrel yet again Bravo ! Andy should be ashamed

    1. That’s the thing that gets my goat in a way…Bravo has a fair sized population of LGBT community members in its’ power ranks beyond Andy (who doesn’t even have his executive position at that network anymore though he remains EP). Why would they think it’s cute to pursue this narrative, whether it’s true or not? With Tamra denying it there’s bound to be fan backlash & endless chatter with the two men who corroborate the Eddie tongue kissing story, now everyone’s going go on and on about why (if it’s true), she wants to deny it. …and Tamra needs to hush up about it. It never should have been repeated beyond what Kelly heard. It’s just idle gossip best left to fade away, it will harm no one…but I want her to zip it!

      1. Well said ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Now I’m waiting for the slew of men who’re going to come out of the woodwork and they say they had sex with Eddy. Shame on both bravo and Andy

        1. Yup, I call it The Tiger Woods Effect! I wish we could still insert GIFs here, ’cause this is the moment when I had to face palm myself thinking about all the Blabbermouth Bandwagon-ers that’ll want to come out and share their stories…and even if there’s an truthful one in the bunch, I still despise “kissing and telling”; that sort of thing is between that lady and her husband. I’d also bet 95% of the Bois would be lying through their teeth, too- just to get “put on” and get media shine. I tell you, reality tv is like it’s own version of Popularity Gladiators & the Hunger Games, smh!

  6. And what if he is gay, bi-sexual, transvestite or whatever? Its his business. Why are they trying to shame him like this? Gay or not – he is a good guy. It is up to him to choose to share whether he is or is not. They are acting like its a bad thing to be gay and it isn’t. It is between Eddie and Tamra…period!!!

  7. Vicki works the last 10 nerves in my body, if we’re going be be completely honest we need to look at the chain of events factually, look beyond the hate for Vicki and authentically put the blame where it belongs: the entire point of that conversation was that this was something that Vicki said to Kelly off camera, and that the rumor in the group had originated somewhere between Lizzie R. and talk going on from folks from Equinox . Kelly brought it back to the group, and dumb Tamra keeps giving the rumor life by trying to pin it on Vicki as just one more reason why she has to hate her for a storyline, when the rumor didn’t originate with Vicki, there is an entire community that has been discussing this for at least a decade. That said, what a bombshell…but then, not really. I think Eddie’s sexuality their Grown & Married business, but I understand the POV of some viewers and media commentators that the issue is not whether he’s gay or not, it’s about Tamra making it a part of her storyline while crying foul play when she knows there are people out there who can call her bluff. Ricky, btw, has a second person who was with him who can corroborate that they saw the same thing. At this point, all these women and these grasping at straws for storylines at the destruction of everything around them is giving me a migraine.

  8. It was not necessary to gossip about Eddie at Vicki’s “all about me again” birthday, however, Tamra doth protests way too much about Eddie which only adds to the speculation. Shame on her too.

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