Tamra Judge’s Ex-BFF Ricky Santana Proves Vicki Gunvalson Invited Him to Party

Tamra Judge’s former best friend Ricky Santana filmed and episode of RHOC with Vicki Gunvalson at her birthday party and claimed that he saw Tamra’s husband Eddie making out with a guy, further carrying on the rumors that Eddie is gay.

During last week’s episode, Vicki insisted to Tamra that she had nothing to do with Ricky showing up at her birthday party and that he came with Gretchen Rossi.

But now, Ricky is coming forward on social media with proof Vicki knew he was coming to the party.

He shared a photo of the e-vite for Vicki’s birthday on Twitter. “Here’s the TRUTH,” he wrote.

He also showed a screenshot of a text message where Vicki knows production will be there. “This was our conversation about her party after my invite was received,” he captioned.

Santana also shared information about his friendship with Tamra on Twitter. “TAMRA and I were friends now we aren’t tamra and Vicki were friend and aren’t Vicki and I were friends and aren’t lol we are all not friends,” he wrote to one follower, adding to another, “I like Vicki just don’t know why she said the lies about me on Mondays episode…there must be a reason.”

Looks like Vicki is caught red-handed.

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35 Replies to “Tamra Judge’s Ex-BFF Ricky Santana Proves Vicki Gunvalson Invited Him to Party”

  1. Vicki Vicki Vicki
    Oh dear but what makes it clear is production also clearly knew something and probably influenced Vicki to invite him or else. Because it’s funny he mentions production like Tamra was told to keep Ricki away for a reason
    So maybe there’s some truth to what he’s saying otherwise why would he say tamra swore I never film again? Vicki is liar but Tamra wanted to keep ricki away from the cameras and maybe production pushed her into inviting ricki but of course she’s not gunna blame the people that pay her
    These trashy TV shows love drama I think bravo had a huge part in ricki and used Vicki
    Like Phaedra and Kandi they don’t care about the cast they care about making them look bad but you can’t blame your bosses

    1. Tamra didn’t know so why would she want to keep him away? Vicki used him not the other way around. Also I find it interesting that people are all jumping on the bandwagon about what he claims to have seen but when Laurie Peterson saw Vicki in bed with a man and a woman that was a lie.

        1. Yep funny that’s never been tossed back in her face. Yet anyway… I’m waiting lol I sometimes don’t think she realizes what she says and does is all on tape? In her blog she clearly stated that she didn’t know hew as invited and had no clue he was going to be there then
          of course Ricky realized he was using her and came clean to prove she was lying again… still. Hopefully it gets brought up at the reunion and she gets nailed

  2. so you’re telling me that production had absolutely nothing to do with it? Yeah of course she’s gunna swear that she didn’t invite him use common sense you’re not going to bite the hand that feeds you!

      1. Absolutely! But one of my biggest pet peeves with Vicki is, if Vicki is caught AT ANYTHING…. she goes straight to well we’ve all said a lot about each other, everybody here has made ME CRY, we all talk about each other.

        Never, not once had she just come out and said,
        I was wrong for doing, saying, acting a certain way. Never a bit of accountability!

        I just can’t wait for the reunion of house she will try to find a way to explain herself on this whole ordeal. I mean, I’m sure it’s going to be I just sent out a mass email and he happened to be on the list I didn’t even know he was going to be on the list….. and I don’t remember texting with him at all somebody could’ve gotten my phone…. RICKI MADE ALL THIS UP… it’s photoshopped!

        You all know I’m right

  3. maybe you should re-read! I said production clearly knew something I didn’t blame production! Don’t think that production don’t influence these housewives to do and say things come on. Do they give a shit? No they don’t they can’t blame production though can they? These housewife shows drama isn’t just driven by these bitches themseleves, production love to stir things up and they can’t blame them can they now?

  4. And tamra told production that ricki would never film again meaning she was hiding something otherwise why would she be so bothered vicki isn’t gunna dob her employers in is she? So of course she’s gunna deny deny deny and lie lie lie

    1. I completely agree with you about production.
      If anyone thinks these ladies can mastermind “everything”…NO WAY. Before any scene they each talk to “their producer” and is coached,well you know this was said or done, how are you going to react? Are you going to bring this up? You should confront them. I don’t think they give them scripts but they def nudge them along to keep a storyline going. That’s why nothing is ever dropped.

      However, I DO NOT BELIEVE Tam said Ricki will never film again because if she feared him letting out a secret. When u have a friend on the HWs, it’s like if they allow u to film and be a part of a scene and or storyline, “they” think they are doing that friend a favor. They’re putting you on TV. Your face is on Bravo. IMO, when friends have a falling out they use that as a weapon. You pissed me off, we hate each other…. IM NEVER GOING TO FILM WITH U AGAIN! Your “HW fame” is over.

      So I’m closing I don’t think it was her being scared it was her using that as a stab!

  5. Tamra said Ricky stopped being friends with her when she “didn’t invite him to her baptism”? This is “so hokey” Tammy girl..just like you lied about Simon abusing you.. you lied about the story w Ricky too! I’m sure he’s got “the rest of the story too!

    1. Just watching the car trip to the last party of the season before their divorce proved he was abusive, emotionally and mentally at the very least. He knew he was on camera, too. Imagine what it was when he wasn’t being watched? He tried to control her with an iron fist, and his children too. Telling her the dress wasn’t for someone her age? It was right above the knee, and almost a turtleneck in front. He did everything in his power to take away any good feelings she had about herself & any self respect she had, and he did it every damn day. Made it easier to try to brainwash her, but she got out. Yay, and good for her.

      1. Appreciate your point of view and comments. There are a lot of men who are controllers but I don’t necessarily agree with you about Simon because I see Tamera’s behavior as manipulative! But I can see how you might arrive at that conclusion. I think Simon was/is very private and an introvert who was married to a gregarious extrovert and she felt he was “dull” and he was embarrased by her flamboyance and tendency to drama. He wanted to work any issues they had out privately and Tamra wanted them played out in front of the cameras (stir in VG who had been cheating on Don..having an affair w Brooks Aters..little hypocrite). It truly was a formula for Tamra to begin an affair because Simon withdrew and she perceived it as disapproval ! Tamra Wanted veryinevto think Simon was abudive because she’s already had her eye on “Eddie beefcake”! That’s the real reason her eldest daughter moved out (she found out the truth) and refuses to have anything to do with her and lives w her Dad! Even Tamra’s eldest son admitted Simon/his stepdad was a “good man” who tried to make a man out of him (in spite of his mother)! In my opinion Simon didn’t abuse Tamra..the kids know it..her eldest son knows it and now she’s going to have to live with her narcisstic choices! Tamra does not accept blame well.. it’s always everybody else’s’ fault! Thanks again for your comments.. always enjoy ! Blessings!

  6. They all do it. Every last one of them. Does he think he’s sharing a new, earth shattering revelation? The thirst is real.

  7. These housewives shows seem to have a common theme, someone making up a story about them and that is their storyline. Now they have these “friends” coming out of the woodwork wanting to be filmed and glomming on to the wives and pretending to be their friend when all they want is camera time. New Jersey is the worst franchise where this happens a lot. They all are pretty disgusting people. The price of fame, no thanks.

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