Tamra Judge Wins Custody Battle Against Simon Barney


Tamra Barney Judge has been fighting in court with her ex-husband Simon Barney to keep 50-50 custody of her three children; Sidney, Spencer and Sophia. After Simon has accused Tamra of neglecting their children and putting her career first, the RHOC star reveals she has won the case!

Simon was seeking sole physical custody, allowing for visitation with Tamra, and for Tamra to pay his attorney fees.

Last week Tamra and Simon met back in the courtroom and the judge dismissed Simon’s case against Tamra for custody of their two younger children, Spencer and Sophia, citing a lack of evidence to substantiate his claims.

“The judge ruled in my favor. Custody will remain at 50/50 for Spencer and Sophia,” Tamra told Real Mr. Housewife. “I am very excited that it is over for my kids sake. I’m looking forward to repairing my relationship with my daughter that Simon ruined.”

As far as rumors that Tamra hasn’t seen her oldest daughter Sidney, she says, “We will go back to court in December for my older daughter, Sidney, after she starts court ordered therapy.”


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2 Replies to “Tamra Judge Wins Custody Battle Against Simon Barney”

  1. too bad someone either found a loophole, or there was a lack of evidence—sounds a lot like those cases where you know the parent (of child abuse cases) is guilty but has to be released.

  2. Simon is an asshole, glad it went back to 50-50. Actually, it would have been better if Tamera got full custody. OMG, spencer looks just like Simon – a really nice looking kid.

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