Tamra Judge’s Feud With Daughter Sidney Banned From Being On RHOC

It looks like RHOC star Tamra Judge is going to have to find a different storyline. We’ve heard Tamra talk about her estranged relationship with her daughter Sidney Barney.

Soon after the season started, Sidney and Tamra starting fighting on social media. This lead to Tamra’s ex-husband and Sidney’s dad Simon Barney to go to Bravo executives about not airing anymore of Tamra and her daughters problems, according to RadarOnline.

“Simon and Sidney actually contacted the network and said that they cannot use any of this drama for any more upcoming episodes of RHOC,” a production insider said.

“In fact, Sidney doesn’t want her name even mentioned on the show or anywhere on Bravo for that matter. She really wants this all to go away!”

Tamra even tried to contact Sidney and make things right.

“Tamra called Sidney to try and fix things, and Sidney basically told her that she was dead to her and to leave it alone.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “Tamra Judge’s Feud With Daughter Sidney Banned From Being On RHOC”

  1. Of course this will cost Bravo money to cut all future scenes mentioning Sydney or daughter drama storyline….that’s what makes Bravo mad I’m guessing.

    Work on your other storyline, Tamra–maybe find ways to defend her husband’s “still in the closet/down-low” lifestyle he is being accused of having.

  2. She can’t talk about her daughter so guess we’ll have to hear more stories about Vicki. That’s starting to get old. Her and Shannon need to come up with a better storyline.

  3. I think Tamra was wrong but I still like her . Parents tlak about their kids constantly, yes she should’ve stopped once her girl didn’t want her to but I don’t believe that Tamra maliciously kept bringing it up as a storyline

      1. Thanks heather ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Not many mothers maliciously go around hurting their children . Motherhood is always a work in progress and some of us are ‘Better ‘ mothers than others , whatever that means .
        I think we have reached a critical jaded point in pop culture where we perceive most things as a publicity stunt or a shtick, rather then maybe just somebody making a bad decision at that moment , like Tamra

  4. As my southern granny used to say: a hard head makes for a soft ass. She wasn’t going to listen and honor her daughter’s wishes until it came back to bite her in the bum, so now this is where she is with the situation.

  5. How can they ask or demand that it’s not talked about? There’s no legal lines being crossed. She is an adult now. Maybe if Tamara was talking about it before she was 18, but it’s airing after it. I guess they could go for defamation of character, but they’d have to go after Tamara.

    I’m just wondering if this is all a ratings ploy. And at the same time Simon and Sydney can make money by selling these stories to these blogs and as it goes on and on everyone is making out. Except for the fact they all look stupid

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